Bargain Primary Mathematics: Teaching Theory and Practice Stockists

Bargain Primary Mathematics: Teaching Theory and Practice Stockists

The essential teaching theory and practice text for primary mathematics. Covering the skills of planning monitoring and assessment and class management it relates these specifically to primary mathematics. With full coverage of the theory and practice required for effective and creative mathematics teaching this text is an essential guide for all trainees working towards QTS. Throughout practical guidance and features support trainees to translate this learning to the classroom embed ICT in their lessons and to understand the wider context of their teaching. This 6th edition includes links to the 2012 Teachers' Standards and notes on the new National Curriculum.

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Gluten-Free Cooking Stockists

Having a gluten intolerance needn't mean missing out on your favourite foods. This collection of over 60 nutritionally-analysed recipes provides easy-to-make alternatives to problem foods such as pasta bread pastry and cakes. From mouthwatering treats such as Thai Coconut Chicken and Strawberry Meringue Roulade to kids' favourites like Potato Pizza Margherita and Rainbow Lollies the choice is yours! Easy Gluten-free Food also contains expert advice on maintaining a balanced diet with menu planners to help you prepare every meal from a quick snack to a family dinner. It explains coeliac disease in simple terms including...

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Their Marriage Miracle ebook Stockists

Medical October 2010 A marriage in a million Dr Fiona Fraser’s heart skips a beat the moment she lands in Hanmer Springs; she’s about to face Dr Tom Saville, her new boss – and the husband she hasn’t seen for years. They were separated by the heartbreak of losing their baby, and Fiona has found no amount of running away can dull the pain. She longs to build bridges, although her head tells her to keep it strictly professional. But Tom’s incredible smile and sexy charisma might be enough for Fiona to find the courage to take this second chance at happiness…

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After Juliet Stockists

A tense truce holds between the Capulets and the Montagues after the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Benvolio Romeo's best friend is in love with Rosaline Juliet's cousin but Rosaline is bent on revenge. This play is written for a cast of 12 plus musicians and extras.

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Sydney Harbour Hospital: Tom's Redemption ebook Stockists

Medical April 2012 Sydney Harbour Hospital’s most elusive – and eligible – doctor has returned…Surgical registrar Hayley Grey knows all the gossip about renowned former head of neurosurgery Tom Jordan – he lived for his job, shunned relationships, and two years ago he disappeared.Now he’s back and his secret is out. Tom’s blind and will never operate again. No wonder he’s the proudest, rudest man she’s ever met – but that doesn’t stop her being drawn to his powerful charisma!There’s no denying the chemistry between them is mind-blowing, but there could be so much more if only Tom would let Hayley see...

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Jin Bu Chinese Pupil Book 1 (11-14 Mandarin Chinese) Stockists

There are two Pupil Books in Jin bu one for each year group. Each one includes a wide variety of activities so lessons can be tailored for different abilities. Every chapter of the Pupil Book includes: * activities covering all four language skills on every spread * plenty of illustrations and photographs to keep pupils engaged * grammar tips on every spread to help pupils understand key concepts * writing exercises to help with character acquisition * an 'Investigating characters' unit to show pupils how radicals relate to their meanings making them easier to remember * a unit exploring Chinese culture.

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Awesome Adventure Stockists

Discover the awesome secret of Dinosaur Cove and journey back to the prehistoric with Jamie and Tom. There are three exciting adventures in this book-plus an eye that blinks at you every time you go near the book! In Flight of the Winged Serpent Jamie and Tom have to save their dino friend Wanna when an enormous flying quetzalcoatlus mistakes him for one of its chicks. In Stampede of the Giant Reptiles a meteor hits the earth causing the a herd of edmontosaurs to charge to their certain doom unless the boys can stop them and in Catching the Speedy Thief Jamie Tom and Wanna pit their wits against the lightning quick velociraptor...

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Luck of the Wolf ebook Stockists

Paranormal May 2012 Some instincts are too strong to deny...Branded an outcast by his werewolf clan, Cort Renier came to San Francisco seeking fortune – and revenge. What he found was a mysterious beauty who could not – or would not – reveal her identity. At first glance she seemed vulnerable and afraid. But one look into her stunning turquoise eyes and he knew he’d found the winning hand. Aria di Reinardus had reasons of her own for concealing her identity, but Cort’s kisses were more than enough to convince her to follow his plan to transform her into a missing heiress and return her to her ‘family.’But...

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OCR AS/A2 Biology Student Unit Guide: Practical Skills in Biology Stockists

Perfect for revision these guides explain the unit requirements summarise the content and include specimen questions with graded answers. Each full-colour New Edition Student Unit Guide provides ideal preparation for your unit exam: Feel confident you understand the unit: each guide comprehensively covers the unit content and includes topic summaries knowledge check questions and a reference index Get to grips with the exam requirements: the specific skills on which you will be tested are explored and explained Analyse exam-style questions: graded student responses will help you focus on areas where you can improve your...

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Greek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress ebook Stockists

Modern March 2010 The right mistress…but the wrong bride! Lindy was amazed when shipping tycoon Atreus Dionides made her his mistress. Her – with her fuller figure and lowly lifestyle, making candles and pot-pourri! However, Atreus seemed enchanted by her curves when he made passionate love to her at his country retreat. But Lindy came down to earth with two bumps – first when Atreus revealed she was just his weekend mistress; his bride would be selected from the upper echelons of Greek society. The second bump she wouldn’t be able to hide…because she was carrying Atreus’s baby! Pregnant Brides Inexperienced...

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PM Green: Snowball, the White Mouse (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 12 x 6 Stockists

There are both tension and humour in this story about a little mouse who wants someone to buy him. The use of bold print encourages children to read the text with emphasis and expression. Green level titles introduce more compound words, some longer sentences often with two clauses and different forms of text such as non-fiction, rhymes, diagrams, fables and verse. PM Plus Storybooks feature a classic story structure with tension, climax and resolution to engage young readers. The books have been written using carefully selected vocabulary to ensure children experience reading success.

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