Bargain Pussers Spiced Rum 35% Stockists

Bargain Pussers Spiced Rum 35% Stockists

Enjoy the rich flavours of the Caribbean with this classic spiced rum from award-winning distillers Pusser's. Extremely versatile it is perfect drunk neat or used as a base for cocktails. It is made using locally sourced spices from Barbados. The rum's rich golden amber tones are accompanied by the zingy flavours of ginger and cinnamon with overtones of orange zest nutmeg and allspice.Key Features:Made in the British Virgin IslandsFlavoured using locally sourced spices35% Vol.

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British Navy Pussers Rum 40% Stockists

Raise a glass to history every time you take a sip of this iconic rum! Pusser's Rum was a daily issue to the Royal Navy from 1655 to 1970 helping its men through even the most difficult situations at sea. It takes its name from the purser who would distribute the rum aboard ship. Today the award-winning rum is made to the same specification as the original Royal Navy rum. It is wooden pot stilled and aged for 3 years in charred oak barrels that give it its rich flavour. The unique blend of 5 stills from Guyana and Trinidad produces a rich mahogany rum with a classic Demerara aroma finished with notes of leather tobacco...

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