Bargain PM Green: The Waving Sheep (PM Storybooks) Level 14 x 6 Stockists

Bargain PM Green: The Waving Sheep (PM Storybooks) Level 14 x 6 Stockists

It has stopped raining now so Jessica and Daniel go hunting for mushrooms when they find a sheep that can’t get up. Green level titles introduce more compound words, some longer sentences often with two clauses and different forms of text such as non-fiction, rhymes, diagrams, fables and verse. Each meticulously levelled PM Fiction title features a classic story structure complete with tension, climax and resolution. The stories deal with concepts and experiences that young children can relate to. PM Storybooks cover levels 3-24.

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The Princess and the Outlaw / Stand-in Wife book Stockists

The Princess and the Outlaw Princess Pippa Devereaux wasn’t known for controversy. So her brief romance with handsome tycoon Nic Lafitte had to end. But when a night of passion leads to a baby, somehow the royal and the Texan have to bring two worlds – and two families – together… Stand-in Wife Begged by her twin sister to temporarily swap places, Vivienne never expected to be sorting out her sister’s failed marriage. And she certainly never expected to fall for her sister’s gorgeous brother-in-law, Ross. But dare she tell him who she really is?

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A Very English Christmas book Stockists

Including: Give Me Forever Mac and Ruth used to be flirtatious friends. Now that Mac`s back in her life, and on the rebound, Ruth`s wary. Still, that mistletoe magic keeps pushing her into his arms.

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PM Ruby: Scuba Kid (PM Extras Chapter Books) Level 27/28 x 6 Stockists

On his twelfth birthday, a young boy’s dream of being able to scuba dive with his family is finally fulfilled! He attends diving lessons where he learns all the necessary skills for diving. He feels confident performing these skills. However, when it comes to taking his face mask off under water, this proves to be far more difficult! Each time, panic and nervousness overtake him. He must overcome this fear and successfully remove his mask under water to pass the course, and be a ‘real’ scuba diver. Can he do it? Ruby level titles give readers the variety they need to become confident and successful readers, using a...

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Confessions of a New York Taxi Driver Stockists

Driving a cab for more than 30 years Gene Salomon has collected a remarkable selection of stories. He shares the very best in this unforgettable memoir. Gene has had everyone in the back of his cab...Lauren Bacall Leonardo di Caprio John McEnroe Sean Penn and Dennis Hopper Simon and Garfunkel Tony Bennett Robin Williams Norman Mailer Suzanne Vega Kevin Kline Dan Ackroyd Diane Keaton and yes even Kevin Bacon. He has taken all sorts of people for a ride...mafiosi hookers the rich and famous down and outs young lovers old lovers passengers from every corner of the globe fare dodgers a variety of animals tourists...

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Scholastic Activities: Holiday Sticker Activity Book Stockists

Like a suitcase full of fun that tucks neatly in your backpack. Take it away on your travels.

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Bridge Across My Sorrows Stockists

Christina Noble's story is one of bravery and resilience in the face of deprivation and abuse on a scale that most would find unimaginable. Her childhood in the Dublin slums barely merits the name: after the early death of her mother her family was split apart her alcoholic father unable to care for his children. Christina was sexually abused and later escaped from an orphanage to live in poverty on the streets of Dublin. Whilst in an abusive marriage in a dream she found the will to fight. Christina's hope lay in a determination to work among the bui doi the street children of Vietnam and this was the starting point for...

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Summer Stockists

Six months have passed sine the last Ellerton teenager died but Darina is still traumatized by the stabbing of her own beloved Phoenix. But there's work to be done as Darina must now turn her attention to the shooting of Summer Madison - the beautiful and gifted singer-song-writer with a heart of gold. It's been nearly a year since the random shooting in a shopping mall caused Summer's meaningless death. Summer left behind recordings of her wonderful songs and a deep sadness amongst high school friends. Now Darina must act as Summer's agent to track down the psychotic killer in a clear search for justice. With the sound of...

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Shadows of the Workhouse Stockists

In this follow up to CALL THE MIDWIFE Jennifer Worth a midwife working in the docklands area of East London in the 1950s tells more stories about the people she encountered. There's Jane who cleaned and generally helped out at Nonnatus House - she was taken to the workhouse as a baby and was allegedly the illegitimate daughter of an aristocrat. Peggy and Frank's parents both died within 6 months of each other and the children were left destitute. At the time there was no other option for them but the workhouse. The Reverend Thornton-Appleby-Thorton a missionary in Africa visits the Nonnatus nuns and Sister Julienne acts...

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A Christmas Letter ebook Stockists

Christmas shop November 2012 Faith was surprised when her grandmother’s letter included a ticket home for Christmas…and an unusual request. She certainly never expected to get snowbound with an earl in his fairytale castle. Or that being trapped with Marcus might be the start of her very own happy ending… Hope With just a week till Christmas, city girl Hope wants to be celebrating in style, not stuck in the mountains with rancher Blake. But following the letter’s instructions could open her heart to the winter wonderland around her… and the enigmatic stranger she’s sharing the season with… Grace Journalist...

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Bay at Midnight Stockists

Her family's cottage was a place of innocence for twelve-year-old Julie Bauer - until her sister was murdered. It's been many years since that August night but Julie's memories of Izzy's death still haunt her. Now someone from her past is asking questions about what really happened that night. About Julie's own complicity. About a devastating secret her mother kept from them all. About the person who went to prison for Izzy's murder - and the person who didn't. Julie must gather the courage to revisit her past and untangle the complex emotions that led to one unspeakable act of violence on the bay at midnight.

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