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After several years’ absence, Noah Calder has returned to Blackfoot Falls, Montana to be the town's sheriff. He still isn't sure if this is the life he wants, but he owes his family and he always pays his debts. The last thing he expected was to meet a woman who tempts his sense of duty. But can she bring him to his knees? Alana Richardson has never met a man like him. He's everything she could want. Could it be that she’s starting to fall hard? Doesn’t seem to matter once it all falls apart. Her mother shows up and Alana is humbled to learn she’s not the strong woman she’s always considered herself. She has to make a hard decision. Will she choose Noah? Even after she discovers his interest in her was merely as a suspect.

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Rogues and Rakes book

Special Releases June 2008 From the passionate court of Charles II to the heat of Tuscany. The Beckoning Dream When her brother Rob was arrested, the only way Mistress Catherine Wood could ensure his release was to accompany a stranger – pretending to be his wife! – to Holland on a spying mission. With roguish charm her ‘husband’ made no bones about wanting Catherine in his bed, while she was surprised how hard it was to hold him at bay as they travelled into danger together… The Lost Princess Having never met her future husband, Marina Bordoni, lady of Novera, reluctantly set off to her wedding – only to be...

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Husband for Hire both

Cherish March 2012 HE WAS PERFECT FOR THE JOB.MAYBE TOO PERFECT…Becca Sheridan had to hire someone – to pose as her husband! Handsome and charming, Gavin Callahan was perfect – and the sizzling attraction between them would make the deception more believable. But Gavin found himself falling for her, hard. It almost made him want to apply for the job of groom again… for real this time…

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Montana Red eBook

Mira September 2009 Haunted by heartache, cowboy Jake Hawthorne has taken a job catching wild horses in Montana. But his quest to bring in a magnificent thoroughbred pits him against an unusual rustler. Having escaped her vengeful ex-husband, Clea Mathison is trying to live life on her own terms. Then her beloved mare runs off, setting her on a journey far from the privileged world she knows – and on the run from the law. Forced to depend on each other, Jake and Clea discover a strength together that they’ve never known alone. But when faced with an impossible choice, will Jake give up everything for the woman he’s grown...

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His Poor Little Rich Girl book

Modern September 2011 ‘Sleeping rough not your thing any more, little rich girl?’Alessandro Vallini once made the mistake of proposing to spoiled princess Rachel McCulloch. Her rejection scored his soul. But now the tables have turned: bad-boy-made-good Alessandro now holds Rachel’s future in the palm of his hand! He needs a temporary housekeeper, and she needs money – it’s a perfect opportunity to taunt her with what she turned down…Riches-to-rags Rachel is very different from the glittering socialite Alessandro remembers. He’s laid his trap – with himself as bait! – but who’s catching who in this web...

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The Mighty Quinns: Kieran book

When his destiny comes sailing through the bus station door in the form of smokin'-hot country music star Maddie West, Kieran Quinn's future suddenly looks a lot like, irresistible trouble! With Maddie on the run from the press, Kieran hastily comes to her rescue. Now they're both on the run - and it's turning into one sizzlin' sexcapade!

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Aftertime book

THE WORLD IS GONE. THE DEAD ARE WALKING. HER DAUGHTER IS MISSING. Cass Dollar vaguely recalls surviving something terrible. Around her is barren wasteland where cities once stood. Her body is ravaged. Her daughter has disappeared. Her eyes are unwilling to believe what they see… People turned hungry for human flesh by a government experiment gone wrong. Packs of cannibalistic Beaters prowl the desolate landscape. Everyone is out for their own survival. There are no rules. No morals. No hope. And for Cass, with a body scarred by a zombie attack, the nightmare has only just begun. ‘Grab a Littlefield pronto.’...

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Having Adam's Baby both

A second chance…at second chances? There was absolutely nothing wrong with widowed florist Fay seeking a new lease on life. Just not in her late husband’s best friend Adam’s arms. But the night he returned from his tour of duty overseas, their mutual solace soon morphed into passion and it felt like destiny. Until Fay discovered she was pregnant with Adam’s child. The walls Adam had built around his heart as a soldier came tumbling down as soon as he saw Fay again. Comforting her was one thing, but it hadn’t stopped there. Now he was going to be a father. He’d crossed a line. So why did it feel so right?

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Claimed by the Highland Warrior ebook

Historical Fiction December 2011 HE WILL CLAIM THE WEDDINGNIGHT THEY NEVER HAD!Bram MacKinloch has spent seven long, torturous years in captivity, with only three things to keep him alive: pure brute strength, a thirst for revenge and the memory of his pretty wife’s face. Shock is only one of the emotions coursing through Nairna’s body when she sees Bram again. His scars tell of suffering, and the hunger in his eyes speaks of a burning desire so raw it could consume them both. But a lot has changed since they so innocently wed… The MacKinloch ClanHighland warriors prepared to fight fiercely for their country…and for...

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Scandals of an Innocent book

Mira August 2010 “Blackmail is such an ugly word, Miss Lister. It is essential that I marry you. So let us call it a bargain.” When an ancient law requires all unmarried ladies to wed or surrender half their wealth, the village of Fortune’s Folly becomes a heaven for fortune hunters – and Miss Alice Lister is a prize to be won! Maid-turned-heiress Alice has fought hard for a modicum of respectability. Now the insufferably attractive Lord Miles Vickery is certain he can gain her fortune by blackmailing her into marriage. Miles finds his newfound frankness invaluable in entangling Alice in situations deliciously...

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The Man Behind the Scars both

Exclusive! Aristocrat Recluse Weds! Rafe McFarland, 8th Earl of Pembroke – and 21st century pin-up – has secretly wed ex-model and tabloid darling Angel Tilson! Angel’s long been believed to be in financial difficulty, prompting feverish speculation that her marriage to the tortured billionaire is one of the strictest convenience… Bearing terrible scars from his time in the military, Rafe rarely leaves his remote Scottish estate. And with the terms of this deal negotiated, possibly behind tightly closed bedroom doors, is Rafe demanding repayment – in kind – from his new wife…?

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