Bargain PM Orange: Guinea Pigs (PM Non fiction) Levels 15, 16 x 6 Stockists

Bargain PM Orange: Guinea Pigs (PM Non-fiction) Levels 15, 16 x 6 Stockists

This book of animal facts focuses on guinea pigs. It touches on guinea pig’s feeding and breeding habits along with their habitats and appearances. Orange level titles introduce new words and reinforce those already encountered. Three-syllable words are included and readers encounter different story structures – such as traditional tales and plays – to build writing skills. PM Non-fiction books are carefully researched, presenting factual information accompanied by superb photography and realistic illustrations to engage young readers.

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PM Orange: Guinea Pigs (PM Non-fiction) Levels 15, 16 x 6 Deals on eBay PM Orange: Guinea Pigs (PM Non-fiction) Levels 15, 16 x 6 Deals on Amazon
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Hell's Heroes Stockists

The final dramatic conclusion to Darren Shan's international phenomenon The Demonata. Expect the unexpected...Beranabus and Dervish are gone. Bec has formed an unholy alliance with Lord Loss. Kernel is blind held on Earth against his will. Grubbs is mad with grief and spinning out of control. The demons are crossing. The Disciples are falling. The Shadow is waiting. Welcome to the end.

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Sydney Harbour Hospital: Tom's Redemption book Stockists

Medical April 2012 Sydney Harbour Hospital’s most elusive – and eligible – doctor has returned…Surgical registrar Hayley Grey knows all the gossip about renowned former head of neurosurgery Tom Jordan – he lived for his job, shunned relationships, and two years ago he disappeared.Now he’s back and his secret is out. Tom’s blind and will never operate again. No wonder he’s the proudest, rudest man she’s ever met – but that doesn’t stop her being drawn to his powerful charisma!There’s no denying the chemistry between them is mind-blowing, but there could be so much more if only Tom would let Hayley see...

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Colliding Continents Stockists

The crash of the Indian plate into Asia is the biggest known collision in geological history and it continues today. The result is the Himalaya and Karakoram - one of the largest mountain ranges on Earth. The Karakoram has half of the world's highest mountains and a reputation as being one of the most remote and savage ranges of all. In this beautifully illustrated book Mike Searle a geologist at the University of Oxford and one of the most experienced field geologists of our time presents a rich account of the geological forces that were involved in creating these mountain ranges. Using his personal accounts of extreme...

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Lady with the Devil's Scar book Stockists

BEHIND THE ENEMY’S WALLS Badly disfigured Lady Isobel Dalceann has fought fiercely to defend her Keep, with little thought for her safety. Why, then, has she let a stranger within her walls? Whilst he threatens danger, his battered body marked by war mirrors her own scars and tempts her to put her faith in him. Marc de Courtenay is a mercenary and a loner, although he is drawn to damaged, beautiful Isobel. But in taking him into her highly defended buttressed walls she has unwittingly given him secrets that will enable him to betray her. What would she do if she were ever to find out who he really is…?

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Into the Night / Caught Off Guard book Stockists

Blaze January 2012 Into the NightIt was a weekend in paradise with a sexy multi-millionaire lover. No strings attached… A lush tropical island filled with sun, sand...and sexual exploration… Tess is uninhibited…and totally into the uncomplicated, hot, steamy island romp with dynamic Derek Nolan! But paradise is only temporary. When real life crashes back in, Tess forces herself to leave the island and go back to the life she’d planned. Luckily Derek isn’t ready for the fantasy to end just yet…Caught Off GuardRunaway heiress Annemarie Prescott vowed never to return home. Until she ran into Blake Mitchell...the most...

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Occupational Hazards Stockists

By September 2003 six months after the US-led invasion of Iraq the anarchy had begun. Rory Stewart a young Biritish diplomat was appointed as the Coalition Provisional Authority's deputy governor of a province of 850 000 people in the southern marshland region. There he and his colleagues confronted gangsters Iranian-linked politicians tribal vendettas and a full Islamist insurgency. Rory Stewart's inside account of the attempt to re-build a nation the errors made the misunderstandings and insumountable difficulties encountered reveals an Iraq hidden from most foreign journalists and soldiers. Stewart is an award-winning...

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Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar Stockists

It is 1923 and Evangeline English keen lady cyclist arrives with her sister Lizzie and their zealous leader Millicent at the ancient city of Kashgar to establish a mission. As they encounter resistance and calamity Eva commences work on her Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar...In present-day London Frieda opens her door to find a man sleeping on the landing. Tayeb a Yemeni refugee has arrived in Frieda's life just as she learns that she is next-of-kin to a stranger a woman whose abandoned flat contains many surprises. The two wanderers embark on a journey that is as great and as unexpected as Eva's.

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Kenya travel guide - Northern Kenya (2.034Mb), 9th Edition Jun 2015 by Lonely Planet Stockists

Vast savannahs peppered with immense herds of wildlife. Snow-capped mountains on the equator. Traditional peoples who bring soul and colour to the earth. Welcome to Kenya. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Kenya, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice: inspirational images, the best of local knowledge, and recommendations from our expert authors planning features and top itineraries to help you plan the perfect trip local secrets and hidden travel gems that will make your trip unique plus wildlife & habitat, tribes of Kenya, outdoor activities, and a safari planning feature Coverage includes...

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Second Chance Pass both Stockists

The community of Virgin River saw Vanessa Rutledge through her darkest days—now she’s looking to a bright future In the space of a few months Vanessa buried her husband, Matt, and gave birth to their son—breaking her heart while filling it with a whole new kind of love. But the one man she longs to share this love with now acts as if she doesn’t exist. Paul Haggerty lives by the marine motto: Semper Fi. Ever faithful to his best friend, he’s done right by Matt’s widow as best he can…considering he’s been secretly in love with her for years. Now, just as he’s about to make his move, another woman has staked...

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LEGO Ninjago Graphic Novel #2: Mask of the Sensei Stockists

A full-length, full-throttle graphic novel. Worth fighting Sensei Wu (turned really evil) for.

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