Best P51N Supra Polaris NC Twin Headset Stockists

Best P51N Supra Polaris NC Twin Headset Stockists

Using the Polaris models from Plantronics, you can easily and cost-effectively add hands-free efficiency to phone systems that already have built-in amplifiers and volume controls. Just plug in the Polaris headset and you're ready to take full advantage of your phone system's built-in headset amplification and controls. Like all Plantronics' products, the Polaris models deliver no-compromise audio quality and ease-of-use. Polaris models let you get the most out of the built-in capabilities of your phone system.The most popular headset in the world, the Supra owes its popularity to the perfect balance between light weight, superior sound and outstanding comfort. The dual earpieces have a yoked double cable, which gives greater clarity by providing sound in both ears. Polaris models are for use with phone systems with built-in amplifiers.By eliminating up to 75% of all office background noise, the Supra Monaural Noise Cancelling Headset with its unidirectional microphone makes the wearer's speech much clearer. As a result, calls can be completed faster and there is less likelihood of a misunderstanding during the call.

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Blackwire C435-M USB Headset for UC

Discreet Design. Powerful Performance. Meet the first corded headset designed for Unified Communications that’s as discreet as it is professionally sound. The headset’s modular over-the-ear design can be worn with two ear buds for stereo, or converted to one ear bud for mono use depending on the user’s preference. The ultra-discreet design and superior audio quality you’ve come to expect from Plantronics make this headset ideal for video conferencing, PC telephony and multi-media applications. Even more, it comes with a rugged protective carrying case so you can easily take it with you. With...

'Blackwire C435-M USB Headset for UC Deal' priced at £84.99  =>  Click for Deal


CS361 SupraPlus Quint Wireless Headset

The new CS361 SupraPlus Binaural Wireless Headset from Plantronics is here to bring the wireless headset technology to a higher level. It is ideal for office professionals who desire to maximize the capability of their telephone communication. The SupraPlus Wireless delivers superb sound clarity and voice quality of a corded headset whilst granting you more freedom to move around while talking on the phone. It comes in a Binaural design which makes it ideal to be worn and used throughout the day in a comfortable manner. With both your ears covered and outside noise eliminated, this innovation allows you to listen more closely...

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Voyager 510 Twin Wireless Headset

Superb sound quality and comfort - enjoy wireless freedom in the office or on the go with the Plantronics Voyager 510 Wireless Headset System. This lightweight, versatile and stylish headset provides all-day wearing comfort and it folds away for easy storage. The noise-cancelling microphone delivers clear voice transmission and superior sound quality. Perfect for the professional in any office, you can seamlessly change between your office phone and voice-enabled Bluetooth mobile phone, PDA or laptop—at the touch of a button. The base unit connects to your desk phone, enabling it to become Bluetooth compatible. This...

'Voyager 510 Twin Wireless Headset Deal' priced at £354.99  =>  Click for Deal


Spare CS60 Headset Quad

Plantronics is pleased to announce the introduction of CS60 spares. These spares are designed to compliment the existing CS60 and allow personal issue of headsets in situations where a phone or turret is used across multiple shifts with a single CS60 base. The headset comes with all standard accessories - Uniband, tripods, tripod headband and earloops. The neckband remains an optional extra. Note that where a phone or turret is used across multiple shifts with a single CS60 base, each CS60 headset will require pairing at start of shift as multiple headsets can not be used simultaneously.

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H251H SupraPlus Monaural For the Hard of Hearing

With the SupraPlus headset, Plantronics sets new standards in design and style. The wideband frequency response means you gain improved listening comfort with clear natural sound; perfect for either Contact Centre or Office applications. The monaural design features a new T-pad giving comfortable, natural support and is compatible with all Plantronics adapters. This version has enhanced sound, making it appropriate for those with hearing difficulties.

'H251H SupraPlus Monaural For the Hard of Hearing Deal' priced at £59.99  =>  Click for Deal


P91 Encore Polaris Trio Headset

The Encore Monaural is a lightweight headband headset that incorporates a single on-the-ear receiver. These Polaris headsets are sutable for use without an adapter.

'P91 Encore Polaris Trio Headset Deal' priced at £257.99  =>  Click for Deal


H141N Business Headset Duoset Noise Cancelling Headset (Vista Range)

The Plantronics DuoSet Noise Cancelling Headset is ideal for general office workers who make intermittent phone calls. This lightweight convertible headset is totally versatile; it can be worn either over-the-head or over-the ear. It has an adjustable headband and a conformable ear-hook, which will fit any shape or size of ear. The Noise Cancelling microphone eliminates up to 75% of all background noise, making the user's voice much clearer to the person on the other end of the line. It also means that calls can be completed faster...and with less likelihood of errors made.

'H141N Business Headset Duoset Noise Cancelling Headset (Vista Range) Deal' priced at £73.99  =>  Click for Deal



A Duoset headset designed for use with some DECT telephones.

'CHS142N-4AR1H/A Deal' priced at £49.99  =>  Click for Deal


CS70N Avaya AWH75N Quad Wireless Headset

Plantronics AWH75N Headset System Noice Cancelling - Ideal for on-the-move office executives, the AWH-75N boasts a lightweight, over-the-ear design that combines sophisticated style with all-day wearing comfort. Whether moving between meetings, conferring with colleagues, or taking calls in offices, executives can use the Plantronics Avaya AWH-75N to go wherever business takes them—up to 100 meters from their desk phone. Leading-edge, voice-dedicated DECT 6.0 (1.9Ghz) technology provides best-in-class audio quality, digitally-secure communications, and the lowest probability of interference with other wireless devices.

'CS70N Avaya AWH75N Quad Wireless Headset Deal' priced at £839.99  =>  Click for Deal


CS540 Twin Wireless Headset with Remote Answering

The lightest, most comfortable DECT headset Plantronics has ever made Plantronics CS540 Headset is setting a new standard for wireless desk phone communications. The new convertible headsets – the lightest DECT™ headsets on the market – feature streamlined design, improved performance, and the same great reliability. They offer hands-free productivity up to 100 meters away from your desk, and great collaboration options. Pair your headset with any base by simply docking it, or add up to three additional headset wearers into your call. Switch between narrowband audio to maximise battery life or wideband, professional-grade...

'CS540 Twin Wireless Headset with Remote Answering Deal' priced at £304.99  =>  Click for Deal

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