Bargain Questions of Honour book Stockists

Bargain Questions of Honour book Stockists

Historical June 2011 WILL HE CLAIM HIS SON? The rock-hard man who stood before Abaigeal Sullivan showed no sign of the boy whose playful teases had once turned to stolen kisses…and something more. Why, in all the years Joshua Wheaton had been away, had he never made contact or acknowledged her news that she carried his baby? Now Abaigeal will look Joshua in the eye as he realises he has a son, and hope to rediscover the honourable man she fell in love with all those years ago…

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Soldier In Charge ebook

Blaze October 2010 Protecting her is his duty and his downfall! Gorgeous paratrooper Mitch is about to take on the assignment of his life. He’s fought in some of the most dangerous places on earth. But it’s not prepared him for his new mission safeguarding commander’s daughter Eden. Especially when the stubborn beauty sets his pulse racing… Mitch is a proud military man and former army brat Eden has vowed never to date a soldier. Now Mitch must make the toughest choice of his life: is he ready to give up fighting for the cause he believes in to win the girl who ignites his deepest desires? Includes bonus story...

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The Greatest of Sins both

GIVING IN TO TEMPTATION WOULD BE THE RUIN OF THEM ALL! Having spent years believing a lie about his birth, Dr Samuel Hastings has been condemned to a personal hell of his desire's making- his sinful thoughts of the one woman he can never touch would damn his soul for eternity. Lady Evelyn Thorne is engaged to the very suitable Duke of St Aldric when a shocking truth is revealed- and now Sam will play every bit of the devil to seduce the woman he thought would always be denied him! The Sinner and the Saint Brothers separated at birth, brought together by scandal

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The Dangers of Dating Your Boss ebook

Medical May 2012 Ruby’s leap of faith…For paramedic Ruby Smith, high-risk rescues feel much less dangerous than falling (again!) for delicious Dr Jack Forbes – her ex turned new boss. Ruby’s finally ready to settle down, but it seems Jack’s just passing through. With unfinished business between them, Ruby must decide if it’s going to be fight or flight!

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Beauty's Beast book

He was the son of her sworn enemy...and now the only one who could save her Samantha Proud doesn't think her life could get any more complicated. Since she saved a human boy the Ruler of Ghosts has been stalking her family. Still, she never expected to find herself at the feet of Alon Garza, a gorgeous Halfling, for safekeeping. Alon has never met anyone like the sensual shifter who has dropped into his woods. Now, to keep Samantha safe, he must claim her. But will his desire expose the dark truth he's been fighting for so long?

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The Viking's Forbidden Love-Slave eBook

Undone February 2009 “You're terrified I'll force myself upon you. And worse, that you'll enjoy it.” Aisling Ó Brannon should hate the Vikings who raided her village...especially after she’s captured as a gift for King Magnus by warrior Tharand Hardrata. But while her head says one thing, her body says quite another. Her attraction to the fierce and forbidding warrior cannot be ignored...even though she’s intended for another man’s bed. Tharand has vowed not to conquer Aisling, saving her for the king instead. But the beautiful Irish noblewoman awakes a powerful desire in him. He can’t stop himself from arousing...

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The Ranger / Hot-Blooded book

Blaze June 2011 The Ranger Will Forrester – former Army Ranger – has his work cut out for him when he meets Rhiannon Palmer, the most stubborn, flat-out sexy woman he’s ever encountered. Rhiannon’s on a desperate search§ and Will is the key. Despite the incredible chemistry between them, he’s only the means to an end. Still, Will’s ex-army strategy is to get her right where he wants her. In his bed...for good! Hot-Blooded First Sergeant Chase McCormick isn’t a chauvinist. But he does believe that women have no place in combat zones. Why? Because men forget their training! Too bad gorgeous Elena de la Vega’s...

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The Petrelli Heir book

An impossible truth Roman Petrelli knows exactly how precious life is. Now that he can't produce an heir, he's the last Petrelli standing. So how could Isabel Carter have given birth to his baby? Izzy's one night with Roman was an uncharacteristic act of spontaneity that left her with more than red-hot memories. Her little daughter is the family that Izzy's always wanted. When Roman demands to be part of his child's life Izzy fears he'll sweep in and take over. But Roman's determined to get what he wants and he'll use any means necessary - charming or otherwise! ‘Kim Lawrence is utterly compelling. She creates such...

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The Maverick's Ready-Made Family eBook

Sexy single dad Clayton Traub already has a full plate with adorable six-month-old Bennett. But now tipsters tell us Clay’s got a new main squeeze in Antonia Wright. Yes, that Antonia – feisty, independent…and eight months pregnant!

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Strictly Temporary book

‘This child isn't mine.' Discovering an abandoned baby in the back seat of a taxi is not on hotelier Zack Harrison's agenda. Luckily, a stunning stranger comes to his aid- and piques his interest... Next thing Zack knows, a snowstorm has stranded the trio in his luxurious Colorado cabin. Trinity Matthews wants to resist Zack's advances, but his care and concern for her and the baby soon have her melting. As the snow falls and the heat sizzles it's not long before Trinity's sleeping in his bed. And she finds herself wondering if their temporary arrangement could have permanent effects... ‘Robyn's ability to weave romance...

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The Darkling's Desire eBook

Amazon warrior Anastasia Duras has spent her entire life training for one thing: to hunt and kill blood-drinking Darklings who refuse to follow the Karpaty Council's rule. Her first mission sends her after a newly turned vampire gone rogue--and into the path of sexy Darkling Jasper Nagorsky. Jasper is on a mission of his own, one that clashes with Anastasia's--but their passionate confrontations arouse a hunger in him that has nothing to do with the bloodlust. Yet dalliances between Darklings and humans are forbidden by the Council. Jasper broke this rule once before and was barely allowed to live. Is their passion worth risking...

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