Best P91 Encore Polaris Quad Headset Stockists

Best P91 Encore Polaris Quad Headset Stockists

The Encore Monaural is a lightweight headband headset that incorporates a single on-the-ear receiver. These Polaris headsets are sutable for use without an adapter.

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CHS142P Duoset Quint Headset

DuoSet headsets offer hands-free communication in two configurations. Your hands are free for multi-tasking, whether you use it in over-the-ear or over-the-head configuration. The headset is comfortable and secure, and provides excellent sound quality. As with all Plantronics DuoSet features Plantronics patented Sound Guard Plus and Call Clarity technology and it is easy to use. Quick Disconnect feature places the caller on hold, while allowing users to leave their desk without removing their headset. Please note that this headset comes with a 2.5mm Jack Plug and is only suitable for Dect phones with a 2.5mm socket.

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H91N Encore Monaural Vista Range

The Plantronics Encore Monaural Noise Cancelling headset takes sound quality one stage further by making the user's speech much clearer. It uses a unidirectional microphone, which eliminates up to 92% of all background noise in the office. As a result, calls can be completed faster and the chances of misunderstandings occurring are reduced.

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PLANTRONICS Rig 500HS Gaming Headset - Arctic Camo

Game in comfort with the lightweight Plantronics Rig 500HS Gaming Headset. It's designed for use with the PlayStation 4 but is compatible with any 3.5 mm jack for your convenience.You can change components, such as the earcups or mic, to find the best fit for whatever gaming you're undertaking.It comes with isolating earcups so you can block out distraction while playing, and the noise-cancelling mic ensures your team-mates will hear every command.

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PLANTRONICS Rig 400HX Gaming Headset

Game in comfort for hours on end with the lightweight Plantronics Rig 400HX Gaming Headset.Officially licensed for the Xbox One, it is also compatible with PlayStation 4, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other 3.5 mm jack devices.It has convenient in-line controls so you can adjust the volume or mute the mic quickly, and the boom microphone is noise-cancelling so your team-mates won't have trouble hearing your commands.

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AWH460N Binaural Quint Wireless Headset

The Plantronics SupraPlus wireless headset for Avaya system phones is specifically designed to work with the Avaya system. The headset is built for heavy use and ideal for people taking and making regular, lengthy calls. One Ear Piece or Two? Available with one ear piece or two, this headband style headset offers two options to suit any office environment. With one ear piece you can concentrate on the call whilst still being able to easily confer with surrounding colleagues. The two ear piece version is better suited to nosier offices where you may sometimes have difficulty hearing what the caller is saying, two ear pieces...

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Plantronics .Audio 628 - headset

The perfect headset for online calls is the Plantronics .Audio 628 stereo USB headset. Intuitive inline controls, Skype certified, with DSP and noise-canceling microphone to deliver crystal clear conversations.

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Plantronics M70/R - headset

Plantronics M70/R - headset

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Plantronics .Audio 355 - headset

When superior quality and versatility are requirements, the Plantronics .Audio 355 multimedia headset is for you. 40mm speakers deliver studio-quality audio with maximum bass response. Don't just hear music, DVDs, and games - feel them. For Skype, Windows Live, or Yahoo! Messenger Internet calling, a QuickAdjust microphone provides precise placement and noise-canceling features ensure that Internet callers can hear you clearly. When you're listening to music or watching DVDs, the microphone rotates discreetly out of the way. Inline controls let you adjust music volume or mute the microphone with just a touch. Lightweight and...

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PLANTRONICS Rig 600 Gaming Headset

Balance gaming and music use with the versatile Plantronics Rig 600 Gaming Headset.The high-fidelity performance of the headphones mean distortion-free bass and vibrant mids so you can gain the edge in gaming or enjoy your favourite songs in clarity.When not in use the earcups fold flat so they can be easily and safely transported, while the boom mic can be replaced by an in-line one for taking calls when you're on the go.

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CS351N SupraPlus Wireless Monaural Headset

The Plantronics SupraPlus Wireless Monaural DECT headset offers call centre and office professionals flexible all day wearing comfort. The unique QuickPair feature allows multiple headsets to share one base for effective hot desking. DECT technology provides excellent sound quality and 64-bit digital encryption means that calls are secure. The monaural earphone offers peripheral hearing while the noise cancelling microphone provides total focus noise reduction. A binaural version is also available with two earphones for complete call focus. There are built-in controls for volume, call answer/end and mute, plus with up to ten...

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