Best PM Yellow: The New Baby (PM Storybooks) Level 7 x 6 Stockists

Best PM Yellow: The New Baby (PM Storybooks) Level 7 x 6 Stockists

Tom meets the newest edition to his family, a baby. Yellow level titles offer opportunities to focus on initial consonants and consonant blends and present children with new vocabulary – one new word is introduced for every 20 familiar words. Each meticulously levelled PM Fiction title features a classic story structure complete with tension, climax and resolution. The stories deal with concepts and experiences that young children can relate to. PM Storybooks cover levels 3-24.

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The Rascal ebook

Historical July 2009 Reforming the rascal… Grace Crabtree has no need of a man. Except Morrow Creek’s reprobate saloon-keeper Jack Murphy keeps getting in her way. She’s bewildered as to why she can’t stop thinking about his infuriatingly handsome face. So Grace will use her feminine charms to reform him – once she works out exactly what feminine charms are! Jack’s determined to find Grace a husband who’ll keep her under control. But, looking around the town, no man seems quite worthy of this spiky, tempting, glorious woman. So maybe he’ll just have to settle down with her himself… ‘…witty, fun and just...

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Ghost shadow eBook

NYT Authors August 2010 There are those who walk among us who are no longer alive, but not yet crossed over. They seek retribution…vengeance…to warn. Among the living, few intuit their presence. Katie O'Hara is one who can. As she's drawn deeper and deeper into a gruesome years-old murder, whispered warnings from a spectral friend become more and more insistent. But Katie must uncover the truth: could David Beckett really be guilty of his fiancée's murder? Worse—the body count's rising on the Island of Bones, andthe dead seem to be reenacting some macabre tableaux from history. The danger is increasing by the moment—especially...

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Stone of Tears

First rate epic fantasy from the man who deserves to become the Tolkien of his day. The young hero is just beginning to understand the magic he has at his command and only under the tutelage of the Sisters of Light can he control the Gift to combat the dark powers still arrayed against him.

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Rivals eBook

Womens Fiction May 2012 RIVALS... Emily Windermere, darling of British film, has a starring role in the summer's hottest period drama - but it's her scandalous affair off-screen that's set to raise temperatures. Meanwhile Julia Chambers has been cast as the dowdy maid yet again: she's lived her whole life in Emily's shadow, and when her rival moves to take the one thing Julia holds dear, she decides it's payback time. Short Tales of Temptation 1 - A collection of mini bonkbusters that build-up to this summer’s blockbuster - TEMPTATION ISLAND.

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Until The End Of Time

Bill is a dedicated young lawyer working in New York. He leaves everything he trained for to follow his dream to become a minister in rural Wyoming. Jenny his fashion stylist wife leaves the milieu and life she loves to join him. The certainty they share is that their destinies are linked forever. Fast forward thirty-eight years. Robert is a hard-working independent book publisher in Manhattan looking for one big hit novel to publish. Lillibet is a young Amish woman living as though in the seventeenth century caring for her widowed father and three young brothers on their family farm. In secret at night by candlelight...

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Talk German 2 Pack

Talk German 2 is the ideal way to improve your German - whether you're returning to the language and don't want to start from scratch or you've already completed an introductory course such as Talk German. With clearly structured units packed with interesting and effective activities it will quickly develop your German and the tips and learning strategies will help you get the most out of your studies. You'll learn to engage in increasingly sophisticated conversations as well as improve your vocabulary and grasp of grammar. This pack contains a 160-page course book and two 60-minute audio CDs. The book is also available separately...

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Torridon - Beinn Eighe and Liathach

OS Explorer Map is the Ordnance Survey's most detailed map and is recommended for anyone enjoying outdoor activities like walking horse riding and off-road cycling. Providing complete GB coverage the series details essential information such as youth hostels pubs and visitor information as well as rights of way permissive paths and bridleways.

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Orkney - Southern Isles

This map is part of the Landranger (Pink) series and is designed for people who really want to get to know an area. It includes the following information: tourist information camping and caravan sites picnic areas and viewpoints selected places of interest and rights of way information for England and Wales. Each map in the series covers an area of 40 km by 40 km (25 miles by 25 miles) and like other Ordnance Survey maps National Grid squares are provided so that any feature can be given a unique reference number. Perfect for planning ahead and local excursions these maps are full of useful information that will help you...

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The Singing Mermaid (Board Book)

A beautiful mermaid is trapped in a circus in this lyrical picture book. Rhyming magic by Julia and artist Lydia Monks. (The genius pair behind What the Ladybird Heard.)

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