Bargain PM Green: The Rescue (PM Storybooks) Level 12 Stockists

Bargain PM Green: The Rescue (PM Storybooks) Level 12 Stockists

The Lee family are having a walk along the beach when they see a fisherman that is trapped on some rocks. Green level titles introduce more compound words, some longer sentences often with two clauses and different forms of text such as non-fiction, rhymes, diagrams, fables and verse. Each meticulously levelled PM Fiction title features a classic story structure complete with tension, climax and resolution. The stories deal with concepts and experiences that young children can relate to. PM Storybooks cover levels 3–24.

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Order in Chaos Stockists

The third instalment of Jack Whyte's templar trilogy. The Order - a secret society of men from ancient noble families drawn together to safeguard the Christian Church's most precious secrets - has been decimated by a King's petulant will. Its members are being persecuted and most have been forced to flee for their lives as their leaders are burnt at the stake. But the Order's secrets must continue to be protected and hidden; so as their world falls apart the dangerous task of smuggling the sacred treasure out from under the nose of a vengeful king falls to just a few brave men.

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Red Blooded Murder book Stockists

Mira November 2011 For the first time in my adult life I was flying without a net. Fear was nibbling at my insides, creeping its way into my brain. I was buzzing with apprehension. But the job offer from Jane was a bolt of calm, clean sunshine breaking through the murky depths of my nerves.Chicago is the Windy City, and these days the winds of change are whipping Izzy McNeil’s life all over the map. A high-profile job on Trial TV lands her in the hot seat. After a shocking end to her engagement, she finds herself juggling not only her ex-fiancé, but a guy she never expected. And a moonlighting undercover gig has her digging...

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Midnight Bride eBook Stockists

HALF-DROWNED. HALF-NAKED. NO MEMORY. That's how Agent Caleb hunter found the woman known to him only as Sarah. But he had reason to believe she didn't truly have amnesia and was not what she appeared. To test his theory, he hopped into bed with her, claiming to be her husband, wanting to exercise his conjugal rights. But his response was unexpected and shocking. This loner had been too long without a woman's caress... . Secluded in his remote mountain cabin, the two explored each other's bodies and hearts, knowing they only had a few days together. For beyond the cabin door, the real world - and their past secrets - beckoned,...

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Royal Captive ebook Stockists

Intrigue July 2011 A future princess in danger. A prince on a mission. Prince Istvan of Valtria expected to inherit his crown, not lead a death-defying chase to retrieve it. The dashing royal had always been a quiet scholar. Until Lauryn stormed into his life, set off sparks, and vanished – along with Valtria’s crown jewels! Travelling in disguise to exotic lands, Istvan’s as desperate to rescue Lauryn as he is to save the priceless gems. He knows she’s the one who should be his Queen and should wear the crown beside him…that is, if they live to recapture it!

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Horse Dreams Colouring Book - 7820 Stockists

'Includes High Quality, Traceable Images Also Comes with Horsey Stickers! What a beautiful book! Another fantastic product from the Horse Dreams collection. This colouring book contains 6 different outlines ( 8 copies of each) with two guide pages per image showing you different ways to colour the images in. Each line drawing has a blank background meaning that you can produce a totally different image each time or even draw in your own stables! The images are outlined in grey which reduces visibility once coloured but are bold enough to be traced so that you can draw your favourite horses again and again and again....

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Ladybird Histories: Anglo-Saxons Stockists

Want to explore the past in detail? Then do it with Ladybird Histories, from the legendary experts who have got millions of curious kids reading. Books you can read all by yourself, packed with incredible knowledge and colour pictures. But this time, in a larger paperback format with a longer, more detailed text. This is history made fun – full of exciting facts that keep you turning the pages and get you prepped for school projects. With beautiful pictures that show exactly what’s going on, plus a who’s who, glossary and timeline. Start with this fun-filled look at the Anglo-Saxons. But don’t stop at one book. Read...

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Bobby Windsor - The Iron Duke Stockists

Lions legend Bobby Windsor has enjoyed triumphs beyond the dreams of most international players but has also suffered personal tragedy. His rugby career as the best hooker in the British Isles during the second golden era of Welsh rugby in the 1970s is a turbulent tale of blood and thunder on the pitch. There are riotous incidents off the pitch including unscheduled fights with professional boxers revelations about illegal payments during the so-called amateur era and what Windsor did to upset the Establishment and become blackballed by one of the most famous clubs in the world. Windsor's irrepressible sense of humour comes...

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Dog Days Stockists

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days" is the super funny fourth title in the highly-illustrated bestselling and award-winning "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series by Jeff Kinney. Perfect for both boys and girls of 8+ reluctant readers and all the millions of devoted Wimpy Kid fans out there. "Dog Days" is also a major motion picture and box office smash. The fourth mega-selling instalment in the hilarious "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series - now in a fantastic book & CD format with removable book. Perfect as a gift for holidays and travelling! The way I like to spend my summer holidays is in front of the TV playing video games with the curtains...

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Night Stalker Stockists

When an unidentified female body is discovered laid out on a slab in an abandoned butcher's shop the cause of death is unclear. Her body bares no marks; except for the fact that her lips have been carefully stitched shut. It is only when the full autopsy gets underway at the Los Angeles County morgue that the pathologist will reveal the true horror of the situation - a discovery so devastating that Detective Robert Hunter of the Los Angeles Homicide Special Section has to be pulled off a different case to take over the investigation But when his inquiry collides with a missing persons' case being investigated by the razor-sharp...

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