Bargain Pregnant on the Upper East Side?/The Billionaire ... ebook Stockists

Bargain Pregnant on the Upper East Side?/The Billionaire ... ebook Stockists

Desire December 2009 Pregnant on the Upper East Side? Emilie Rose Millionaire legal eagle Alex Harper had been in hot pursuit of Amanda for months – until he hired her to plan an event. Working with Alex was like playing with fire, and Amanda allowed herself one night to let loose. But her body craved him again – even as she wondered if their passion would come back to haunt her in nine months... The Billionaire in Penthouse B Anna DePalo A rich, powerful loner, Gage fitted the description of the man who might have information about the mystery of Jacinda Endicott’s sister. Which was why Jacinda had taken a job at Gage’s penthouse as his live-in maid. By day, she hunted for clues; by night, she fought her attraction to the sexy, secretive billionaire. PARK AVENUE SCANDALS 721 Park Avenue…the ultimate address for glamorous secrets!

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4 Bodies and a Funeral both

Mira December 2011 One cadaver, two cadaver, three cadaver, four…Ever had one of those days? A surprise visit from her father—who’s on the run from the law—has given Carlotta Wren a lot to think about. Should she join her former fiancé, Peter, in proving her father is innocent? If she does, are her body-moving days over? And then…A close friend’s behaviour begins to spin out of control...The cops turn up the heat on her father’s case...Carlotta discovers that her brother Wesley’s gambling debts are child’s play compared to his new vice...And the Charmed Killer, a serial murderer, unleashes his wrath on Atlanta.Now...

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Considering Kate ebook

Special Releases June 2012 It was going to be perfect. She was going to see to it. Kate Stanislaski Kimball had turned her back on fame and come home to begin a new life. The only thing more perfect than the beautiful-dilapidated-building she'd bought for her new dance school was Brody O'Connell, the frustrating, surprisingly fascinating contractor she'd hired for the renovation. A man didn't often come across a woman as gorgeous and provocative as Kate, but Brody was determined to resist her effortless allure. She was Natasha Stanislaski's pampered, perfect daughter, and not the right woman for him. But every fiber of his...

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What She Saw eBook

Waitress Haley Martin might just be next on a murderer's hit list and it's former military cop Buck Devlin's job to protect her- he's had worse cover stories than pretending to be in love with a beautiful blonde. But the more danger they expose, the harder it is to remember their love story is just a cover...

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Blind Dates and Other Disasters ebook

Special Releases February 2011 Party planner Holly can’t find the perfect man – it’s time to turn to her friends to help her out. But after a string of horrific dates, will Jake Lincoln be the man for her? Serena wishes she could ignore her unconventional upbringing and settle down with her dream man! So she’s heading out on a blind date. But her date is a man who lives by one rule: never get married! Annie is stuck in the Outback without any men for miles. When she meets Damien on an internet chat group, she immediately heads to the city to meet him. Then Theo steps in to take Damien’s place…

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Ambushed! both

Blaze March 2011 Morgan O’Connelli wants to create a real home in small-town Wyoming. So first she hangs up her estate agent sign...then she promptly borrows the horse of the hottest cowboy in town! Rancher Gabe Chance is blown away by the feisty redhead who unexpectedly lands right in his bed...and, soon enough, his heart! Morgan’s perfect for him in every way. Until he realises that while she’s turned out to be everything he wants, he’s got the one thing everyone in her profession would want...his family’s ranch. And that’s a legacy he’s just not willing to give up – not even for the sexiest woman he’s...

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The Italian Count's Defiant Bride ebook

Wedded and bedded by the Italian Count... Count Francesco da Luca isn’t used to being made a fool of. When his wilful bride fled the marriage bed, he vowed she’d pay the debt owing him – a wedding night! But Alicia Cross is no longer the trembling, naïve innocent he married – and she won’t be pushed around by the masterful Count. His runaway bride is proving to be more of a challenge than Francesco anticipated – until he discovers she’s still a virgin. The wedding night he wanted is his for the taking!

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One Night In...Rio ebook

Special Releases April 2011 Walking away from her husband Roque Aguiar Ac Costa was the hardest thing Jewel had ever done. But now Roque has come to the Amazon rain forest, claiming that he is her boss and she is still his wife. His seduction is a taste of heaven…

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The Dangerous Jacob Wilde both

Jacob Wilde lived a fast and furious life of reckless abandon…until his wild streak put a cruel end to a life spent in pursuit of pleasure… The Texan ranching grapevine is legendary, so Addison McDowell has heard all about Jake Wilde’s shameless past – and his scarred, solitary present. But her only focus is her future – which won’t include the impossibly arrogant Jacob Wilde! Addison is no Texan wallflower – when Jake starts a fight, she’s more than capable of finishing it! However, a searing attraction to a man she knows cannot love her back? That she has no idea how to handle…   The Wilde Brothers Wilde...

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Inherited: One Child / Dakota Daddy ebook

Desire April 2010 Inherited: One Child Day Leclaire Billionaire businessman Jack Mason had devised the perfect strategy for keeping custody of his orphaned niece. He’d hire the right nanny and seduce her into marrying him. He didn’t predict that Annalise wouldn’t want to become his wife. Or that the secret she was keeping could jeopardise his plans.… Dakota Daddy Sara Orwig Entrepreneur Jared Dalton knew their long-ended affair was the reason Megan Sorenson refused to sell him her ranch. Determined to get back into her good graces, Jared sought Megan out…and discovered her son. Their son. Now this daddy would stop...

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A Doctor in His House eBook

Doctor Scarlett needed a hero and sexy cop Daniel fit the bill. After all this time, the man still sent her pulse racing. And Scarlett wondered if second time’s the charm… Daniel let her go once, now he’s determined to heal her with love that will last a lifetime!

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