Bargain PM Purple: Prickles the Porcupine (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 19 x 6 Stockists

Bargain PM Purple: Prickles the Porcupine (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 19 x 6 Stockists

A prickly porcupine protects himself by bravely shaking his tail of sharp spikes in the face or a menacing predator. This may appear humorous to the reader, but to the porcupine it is his only means of defence. Purple level titles introduce a variety of topics to promote reading for pleasure and offer plenty of opportunities to look at rhyme and rhythm within words to build fluency and phrasing. PM Plus Storybooks feature a classic story structure with tension, climax and resolution to engage young readers. The books have been written using carefully selected vocabulary to ensure children experience reading success.

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PM Purple: Prickles the Porcupine (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 19 x 6 Deals on eBay PM Purple: Prickles the Porcupine (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 19 x 6 Deals on Amazon
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Boris the Spider Stockists

Owning a big pet spider is only fun if you LIKE spiders. Especially when the spider runs? all over the house! Leapfrog Rhyme Time features fun rhyming stories of no more than 180 words for children who are starting to read on their own.

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Lady of Hay Stockists

Including a BRAND NEW exclusive sequel short story to celebrate the 25th anniversary of a 3 million copy bestseller this new edition of Lady of Hay brings Barbara Erskine's eerie atmospheric and utterly compelling story to a new generation. In London high-flying journalist Jo Clifford is planning to debunk past-life regression in a hard-hitting magazine piece. But her scepticism is shaken when she undergoes hypnosis and finds herself reliving the experiences of Matilda Lady of Hay a noblewoman during the reign of King John. As she learns of Matilda's unhappy marriage her love for the handsome Richard de Clare and the...

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National Curriculum Textbooks: English (Year 4) Stockists

The perfect English toolkit for children – matched to the National Curriculum, and packed with structured, fun and engaging activities to improve English skills. Fulfils Ofsted and DfE requirements for teaching and learning Reduces teacher workload with quality activities you can trust Each chapter covers a key curriculum area for English Includes opportunities to talk, write, practice and revise Reusable textbook that children won’t need to write in The corresponding Planning and Assessment Guide (sold separately) covers each textbook chapter in detail for teachers, helping you plan,...

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The Tantalizing Miss Coale eBook Stockists

Serena “Sally” Coale would rather submit to a loveless marriage than endure one more day under the tyrannical rule of her father. But the last person she expects to encounter on her elopement journey is Ben Hensley—a man who has every reason to hate her. A man she still loves with all her heart. Ben has spent two years trying to forget Sally and her cruel dismissal. He is determined to prove she no longer has power over him, but a passionate kiss evokes memories that were never truly forgotten. Can he forgive her for breaking his heart, before he loses her forever to another man?

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More Fun with Clicker Training Stockists

With every click the human highlights the desired dog behaviour quickly and precisely. The click announces the subsequent reward and the dog's behaviour is positively reinforced. Good trainers use clicker training as a fundamental technique in correcting problematic behaviour such as fear or aggression. Based on behavioural and neurological research effective and animal-friendly clicker training has evolved to the point of genuinely facilitating communication between human and dog. In addition to basic knowledge regarding clicker training this book puts great emphasis on how to communicate clearly with dogs. Easy-to-follow...

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Nepal travel guide - Biking, Rafting & Kayaking (0.721Mb), 10th Edition Dec 2015 by Lonely Planet Stockists

Wedged between the high Himalaya and the steamy Indian plains, Nepal is a land of snow peaks and Sherpas, yaks and yetis, monasteries and mantras. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Nepal, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice: Inspirational images, city walks and recommendations from our expert authors Planning features and top itineraries to help you plan the perfect trip Local secrets and hidden travel gems that will make your trip unique Plus planning your trek, 2015 earthquakes feature, trekking routes and a biking & rafting chapter Coverage Includes: Planning chapters, Kathmandu, Around...

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Zero Day Stockists

War hero John Puller is known to be the top investigator in the US Army's CID. So when a family with military connections is brutally murdered in a remote area of West Virginia Puller is called to investigate and soon suspects the case has wider implications. As the body count rises he teams up with local homicide detective Samantha Cole. As the web of deceit is revealed it quickly becomes apparent that there's much more to this case than they had first thought. It is an investigation where nothing is as it seems and nothing can be taken at face value. When Puller and Cole discover a dangerous situation in the making Puller...

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A Miracle for His Secret Son / Proud Rancher, Pre... ebook Stockists

Cherish October 2010 A MIRACLE FOR HIS SECRET SON It’s been twelve years since Freya and Gus’s perfect summer. Now she has news for him – they have a son and he needs a kidney! Despite his shock, Gus vows to help Nick. When Gus realises he still loves Freya, can they forge a future together and give their son another miracle…a family? PROUD RANCHER, PRECIOUS BUNDLE When Wyatt Black finds his baby niece abandoned on his doorstep, his neighbour Elli agrees to help him out for a few days. Soon Elli is falling in love with baby Darcy and tumbling head-over-heels for the little girl’s gorgeous uncle!

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Not Just Friends / Coming Up for Air book Stockists

Not Just Friends For venture capitalist Adam Sutherland, reopening Camp Winnehatchee was a no-brainer. He’s even reunited former camp counsellors to help revive the camp. What he isn’t expecting is finding a girl sleeping in his bunk. Or that the girl is none other than Julia McKee, who’s gone from shy and awkward Good Girl to scorching-hot babe… And now Julia intends to show Adam how to put ‘wild’ back into wilderness! Coming Up For Air Major Chance Rawlins has a bit of a reputation, both in and outside the helicopter cockpit. He’s a hotshot and he knows it. But when he enjoys a spontaneously naughty night with...

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Delirium Trilogy Stockists

Ever been lovesick? In Lauren Oliver’s thrilling dystopian world, love is a dangerous disease. (Uh-oh: we’re all going to be hospitalised.) Welcome to a new age. The era of worshipping love, wandering the world for it and pining for it is over. It’s forbidden to fall in love or show love. Tear up those Valentines! Fortunately, there’s a compulsory cure. At the age of eighteen, everyone is immunised. Lena is looking forward to the safe, happy life her own cure will bring. That is, until Lena (you guessed it) falls in love… A chilling dystopian series by the author of Before I Fall For fans of The Hunger...

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