Bargain RED5 Books   52 Things To Do While You Poo Stockists

Bargain RED5 Books - 52 Things To Do While You Poo Stockists

There comes a time in everyone’s day when you just have to go. It’s not something you usually look forward to either - if only there was something to occupy our minds whilst our bodies do their thing. That’s where the 52 Things To Do While You Poo book comes into play. Inside this book are plenty of games and facts to keep you entertained while you do your business. For example, did you know that 70% of your poop is water and only 10% is food waste? Or that the first toilet in a row is the least used and the cleanest? The games include poop related word searches and Where’s Wally styled games with a toilet theme to them. If you’re struggling with a game or finish pooping before you have solved the puzzle, all the answers are found in the back of the book. Pooping has never been such fun!

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When I Were A Lad Book Stockists

In the time before time, before health and safety, PC culture and over-protectiveness, before Facebooks and Twitters and Instagrams, there was a halcyon era. An era of running around outside, no seatbelts in your cars or, indeed, in life… It is this glorious, long-forgotten age of life that ‘When I Were A Lad’ seeks to chronicle. Join author Andrew Davies as he showcases photos from the good ol’ days, guaranteed to make some parents feel anxious and some kids wonder why they don’t get to do that. These photos come with stunningly witty commentary from Davies, sure to have even the most PC Parental...

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Weird-O-Pedia Encyclopedia Stockists

Here is the ultimate collection of startling, strange and incredibly weird facts about (supposedly) ordinary things. We are surrounded by the bizarre, and the most mundane things in our lives are packed with surprises. This book tries to peel the 'normal' away from so many everyday things, from the food we eat to the stuff we keep in our medicine cabinets, to reveal the strangeness underneath.  Great for dipping into whether at home, on the train, on a long car journey (not whilst you're driving of course), this a fun and educational collection of facts about all sorts of things, but it is not what you might expect...

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Man Caves Book Stockists

In the hectic modern world, it can be hard for a man to find a little time for himself, between the kids, the other half, work, sleep, etc. In such times, one usually retreats to the designated “Man Cave”, the haven of all things manly and masculine, where pursuits such as housework, tea parties, and nappy changing can be avoided for a few moments and the men can indulge in their preferred hobbies in peace. Now, this handy little book by Dominic Bliss will give you an insight into optimum layouts, locations, designs and themes for your personal man cave – whether you are an aficionado of athletic pursuits,...

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7 Minutes to Fit Stockists

Most of us think that a good workout will require a trip to the gym, with all their fancy, expensive equipment and the use of their highly trained staff but that is a common misconception - your body is the best tool for you to exercise with. The 7 Minutes to Fit guide will show you how to do High Intensity Interval Training in your own home with no equipment other than a chair, a timer and your body. Written by an award winning Personal Trainer who has spent his time training Olympians, this book is perfect for those of us who just cannot find the time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Set out in a simple format, the guide...

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Pokemon Field Guide Stockists

If you’re one of the millions of people who have taken up Pokémon GO, then it’s time to become the greatest trainer of all time with this Pokémon GO Field Guide! If hunting, catching and battling has become second nature, and you’re suddenly going on WAY more dog walks than you used to, you’ve been bitten by the augmented reality bug! But to really compete in a Groudon eat Latias environment you need a little edge on the competition. This handy unofficial Field Guide provides you with 208 pages packed full of hints, tips and hacks to help you fulfil all your legendary desires! With strategies,...

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Mammoth Book of More X-Rated Jokes Stockists

If you know someone who is bit of a joker and loves telling offensive gags, then get your own back with this Mammoth joke book. Funny, fearless and absolutely filthy-nearly 3,000 more uncensored, dirty, sick, and deeply politically incorrect jokes, covering just about every topic imaginable, from adultery to (sex in) Zoos, including an assortment of bad taste lists. Not recommended for those with a nervous disposition or maiden aunts of the world. Perhaps the best place to keep this tome would be in the loo - after all it's full of plenty of potty humour.  Here are some cringe-worthy examples  Did you hear about...

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Talking Balls Stockists

If you have ever watched an interview with an athlete, you may be thinking that their choice of words probably wasn’t the best to say on live TV. Like the time a BBC boxing commentator said “So over to ringside – Harry Commentator is your carpenter”. The Talking Balls book is an athlete’s PR team nightmare as it complies a list of all the stupid things our favourite sports men, women and commentators have ever said. 600 incredibly dumb quotes on topics such as Rugby, Boxing, F1, Cricket, Golf, Football and more are included and are sure to crack a smile, even if you don’t like sports. Each...

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Book of Trumpisms Stockists

Sometimes hilarious, sometimes bewildering and often horrific, love him or hate him, Donald Trump is now a major world leader. So, with the dawn of a new world on the horizon, this collection takes a closer look at the no holds barred opinions of the President in one handy volume. As a man who prides himself on his good looks “part of the beauty of me is that I’m very rich”, and his forward-thinking approach to the environmental crisis “it’s really cold outside. Man, we could use a bit fat dose of global warming”, this collection explores the psyche of one of the most powerful people in...

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Star Wars Galactic Atlas Stockists

The essential guide for any Star Wars fan has arrived, and it’s just as good as we could have ever imagined! Jabber packed with beasts, battles heroes and villains, this comprehensive guide to the epic Star Wars saga is a must have for any fan. Filled with stunning illustrations by Tim McDonagh, learn everything there is to know about the galaxy far, far away with detailed maps, star and planetary constellations, battle scenes and handy timelines, including everything from the mountainous world of Alderaan to the jungle of Yavin 4! This stunning encyclopedia features information from all seven epics films, Star Wars...

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Should I Buy This Book? Stockists

Do you like novelty books? If so, this is probably something you’ll get a kick out of. This is a book of flowcharts that will give you handy advice for almost any situation, from work to home to relationships, from whether you should confess your love to whether you should quit your job. Of course, this advice is all tongue in cheek to a degree (“Are you a sociopath?”) but it still makes for a fun laugh. Should you buy this book? If you fancy a chortle, the answer is yes. 

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