Bargain Portable Disco Stockists

Bargain Portable Disco Stockists

You’ve planned the drinks, the lighting and created your ultimate party playlist, but you need something awesome to blow away your guests and blast out your tunes. This Bluetooth music blaster is the answer to any event, providing fantastic sound quality in a portable package which delivers a party atmosphere wherever it goes! Complete with 50-watt power output and 7-inch tweeter and 12-inch woofer speakers, this sleek speaker is styled with LED screen, easy to use buttons and plenty of connection options. Simply connect to your mobile phone, DVD, VCD, CD, LD, TV, MP3 player, computer, radio, electric piano or any other device with an audio output to play your tunes. Ideal for parties both at home and away, use a Micro SD card, USB or Bluetooth connection all controlled via the control panel or remote control included, to slip, play pause and select the tracks of your choice. Use as a boom box, loud speaker or even a karaoke with the microphone included, all within a compact and portable package with rolling wheels, retractable handle and carry handle. So whether you’ve got a barbeque planned, a big birthday celebration, planning a beach party or you want to be the next big thing on Britain’s Got Talent, the Portable Disco is the perfect choice! Technical Specifications: Output power: ≥50W Input sensitivity: 800±30Mv SNR: ≥71Db Frequency response: 20Hz-20 kHz Power supply: AC100V – AC240V, 60Hz/50Hz Charging time: 6-10 hours Contents: Portable Disco Microphone Remote control Charging cable

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Luminara Candle Remote Stockists

Our Luminara Flicker Flame Candles are great and fantastic for relaxing at home. Next time you get all snuggled up on the sofa or in bed you don’t have to get out to turn you candles on. With one press of a button you can turn you Luminara candles on and off wherever you are. This small remote works with the all of the new models of the Luminara candles and even comes with a timer function making it even easier to create a cosy atmosphere. No need to be concerned about falling asleep with the candles still burning or dripping wax.

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Half A Pint Glass Stockists

Key Features: A glass split length ways!Perfect for those who like to enjoy a half pintLet's admit it, no one likes to order a half, do they? The tiny glass it comes in seems unimpressive and it feels like it's gone within seconds. But wait, it doesn't have to be like this! This amazing new invention changes the stigma that surrounds the pint glass's inferior sibling and transforms its look completely...Introducing the Half A Pint glass! Simply put, the glass is the usual half pint size, but is split length ways instead, so from an angle it will look as if you are drinking from a normal pint glass! A great gift...

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Android OXO Smartwatch Stockists

There’s a whole new generation of watches revolutionising the way we connect to the world - changing the way we use technology forever! And once you’ve experienced it for yourself, you’ll never want to go back. The Android OXO Watch gives you nearly all the functions of your smartphone at your fingertips, reimagining the watch for the 21st century. This handy device will give you tons of functionality, style and ease of use without breaking the bank. All you have to do is download the free app and connect your phone to the watch via Bluetooth. The Android OXO Watch has a fantastic colour LCD TFT touch...

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Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Stockists

Hoverboards are the lightweight, ultra-cool and super fun way to play! Rolling into the future like nothing we’ve ever seen before, this incredible Razor Hovertrax is the must-have for anyone who loves the thrill of the ride! Sleek, streamlined and with a high end finish, the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is faster than a skateboard and easier and more portable than a Segway, letting you zip around and perform tricks with ease! With full 360-degree omni-directional control – this awesome speed machine will move in relation to your body movement, responding to your body seamlessly using a built-in gyro and EverBalance technology....

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Robot Clock Red Stockists

Clocks and robots have a lot in common, they both have intricate insides full of dials, cogs, gadgets and gizmos - they’re a mechanic's dream! Combine the two together and you’re left with a new and different way to tell the time! This cute Robot Clock has poseable arms and hands so you can set them up however you like. The analogue clocks inside their abdomens are numbered with some robotic looking digits (if you can describe a font as looking ‘roboty’) along with a body covered in dials, cogs and gauges and of course, an antenna on his head so he can communicate with his human overlords. A handy alarm...

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Giant Beer Stein Stockists

So you’re heading out to your local and order a pint of your favourite beer. You’re all set to settle in for then night until you realise, what’s this? The barman has handed you a thin stemmed pint glass that surely can’t contain the raw manliness of your beer. Fear no more as we have the solution! This Giant Beer Stein will surely mark you out as king of the bar. This Giant Beer Stein is made from thick glass to ensure it is tough enough for the job at hand. As well as looking amazing with a dimpled glass effect and thick rim, this glass can hold a mighty 1 litre of beer (around 1 ¾ pints)....

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Tweexy Stockists

Any nail polish wearer will tell you it’s not all fun and games trying to get the perfect finish on your styled up digits. As soon as you even think about doing your nails, your house sets on fire, fabric, paper, clothing and everything in sight suddenly radiates towards your fingers and you manage to tip over your bottle of polish, spilling impossibly sticky and stainy nail varnish everywhere. The Tweexy helps put an end to the inevitable trauma of doing your nails, making it quicker, easier and neater than ever before. These handy coloured silicone devices securely and comfortably fit your fingers like a ring, with...

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Rubber Band Plane Boeing Stockists

Tired of boring old model planes that don’t fly? Well look no further than the Rubber Band Plane Boeing! Not only do you get all of the joy of building it yourself but you can also wind her up and watch her fly on the wings of nostalgia (well, maybe for your grandad). There are no glue or tools required to build these aircraft, so you can tell your dad to put away his miniature utensils. The Boeing P-26 Peashooter was the first American Fighter plane produced with all-metal parts. Quite different from the Boeing aircraft that you may fly in today. Built and designed by Boeing, the aircraft first flew in 1932 and was...

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Popcorn Magic Silicone Stockists

The lights are out, the sofa’s prepped and you have your DVD in hand. The only ingredient left for a fantastic movie night in is an awesome bag of popcorn. Except that popcorn is heinously expensive, and you’ve gotten a bit bored of standard flavours. Well now you can mix things up with the Popcorn Magic Silicone cup! This fantastic popcorn cup comes in a bright red silicone and is the perfect kitchen gadget to accompany your movie night in. This cup is non-stick and non-toxic so it’s completely safe for people of all ages to snack from. To use this great popcorn holder simply fill it with half a cup of popcorn...

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MadWish Pro Stockists

In a world where all your maddest wishes can come true, it’s time to flirt, snitch or drink your way to victory! So are you a flirt or a snitch? It’s time to find out! Taking truth or dare to a brave and slightly bonkers new level, MadWish Pro is the all new party board game which challenges you to do things you never expected! Combining naughtiness, terrible secrets and potentially quite a few shots, once you’ve stepped into the world of MadWish, you can never go back! No matter how many people there at your party, everyone can play this ridiculously cringe worthy game, from two to one hundred and two,...

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