Bargain Plymouth Stockists

Bargain Plymouth Stockists

Post-war reconstruction offered unparalleled opportunities to the developing profession of urban planners; they were able to cast off the constraints imposed by historic infrastructure and produce a new vision of urban living expressed in rationally designed city centres linked to suburban precincts and with modern integrated transport systems.Plymouth is the foremost English example of post-war reconstruction on the grand scale laid out to the designs of the most influential urban planner of the day Sir Patrick Abercrombie. This book explains the circumstances which led to the development of Abercrombie's Plan for Plymouth (1943) and shows how the plan was implemented in the period 1945-62. Discussion of the overall scheme for the renewed city is complemented by description of the different zones which made up both the central area and the new suburbs and attention is paid to the landscape forms and architectural styles employed in civic commercial and residential areas.The significance of what was achieved in Plymouth is assessed and international context is provided by comparison with British and European examples of contemporary planning. Urban regeneration programmes pose a threat to the legacy of the post-war reconstruction period and the listing of post-war buildings is often contentious and contested.Finally a discussion of the conservation issues raised by present-day plans for renewal in Plymouth will contribute to current debate about the formulation of policy relating to the buildings and landscapes of the post-war era.About the Author Jeremy Gould is Emeritus Professor of Architecture at The University of Plymouth.Extent:96ppIllustrations:Fully illustrated throughout with colour and b&w imagesPublished Date: June 2011

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The Story of Silbury Hill Stockists

Silbury Hill is an iconic monument within the Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site and the largest prehistoric mound in Europe. Written by two authors with unrivalled information and knowledge of the Hill and combining scholarly research and readable narrative the book tells the story of the early recognition of its importance and of the later antiquarian and archaeological investigations. Each is described and set within its own historical and political context alongside the extraordinary characters of the time.For the first time the results of the recent work - the collapse of the summit in 2000 leading to the re-opening...

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Guidebook: Farleigh Hungerford Castle Stockists

Farleigh Hungerford Castle was built in the late 14th century by Sir Thomas Hungerford and was the home of the Hungerford family for more than 300 years. Although ruined it retains impressive corner towers a gatehouse and a chapel with remarkable wall-paintings and tombs. Illustrated with photographs plans and historic images this guidebook presents a tour of the site and a fascinating history of the castle and its owners.Key Features:32 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2014

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Guidebook: Great Yarmouth Row Houses Stockists

Great Yarmouth was once a thriving port famous for its trade in herring. It was also celebrated for its crowded distinctive rows a network of narrow alleyways between the town’s busy thoroughfares. Both the herring and the rows have now all but gone but two surviving row houses in the care of English Heritage show was these houses looked like in their 17th century heyday.They also contain an outstanding collection of fixtures and fittings from other now demolished row houses. Nearby stands Greyfriars’ Cloister the remains of a 13th century friary of Franciscan or grey friars.This guidebook the first comprehensive...

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Britains Oldest Art Stockists

Britain's first Ice Age cave art was discovered at Creswell Crags in 2003 by Paul Bahn Paul Pettitt and Sergio Ripoll. The book starts with the discovery of the art places the Ice Age archaeology of the crags in a national context draws on continental parallels and details the scientific verification of the art. It concludes with a chapter on the national search for other examples of Ice Age cave art by the Cave Art Survey Team commissioned by English Heritage.Providing a final definitive list of the motifs each with a photograph line drawing and full description while setting the art into its archaeological and geological...

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Guidebook: Wroxeter Roman City Stockists

Wroxeter Roman City - Viriconium Cornoviorum - was once the fourth largest town in Roman Britain. Founded in the mid 1st Century AD as a legionary fortress the town was established in the 90s AD. The town was deserted apart from the area round the Church of St Andrew.Only the ruined wall known as the 'Old Work' in the centre of the Roman city and the town's defences indicated that there had once been a town here. The town reverted to farmland its fields producing crops alongside artefacts and building stone eventually attracting the attention of antiquarians. In 1859 archaeologists began excavating by...

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Guidebook: Eltham Palace Stockists

Eltham Palace is a building of striking contrasts.  Behind the elegant façade is a stunning Art Deco mansion built around the great hall of the medieval Eltham Palace.Eltham was initially a moated manor house but by the early 14th century it had become one of the largest and most frequented royal residences in the country. By the 16th century however it had been eclipsed by Greenwich and Hampton Court palaces and for 200 years after the Civil Wars it was used as a farm.In the 1930s Stephen and Virginia Courtauld took a 99-year lease on Eltham from the Crown. They commissioned the architects Seely and Paget to build...

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Played at The Pub Stockists

WEB EXCLUSIVE PRICE!Aunt Sally in Oxford Toad in the Hole in Lewes bagatelle Chester quoits in Darlington and bat and trap in Kent - they sound relics of a bygone age and yet contrary to popular belief the games of Britain live on. Traditional games such as nipsy (the poor man's golf) played by Barnsley miners may have died out in the 1990s joining in the history books such former favourites as guile bones noddy board slide thrust fox-mine-host tick-tack the mysterious milking cromock. But new games emerge all the time so that nowadays regulars are just as likely to be entering pub quizzes - the first quiz league was recorded...

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Palaces for Pigs - (HB) Stockists

Throughout the centuries there have been castles great and small for animals as diverse as goats and guinea pigs deer and dogs cows and bees pigs and horses as well as bears and even salmon.Thus a red sandstone elephant with a castle on its back was designed for bees in Cheshire in the 1800s and a Grecian temple with tapering Egyptian windows was built for pigs in Yorkshire in 1883. These buildings are not mere curiosities; John Nash applied himself at his most picturesque to a dovecote while Capability Brown was commissioned to create a classical menagerie and Henry Holland designed an elaborate Chinese Dairy.These buildings...

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The Malvern Hills Stockists

The Malvern Hills are a dramatic ridge of ancient volcanic rocks along the western edge of the Severn Valley. Archaeologically the Hills are known almost exclusively for the two very large and prominent Iron Age hillforts that crown the ridge: British Camp and Midsummer Hill. In 1999 the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (now part of English Heritag) with a number of partners embarked on an investigative project designed to study the hillforts and other well-known sites but also to focus attention on the Hills more widely as a landscape of special archaeological interest. The project involved documentary...

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The Photography of Bedford Lemere & Co Stockists

A hugely important collection of images of the built environment in England from 1870 until the 2nd World WarExplores the collection's social significance and the evolving role of commercial photographyContains beautifully produced photographs of exceptionally high qualityBedford Lemere & Co was the pre-eminent English firm of architectural photographers during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Taking photographs at a time of extraordinary change and unparalleled optimism its customers were leading architects designers industrialists estate agents hoteliers and retailers. Over the years Bedford Lemere & Co....

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