Bargain PM Gold: Forests (PM Plus Non fiction) Levels 22, 23 x 6 Stockists

Bargain PM Gold: Forests (PM Plus Non-fiction) Levels 22, 23 x 6 Stockists

Forests provide us with natural resources upon which people, animals and plant life depend. This text explores how the landscape, and all those who depend upon it, would be affected if our forests were destroyed. Text forms include an email and a procedural text. Gold level titles introduce children to more complex sentences with an average length of 10 words and help to develop reading strategies such as breaking long words down into syllables. For children who prefer to read non-fiction texts, the PM Plus Non-fiction titles offer carefully researched information thematically linked to key learning areas. The texts are supported with superb photography and realistic illustrations.

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PM Gold: Forests (PM Plus Non-fiction) Levels 22, 23 x 6 Deals on eBay PM Gold: Forests (PM Plus Non-fiction) Levels 22, 23 x 6 Deals on Amazon
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New Approach Japanese Intermediate Course Textbook

The New Approach Japanese Intermediate Course is great for those who wish to continue their Japanese studies. Fully in Japanese, this course book provides intermediate Japanese lessons with exercises, scripts, and conversations, as well as grammar points explained in Japanese. Contains 20 lessons of Intermediate Japanese language materials all in Japanese. With Hiragana readings above Kanji that are not expected to be known by the student at that level. Includes 2 CDs, script and mini-test booklet. This is the coursebook utilised by UCL (University College London). ISBN:9784931315150

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Street Photography Now

This title is now available in paperback. Get up close and personal with the world's best street photographers as they capture the drama of everyday life at 1 125 of a second. Prowl pavements and back alleys encountering comic absurdities small acts of kindness and scenes of unexpected beauty; let your eye be caught by a witty billboard a woman dressed as an angel a businessman sprinting through the crowd: the human carnival is in town and the streets are alive. Street Photography Now" presents 46 contemporary image-makers noted for their candid depictions of everyday life. Included are Magnum masters such as Bruce Gilden...

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Glass Room

Cool. Balanced. Modern. The precisions of science the wild variance of lust the catharsis of confession and the fear of failure - these are things that happen in the Glass Room. High on a Czechoslovak hill the Landauer House shines as a wonder of steel and glass and onyx built specially for newlyweds Viktor and Liesel Landauer a Jew married to a gentile. But the radiant honesty of 1930 that the house with its unique Glass Room seems to engender quickly tarnishes as the storm clouds of WW2 gather and eventually the family must flee accompanied by Viktor's lover and her child. But the house's story is far from over and...

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How to Organise Yourself

How to Organize Yourself" will help you to dramatically improve the way you work. With great tips on how to determine your goals prioritize and manage your time it also includes practical advice on how to: focus on the things that produce results; overcome distractions; build positive work habits; avoid information overload; and make effective use of technology. Now in its fourth edition "How to Organize Yourself" will enable you to take control of your workload reduce stress and fatigue and free up time for the things that really matter."

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The Netherlands travel guide - Haarlem & North Holland (3.319Mb), 6th Edition May 2016 by Lonely Planet

Tradition and innovation intertwine here: artistic masterpieces, windmills, tulips and candlelit cafés coexist with groundbreaking architecture, cutting-edge design and phenomenal nightlife. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Netherlands, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice. Lonely Planet The Netherlands is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Stroll the intricate canals of Amsterdam, revel in Utrecht's nightlife or stand amid acres of flowering colour in South Holland; all with your trusted travel companion....

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The history of Britain as never before told 'Leviathan' overturns long-held beliefs about our ancestry and weaves together the disparate strands that made the fabric of the Empire. The 350 years between the accession of the Tudors and the beginning of the Victorian era saw one of the great transformations of any nation in history: Britain emerged from its lowly position as European underdog to become the world's only maritime superpower. It was a period that saw the creation of Protestant kingdoms in England and Scotland the gain and loss of American colonies and the beginnings of a new empire in Africa India and Australasia....

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PM Magenta: Stop! (PM Starters) Levels 2, 3 x 6

‘Stop’ focuses highly on crossing the road safely when there are no vehicles of any type coming. Magenta level titles (equivalent to the Pink book band) are perfect for introducing fundamental reading concepts and skills to early and emergent readers. PM Starters offer over 50 of your favourite titles from the original PM series. Each title has been completely redesigned with refined levelling, larger format and engaging photographs and illustrations for early readers.

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100 Lessons Pack: Year 4 x 3

Master the new curriculum and engage all your pupils with the brand new, completely revised Scholastic 100 Lessons series. This pack contains one copy of each resource book and CD-ROM for Year 4. #100lessons-18082016 #100lessons-0916 #education-3for2

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Top-Notch Surgeon, Pregnant Nurse ebook

Medical September 2008 One magical night They were strangers – but in his arms Beth Rogers forgot her past for one amazing night. But she didn’t expect to see her sexy English lover again… One gorgeous new colleague Only he turns out to be hotshot surgeon Gabe Fallon – and nursing manager Beth will be working with him to save the lives of two tiny girls! One precious new baby Then Beth discovers she’s pregnant! And Gabe makes it clear that no child of his will grow up without a father…

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One Night In...Buenos Aires eBook

Special Releases May 2011 Innocent Faith was working on Raul de Vasquez’s luxurious Argentinian estancia, but once the polo-playing billionaire set eyes on her, he wanted her in his bed not looking after his horses! And Raul was very clear marriage and babies never were going to be part of his plans…

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