Bargain RED5 Books   How To Tell If Cat Plotting To Kill You Stockists

Bargain RED5 Books - How To Tell If Cat Plotting To Kill You Stockists

With a language consisting of ‘purr’ ‘meow’ and ‘hisssss’ it’s sometimes hard to understand what your beloved feline is actually thinking. Worst case scenario, they might be plotting to kill you so this book will help you spot the early warning signs of a killer kitty. How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You takes you through a variety of cat issues from how to pet a kitty, all the way to the other end of the scale, how to tell if your cat is a raging homosexual. For example, if your cat is kneading you it’s not a sign of affection. Your cat is actually checking your internal organs for weaknesses. If your cat brings you a dead animal it’s not a gift. It’s a warning. Each page is filled with colourful illustrations, hilarious comics and more than enough reasons to become terrified of cats for life. It's The New York Times number one best seller from the creative world of and even comes with a giant poster on How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You just in case your book is out of reach and a kitty attack is imminent.

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Book of The Husband Stockists

This Book of The Husband is filled with funny ‘facts’ about husbands and the things they get up to, making it a brilliant present for any man who is already, or soon to be, a husband. This book is styled like the traditional hardback Ladybird books complete with a clear, easy to read font and full page colour illustrations accompanying each page of text. In this book you’ll find out fun facts such as what fuels ‘the husband’ and why Adrian’s wife despises his logical cleaning habits. This is a great book to give yourself a good laugh and will be appreciated by any married man.

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Life Hacks- Handy Hints Stockists

Nowadays no one has to suffer through tasks without knowing the best way to go about it thanks to the wonder of shared knowledge. If you would like to know some tips and hints to make your life that much easier then pick up the Life Hacks book! This brilliant book contains hacks designed to help you with nearly every sort of everyday situation you might find yourself facing. With over 130 amazing hacks it will become indispensable in your household. As well as being a brilliant combination of wisdom and humour, this book is also fully illustrated to make it easy to follow. This brilliant illustrated manual covers everything...

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Grow A Pair Stockists

Ever been told you need to grow some balls? Well now you can literally achieve this with the Grow A Pair growing balls. If you know someone that is lacking confidence, has low self-esteem or is purely in the need of some bigger balls, give them the gift of the unique Grow A Pair balls! This magical set of balls grows up to six times bigger when added to water. You can watch the pair grow and grow over a duration of 72 hours, then hey presto you’ve got some gargantuan balls! The perfect gift for those with a questionable sense of humour, or great for those individuals who simply love themselves some large balls!

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RED5 Books - Finding Jesus Stockists

You found Wally so now it’s time to Find Jesus. Everybody knows the Lord moves in mysterious ways but his son sure is a sneaky devil. In this book you will be set the same challenge as the Romans, to find Mr Christ. It would seem that Nazareth was actually a pretty cool place over 2000 years ago. With crowds of people gathering at supermarkets, bustling rock concerts and packed weddings, you will have to search high and low to find the holy one. Who even knew that Jesus liked rock music?! Maybe he’s at the concert turning water into wine. Perhaps he’s at the beach trying to copy Moses and split the sea. You...

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How Not To Be A D*ck Stockists

Let’s face it, it’s life long struggle. There’s not many of us that don’t have that sarcastic voice in the back of our heads that correct people’s grammar, roll our eyes at people’s disastrous life plans or are generally grumpy, inconsiderate pedants. Or maybe that’s just us… So if you have an inner child who constantly misbehaves, you keep mysteriously getting sacked from your job or you have no friends; then it’s probably about time to get yourself this handy guide! The How Not to Be a D*ck teaches all those people who recline their seats on plane journeys how to conduct...

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The Twisted Cookbook Stockists

With millions of views, you’d be hard pressed to not have heard of Twisted, one of the most successful online cooking channels around. For those of you who prefer your recipes to be a little bit more analogue, however, fear not! The Twisted Cookbook contains 30 of the finest (not to say funniest) recipes these online geniuses have come up with, from some of their most famous treats to some never-before-seen dishes. From the Fajita Cake to the Breakfast Nachos, prepare to engage your tastebuds with these twisted treats.

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Emoji Mug: I Don't Give A. Stockists

Who doesn’t love an emoji? They’re super cute, fun to use and an easy way to express yourself. So if you don’t have time to talk to people anymore then the Emoji Mug: I Don’t Give A will shorten things down for you. This white ceramic mug is not like most - featuring the words ‘I give a’ with a doughnut and poop emoji appropriately placed in-between to complete the sentence. We’ll leave you to piece it together! So when you really don’t give a poop, the Emoji Mug is always ready to show your friends and family just how you feel. 

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100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings Stockists

The corporate world is a notoriously difficult environment. Hard-nosed fat cats, endless meetings and passive aggressive emails make daily life at the office a constant struggle. Luckily help is at in the form of this brilliant book! Jam packed full of helpful hints and tips, 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings will provide you with everything you need to appear clever in half the time it actually takes to learn something! The idiot's guide to conquering the conference room, you will learn all the essential tricks that will pay dividends in the long run. Helping you achieve tricky tasks like constantly nodding, pretending...

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Party Candles Colour Flame Stockists

Rainbow Moments candles are a fun and colourful way to celebrate any special day. This pack of 12 assorted candles have brilliantly coloured flames (yes, flames) that are sure to brighten up any cake!

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Give It 10 Desk Sign Stockists

Everybody does it, but nobody ever wants to confess to it. So if you’re feeling a little guilty, not to mention pretty stinky, this Give It 10 Desk Sign is the perfect way to admit your crimes without shame! This novelty comic sign is the perfect accessory for anyone who likes to let rip a little too frequently, giving everyone around fair warning of the dangerous conditions! Shaped like a classic warning sign, this miniature yellow caution a-frame reads ‘Give It 10 Minutes’ alongside a perfectly apt gas mask symbol, helping to warn away any of your colleagues without causing any offense! Ideal for your workspace,...

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