Bargain Perfect Drinks Stockists

Bargain Perfect Drinks Stockists

There’s so much more to cocktail making than just throwing a few boozy drinks into a glass with a bit of fruit juice. It’s a fine art that deserves to be respected and with the Perfect Drinks kit, you can show your appreciation of mixology and create hundreds of delicious cocktails easily from home. Using the smart scales and the free downloadable app, you can create a perfectly portioned drink whenever you please. Place your included 750ml shaker (or any glass) on to the scales, select what cocktail tickles your fancy and you are ready to build. The easy to follow step-by-step guide on the app will walk you through each stage, giving you details as you go. The scales make sure you get your portions absolutely perfect, and if you pour in a little too much tequila, don’t worry! The smart scales will rectify your mistake by automatically increasing the volumes for the other ingredients so a super strong Tequila Sunrise is not on the menu (unless you want it to be). If you see yourself as a mad inventor, you can create your own boozy concoctions by editing current creations or starting from scratch and making your own. All of these can be saved into your scrapbook for impressing your friends with later. If you’re not the type of person who owns a well-stocked booze cupboard then you can select what drinks you do have, and the app will bring up a selection of cocktails that you can create.

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Perfect Drink Cocktail Maker Stockists

Cocktail making is an art, it's not simply pouring what ever you have in the cupboard into your glass, so why not bring mixology into the 21st century with this Perfect Drink Cocktail Making Kit which features an ingenious smart scale for you to measure the perfect amount for your drink. The smart scales pair up with your electronic device via the free downloadable app which guides you through step by step instructions to make the perfect drink.  Place any glass (or the included shaker) on the smart scale, choose your cocktail via the app and as you pour, the scales will automatically weigh each ingredient and will...

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