Best PM Green: Little Chimp and the Buffalo (PM Gems) Level 12 x 6 Stockists

Best PM Green: Little Chimp and the Buffalo (PM Gems) Level 12 x 6 Stockists

Little Chimp and Big Chimp are down by the river when Little Chimp sees a buffalo. In fear of being caught by the buffalo little chimp runs up a tree, but now Big Chimp is in danger. Green level titles introduce more compound words, some longer sentences often with two clauses and different forms of text such as non-fiction, rhymes, diagrams, fables and verse. PM Gems offer 50 extra titles for your early and emergent readers. Includes much-loved characters such as Kitty Cat and Little Chimp.

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Mission To Seduce eBook

Her personal bodyguard Allie had teased him, insulted him, but still she seemed to be stuck with Drake Marsden as her official chaperon! He'd been appointed to look after her during a crucial assignment in Russia, and he refused to leave her side - day or night... . Just because Allie was pretty and petite didn't mean she needed Drake's protection! And she simply refused to be seduced by him. At least, that was the idea. Until her twenty-four-hour bodyguard decided the safest place for her was in his bed!

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This is an immortal love story. Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd do anything for them? When Dr Luke Findley turns up to his hospital shift in the small town of St Andrews Maine he's expecting just another evening of minor injuries and domestic disputes. But instead Lanore McIlvrae walks into his life - and changes it forever. For Lanny is a woman with a past...Lanny McIlvrae is unlike anyone Luke has ever met. Hers is a story of love and betrayal that defies time and transcends mortality - but this tale cannot end until Lanny's demons are finally put to rest. Her two hundred years on this earth have seen her...

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Along the Enchanted Way

When William Blacker first crossed the snow-bound passes of northern Romania he stumbled upon an almost medieval world. There for many years he lived side by side with the country people a life ruled by the slow cycle of the seasons far away from the frantic rush of the modern world. In spring as the pear trees blossomed he ploughed with horses in summer he scythed the hay meadows and in the freezing winters gathered wood by sleigh from the forest. From sheepfolds harried by wolves to courting expeditions in the snow he experienced the traditional way of life to the full and became accepted into a community who treated...

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This compendium offers an irresistible spread of recipes for baked goods. A comprehensive introduction covers all the ingredients equipment and skills you will need including how to line tins bake blind or make a lattice top for a pie. There is a profusion of tempting recipes with traditional favourites such as Shortbread ranged alongside the more sophisticated Orange and Walnut Swiss Roll. There is also a chapter of low fat bakes. Rich cakes like Nectarine Amaretto Cake prove that low in fat doesn't have to mean low in taste. If you want to bake your own bread you'll find a huge selectionto choose from. Beginning with...

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Keeper of the Night book

Paranormal March 2013 There's no business like bloodlust... New Keeper Rhiannon Gryffald has her peacekeeping duties cut out for her - because in Hollywood, it's hard to tell the actors from the werewolves, bloodsuckers and shape-shifters. When Rhiannon hears about a string of murders that bear all the hallmarks of a vampire serial killer, she must confront her greatest challenge yet. Together with detective Brodie McKay, she heads to Laurel Canyon, the epicentre of the danger, where they uncover a plot that may forever alter the face of human-paranormal relations...

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Echoes of the Great Song

The Great Bear will descend from the skies and with his paw lash at the ocean. He will devour all the works of Man. Then he will sleep for ten thousand years and the breath of his sleep will be death. The prophecy had come true. The world spun. Tidal waves lashed the planet and a new ice age dawned. The few survivors of a once great empire struggled to rebuild to hold their ground against the rising barbarian tide. Then two moons appeared in the skies unleashing a terrible evil that threatened not only the new empire but the survival of the world itself. 'When it comes to heroic fantasy nobody does it better than David...

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Accidents Happen

Kate Parker has had so much bad luck in her life she's convinced she's cursed. But when she tries to do her best to keep herself and her son safe people tell her she's being anxious and obsessive. Just when her life starts to spin completely out of control an Oxford professor she meets offers to help. But his methods are not conventional. If she wants to live her life again he will expect her to take risks. When a mysterious neighbour starts to take more than a passing interest in her Kate tries to stay rational and ignore it. Maybe this however is the one time Kate should be worried.

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George Bush

This is the groundbreaking classic expose of the Bush family cited by all that followed it yet still unmatched. Exhaustively documented by intensive search of dozens of archives and months of interviews with government insiders this biography digs up all the dirt -- frightening gory hilarious -- on the Bush dynasty: How the Bushes made their fortune building up Hitler and the Nazi war machine; Iran-Contra; Zapatas Watergate burglars; The Reagan shooting; The 'war hero' story; The secret government; 'Eugenic' population reduction plans; Kissinger China and genocide in the Third World; Luring Iraq to attack Kuwait; The...

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The Manning Sisters both

Mira February 2012 You are invited to a Manning family wedding… When Taylor Manning meets Russ Palmer she can’t believe someone can be so stubborn, macho and have such outdated views on womanhood! She’s moved home and job specifically to avoid heartbreak, so staying away from Russ shouldn’t be a problem. Except she’s itching to teach him just how powerful a woman can be… Christy Manning is on a flying visit to see her sister, Taylor. She hasn’t banked on her life changing. But that’s exactly what happens when she sees Cody Franklin. She knows the look between them can’t be real because Christy’s engaged...

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Leicester and Hinckley

OS Explorer Map is the Ordnance Survey's most detailed map and is recommended for anyone enjoying outdoor activities like walking horse riding and off-road cycling. Providing complete GB coverage the series details essential information such as youth hostels pubs and visitor information as well as rights of way permissive paths and bridleways.

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