Bargain PM Turquoise: In Emergencies (PM Plus Non fiction) Levels 18, 19 x 6 Stockists

Bargain PM Turquoise: In Emergencies (PM Plus Non-fiction) Levels 18, 19 x 6 Stockists

This text explains how emergency vehicles are used. It expands children’s knowledge and reinforces safe practices when in an emergency. Other text forms include visual language (a procedural poster) and personal letter writing. Turquoise level titles develop children’s understanding of topics with clusters of books on related subjects. High-interest themes such as danger, courage, kindness, bullying and anger are introduced. For children who prefer to read non-fiction texts, the PM Plus Non-fiction titles offer carefully researched information thematically linked to key learning areas. The texts are supported with superb photography and realistic illustrations.

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PM Turquoise: In Emergencies (PM Plus Non-fiction) Levels 18, 19 x 6 Deals on eBay PM Turquoise: In Emergencies (PM Plus Non-fiction) Levels 18, 19 x 6 Deals on Amazon
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Black Lace Quickies 1 Stockists

Quickies - a collection of bestselling short sexy fiction from Black Lace Emma is a doctor who takes on a new patient - a man who used to control her life...Read the story of a curious girl with a passion for petrol ...Inga is an air hostess with a longing for designer toys ...Lauren discovers the forbidden on a passenger liner ...Jason's Mom has got it going on ...Emily steals an identity to be the only girl on a warship ...Indulgent sensual taboo outrageous and always always erotic these Black Lace short stories are the best in modern sexy fiction. Fun irreverent and deliciously decadent this arousing little anthology...

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Spellworld Stockists

The children's next door neighbour needs a spell to make her roses grow so off they go to Spellworld. But catching spells is harder than it sounds and Jack and Jessica find they need some help from a friendly witch.

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PM Ruby: Great Sporting Events (PM Non-fiction) Level 27 Stockists

Sporting events, competition and championships give athletes the chance to test themselves against the world’s best. The venue, the action and the crowd all help to make an event exciting. From annual events such as Wimbledon, the golf ‘majors’ or the Tour de France to less regular competitions such as World Cups or the Olympic Games, this book give spectators a chance to see the world’s top athletes in action. Ruby level titles give readers the variety they need to become confident and successful readers, using a range of characters, topics and text styles keep children engaged and encourage discussion. PM Non-fiction...

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Where Willy Went Stockists

Another timeless classic from the creator of Father Christmas Needs A Wee! and The Queen's Knickers. Willy is a little sperm who lives inside Mr Browne. The trouble is Willy is one of 300 million sperm and they all want the same prize - an egg. It's lucky Willy is such a good swimmer ...Hilariously funny warm endearing and totally non-threatening - this small masterpiece presents the facts of life to young children in a unique but totally accessible way. A Godsend for any parent faced with awkward questions.

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Kilmarnock Fact Book Stockists

Every town and city has great stories to tell. They all have local heroes and terrific tales about the people and industries of the area. In this book Frank Beattie has tapped into the rich history of history of his native Kilmarnock and has brought together a wide selection of fantastic facts which cover not just the nationally important events such as one of the world's first timetabled railway passenger services but the quirky like the fact that Kilmarnock celebrates Halloween on the last Friday of October rather than 31 October like everyone else. In The Kilmarnock Fact Book you will learn about great industries such...

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Along Came a Spider Stockists

The spectacular international bestseller that introduced Washington-based homicide detective Alex Cross and launched James Patterson's career as one of the fastest-selling thriller writers in the world -- now reissued in striking new cover style. He had always wanted to be famous. When he kidnapped two well-known rich kids it was headline news. Then one of them was found -- dead -- and the whole nation was in uproar. For such a high-profile case they needed the top people -- Alex Cross a black detective with a PhD in psychology and Jezzie Flanagan an ambitious young Secret Service agent -- yet even they were no match...

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Falling for Christmas ebook Stockists

Including: A Ceder Cove Christmas Mother-to-be Mary Jo Wyse arrives in Cedar Cove on Christmas Eve, pregnant and alone. However, the people of Cedar Cove are happy to lend a hand. There’s more than enough hope and love to go round this Christmas!

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Guilty Wives Stockists

Sitting in a dark dank prison cell in Paris serving a life sentence for murder Abbie Elliot tries to piece together the story of how she came to be here. It all happened in Monte Carlo where she was having the holiday of a lifetime with her three best friends away from their stifling lives and husbands. Abbie remembers casinos nightclubs champagne and private yachts. The next thing she can remember is a swarm of police storming the yacht and arresting her and her friends. Abbie has been set up she knows it. But now she must find out who would do this to her and why. Or she will spend the rest of her life rotting in...

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The Expanded Guide - Understanding Composition Stockists

The Expanded Guide Understanding Composition by David Taylor breaks down the main composition concepts - from the Rule of Thirds, the Golden Section, the Rule of Odds, visual and weight and contrast, to actual and implied lines in an image, symmetry, viewpoint and abstraction – each are analysed and demonstrated with the aid of the author's own beautiful images. This Expanded Guide book is written in bite-sized chunks and is suited to photographers at all levels who want to better their images, understand the impact of perspective and how to attune the mind to the art of looking.

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Saving Zasha Stockists

The one to read in between your next Morpurgo fix. A tale of hate, hope and man’s best friend in war-torn Russia.

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