Best Outside In ebook Stockists

Best Outside In ebook Stockists

Young Adult April 2011 There’s something Outside It wants In. And I’m supposed to stop it? I’m Trella. I used to be a scrub, cleaning the pipes and corridors of Inside. Then I found a whole world beyond the cube we live in and accidentally led a revolution against the Uppers. Now everyone is trying to figure out what happens next. Except me. The fight’s over and I want my life back. I need to explore the new world I’ve found and work out exactly what’s going on with Riley, the Upper who helped me win the war. But there’s something Outside. And I need to step up. Because once a leader, always a leader. It’s coming. Am I strong enough to stop it?

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The Killing Edge eBook

NYT Authors April 2011 Chloe Marin was lucky. She was just a teenager when a beachside party mansion turned into a bloodbath. According to authorities, the killers were later found dead in the swamp. Chloe's not so sure. Ten years later, as a psychologist consulting with the cops, she gets drawn in to the disappearance of a swimsuit model. Everyone assumes the girl ran off for some fun in the sun—everyone but Chloe, who's been visited by the model's ghost. Someone else is interested in the dead girl: Luke Cane, a P.I. investigating the disappearance for her father. Chloe and Luke barely trust one another, but they agree...

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Heart of Evil eBook

Krewe of Hunters" is an old flame, Jake Mallory, a gifted musician with talent stretching far beyond the realm of the physical, and a few dark ghosts of his own. The evil the team unveils has the power to shake the plantation to its very core. Jake and Ashley are forced to risk everything to unravel secrets that will not stay buried even in death.

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Reese's Bride both

Special Releases March 2013 The hero returns to face the woman who betrayed him... Years before, love-struck Reese left his home at Briarwood with a promise from raven-haired Elizabeth Clemens: that she would wait for his return. But mere months later, she married the Earl of Aldridge, whose wealth and status Reese could never match. Elizabeth knows, when she appears on Reese's doorstep, that she is twisting the knife. But fear for her young son's safety overcomes guilt and shame: she begs Reese for his protection. The former lovers forge an uneasy alliance, but Elizabeth still harbours some deep secrets - and Reese...

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The Bride Wore Scandal ebook

Historical January 2011 Virgin Lady… From the moment Christina Atherton first saw the notorious Lord Rockley she couldn’t control her blushes. She knew she could not hold out for long against his dark and seductive ways. …Scandalously Pregnant! Lord Rockley only meant to protect Christina from a dangerous highwayman, but she was oh so beguiling. And when Christina discovered that she was expecting, Lord Rockley knew of just one way to restore her virtue. He must make Christina his bride…before scandal ruined them both!

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Behind the Duke's Door eBook

Erotica February 2011 On her wedding day, Lady Elizabeth Fentworthy knows that while Harry Reedburn, Duke of Walthingburn, is marrying her, his kisses are reserved for his lover, Arthur. Their convenient marriage will save Elizabeth from becoming an old maid and give Harry an heir—though their wedding night does not go as planned.... Harry needs Arthur to become aroused—and Elizabeth feels an unexpected desire seeing the two men together. Is adding Arthur to their marriage bed the key to unleashing the passion they need?

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Hers For One Night Only? eBook

After a traumatic day at work, paediatrician Dominic Mansfield arrives at a colleague’s party craving escape. Emotionally vulnerable isn’t his usual type, but the shadows in nurse Bridgette’s eyes intrigue him. Dominic’s flings never last more than one night, no matter how hot, yet the next day he finds himself knocking on Bridgette’s door – and hears the sounds of a crying baby!

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Mendoza's Miracle / Fortune's Hero book

Cherish February 2013 Mendoza’s Miracle Leah Roberts is struggling to ignore the very unprofessional thoughts caused by a flirty, sweet-talking patient! Recovering from a very traumatising event, Javier Mendoza is definitely appreciating his adorable nurse and soon he’ll face an even more serious condition – love and its scary side effects! His Leah will need to save him yet again… Fortune’s HERO Garrett Stone was Victoria Fortune’s hero. It has been months since the rugged cowboy saved her from the rubble of a tornado. She wants to know the man… But Garrett has a shadowed past and can’t accept the glow he...

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A Forever Kind of Love eBook

Is he her favorite mistake? Fifteen years ago, Mya Dubois couldn’t get out of her small Louisiana town fast enough. Especially after Corey Anderson showed her what heartbreak really is. Now a family tragedy has brought Mya home to Gauthier—and the man she vowed to forget forever. But when memories flame into rekindled desire, Mya is ready to flee again...before Corey discovers her painful secret. Or the love of her life? In high school, Mya was Corey’s girl. Now she’s a sought-after Broadway designer who won’t give the former pro-baseball player the time of day. Until they’re brought together to revive their close-knit...

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Sentinels: Wolf Hunt ebook

Intrigue May 2010 Bound by an unholy duty Nick hides his alpha wolf status under expensive suits, but he takes his duty as leader of his region’s Sentinels seriously. He is ready for anything – except Jet. The first time he sees her he recognises a fellow shape‑shifter – but like no other he has seen before. Jet has been trained for one mission: to kill Nick. If she fails she condemns her pack to death. But the moment she meets Nick, she recognises a male whose wild nature mirrors her own. Yet falling for her seriously sexy target is definitely out of the question…

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The Wolven ebook

Paranormal July 2011 When danger and temptation collide, the world of the Keepers may never be the same… Someone – or something – is murdering the members of Danyon’s werewolf pack. As Alpha, punishing the murderous entity is his responsibility. But to stop the slayings he has to accept help from the most unlikely source – a wickedly sensual mortal woman. As the Keeper of the werewolves, it’s Shauna’s duty to guard and protect the packs. Yet working by Danyon’s side to stop an unknown killer – and trying to deny the potency of their illicit attraction – poses a threat to her heart unlike any she’s ever...

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