Bargain PM Turquoise: Bird

Bargain PM Turquoise: Bird's Eye View (PM Storybooks) Level 18 x 6 Stockists

Luke’s dad drives a truck for work and he is taking Luke for a ride. He can see everything from up here! Turquoise level titles develop children’s understanding of topics with clusters of books on related subjects. High-interest themes such as danger, courage, kindness, bullying and anger are introduced. Each meticulously levelled PM Fiction title features a classic story structure complete with tension, climax and resolution. The stories deal with concepts and experiences that young children can relate to. PM Storybooks cover levels 3–24.

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PM Turquoise: Bird's Eye View (PM Storybooks) Level 18 x 6 Deals on eBay PM Turquoise: Bird's Eye View (PM Storybooks) Level 18 x 6 Deals on Amazon
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Little Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs Stockists

Little Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs features 2 000 proverbs and sayings from around the world and across 250 subjects - from 'Cats' and 'Dogs' to 'Achievement' and 'Extravagance'. Each theme has a short introduction giving an overview of key elements in the proverbial treatment of the topic and each entry provies information on the date source and meaning of the phrase. Not only is this book a pleasure to browse but it is ideal for quick reference with its comprehensive index that makes it easy to find the exact phrase you're looking for. Drawing on Oxford's ongoing dictionary research and language monitoring this book...

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Dr. No Stockists

'The first shot had been fired. There would be others. And whose finger was on the trigger? Who had got him so accurately in their sights?' Crab Key island is desolate and remote. So why is Dr No defending it so ruthlessly? Only Bond can uncover the truth in Fleming's sixth 007 adventure.

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Explore! Anglo-Saxons Stockists

What would it be like to be an Anglo-Saxon kid? How would you keep busy? This book lets you find out – not just by reading, but by doing things and making stuff. (Learning ought to be fun, right?) Just like people today, the Anglo-Saxons liked eating feasts, listening to music and playing games. But how did they do those things without any iPods or gaming consoles? Find out about Anglo-Saxon beliefs, their way of life, their homes and their incredible treasures. You’ll even get to try your hand at making a warrior’s helmet! A creative take on history that supports the Key Stage 2 curriculum Includes a hands-on...

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Unhallowed Grave Stockists

When the body of Pauline Brent is found hanging from a yew tree in a local graveyard DS Wesley Peterson immediately suspects foul play. Then history provides him with a clue. Wesley's archaeologist friend Neil Watson has excavated a corpse at his nearby dig - a young woman who local legend has it had been publicly hanged from the very same tree before being buried on unhallowed ground five centuries ago. Wesley is now forced to consider the possibility that the killer knows the tree's dark history. Has Pauline also been 'executed' rather than murdered and if so for what crime? To catch a dangerous killer Wesley has...

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Mediterranean Nights ebook Stockists

Proud, powerful & full of Mediterranean passion The Mistress Purchase In the boardroom – and the bedroom – Leon was undefeated! He’d taken over one of France’s oldest perfume houses and the price included designer Sadie! Sadie was adamant he’d never own her, but he was intoxicating… The Demetrios Virgin Andreas needed a fiancée and he’d decided on Saskia. Saskia knew her new boss thought she was some kind of seductress. Sharing a room in his family’s villa, she had to tell him she was a virgin… Marco’s Convenient Wife Marco needed a marriage of convenience to his baby’s English nanny, Alice! But...

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Secret Agent Reunion ebook Stockists

Intrigue September 2008 Back from the dead! Danielle Moore must finish the mission that had nearly cost the undercover agent her life. Then she meets her new partner, Mitch Lama. Her former lover. A man who was supposed to be dead. Years ago, as he lay desperately wounded in her arms, Mitch knew he loved her. Now he’s recovered, it’s time to smoke out a killer within their ranks. But Dani poses a greater danger, rekindling desire that puts them both at risk. Mission: Impassioned Find the traitor…lose your heart.

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Toby and the Secrets of the Tree Stockists

This is the second and final part of the thrilling adventure of heroism and friendship in an unforgettable miniature world. Toby's world is under greater threat than ever before. A giant crater has been dug right into the centre of the Tree moss and lichen invade the branches and one tyrant controls it all. Leo Blue once Toby's best friend now his worst enemy is holding Elisha prisoner hunting the Grass People with merciless force capturing all who stand in his way inflicting a life of poverty and fear. But returning after several years among the Grass People Toby will fight back. And this time he's not alone. A resistance...

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Moses and His Sister Stockists

My Very First Bible published to high acclaim in 2003 and its popular stories and bright illustrations have since gone onto provide the basis for a number of additional series including board books big books sticker and activity books. 12 key Bible stories have now been made available as great value little paperbacks offering a smart way of collecting multiple books for use in groups and classes for award-giving or for anyone wanting a pocket-money gift. The series includes: In the Beginning; Noah and the Ark; Moses and his Sister; Brave David; Jonah and the Whale; Daniel and the Lions; Baby Jesus; Jesus and the Storm;...

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Where Chefs Eat Stockists

Finally...the first international restaurant guidebook by the real insiders: over 400 of the world's top chefs. From bargain noodle joints to high-end restaurants; late night haunts to all day breakfasts; neighborhood eateries to destination restaurants; Where Chefs Eat reveals over 2 000 personal recommendations by chefs of their top places to eat in all major cities around the world. With entertaining reviews quotes from the chefs clever maps and an easy-to-use system of organization Where Chefs Eat breaks the mould of the traditional guidebook. Find out where to eat when to go and what to order. It's like having a...

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LEGO Ninjago Character Encyclopedia Stockists

With every minifigure weapon vehicle and dragon this title lets you master the world of LEGO[registered] Ninjago. You can go on the ultimate LEGO[registered] Ninjago adventure with LEGO[registered] Ninjago Character Encyclopedia plus there's an exclusive and fully-armed minifigure so you can put your Ninjago knowledge into practice. You can meet every single LEGO Ninjago character including Kai ZX the Ninja of Fire; learn about their weapons the vehicles the dragons and the exotic locations from the Ninjago universe. You can follow the action as they battle the Skeleton Army and fight to defeat the evil snake villains...

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