Bargain Popsockets Stockists

Bargain Popsockets Stockists

Smartphones and tablets are great, but they are also kind of bulky. Having to stretch your thumb right across the screen can be such a pain some times, and we don’t want to admit how many times we have dropped our phones onto our own faces. The Popsockets however, are here to revolutionise the way we use our technology. These handy little gadgets are the perfect accessory for your smartphone, tablet or e-reader. Simply stick one on and use it as an easy to use grip, media stand, earphone wrap or video call propper-upper. The possibilities are endless! The Popsockets sit flush against your device when not in use, then simply tug the end to pop out the extension. Now you have the perfect solution to your smartphone needs in an instant. If you opt for the even more cunning Combo Pack then you’ll also get a Popclip Car Mount – stick this to your car dashboard (or virtually any smooth surface) and you have a ready-made holder for your phone whenever you need it! The Popsockets can also be relocated as many times as you want and if they ever get a little icky, simply wash with cold water.

Bargain Deal: £9.99

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OTG Cycle Straps Stockists

The modern smartphone has become the absolute essential device for any situation, be it holder of notes, map to your next destination, music player, camera, conference-call machine… and yet, it cannot be denied that there are some situations that you can’t just whip your phone out, for fear of it having an unfortunate encounter with gravity (and we can attest, gravity and the modern smartphone are not the best of friends). That, therefore, is where this handy new accessory comes in. The OTG Cycle Straps are designed to strap on to the handles of bicycles, mobility scooters and trolleys, the steering wheels of...

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