Bargain RED5 Books   Middle Class Problems Stockists

Bargain RED5 Books - Middle Class Problems Stockists

This is an urgent appeal on behalf of @ChrisMonk who is having extreme difficulties understanding the instructions on how to descale a Nespresso machine. We can only imagine the stress he is under and for a one off payment of £9.95 he can at least be happy in the knowledge that his torturous struggle has not been in vain. Including some of the most pathetic, unjustifiable cries for help, including people needing another holiday to recover from the one they just had, and others that are in ‘desperate’ need for hand cream, the Middle Class Problems book will have you laughing and face palming in equal measure. Featuring Middle Class Problems posted on social media sites from around the world, this book will allow you to put your daily trials and tribulations into perspective. Now let’s pause for a moment and reflect as @peter_watts has horrifyingly just discovered his toaster doesn’t have a bagel setting. WWWWWHHHHHHYYYYYY?????!!!!!!!   

Bargain Deal: £2.97

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Key Kong Stockists

If losing your keys make you go bananas then the Key Kong will help you out! Due to his size he would struggle to climb the empire state building but your fridge is no problem at all. Unlike his counterpart, this one isn’t going to snatch your girlfriend but he is pretty handy at holding your keys. Utilizing the power of magnets, this miniature beast will attach to anything metallic and even doubles as an extremely useful bottle opener.

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Build Your Own Tie Fighter Stockists

Ever wanted a Tie Fighter but just haven’t had the time to travel to a galaxy far far away? Now you don’t need to travel into deep space to find one of these amazing spaceships thanks to the BYO Tie Fighter kit. This kit gives you the chance to build your very own Tie Fighter in your own home with ease. No glue, paint or tools are needed as all the pieces simply click together like a 3D jigsaw puzzle. In no time at all you will be left with a movie quality model with LED lights, realistic sound effects and an opening cockpit. 

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Snap Time Stockists

Are you on the lookout for a cool new accessory? Then look no further than the Snap Time! With a bright LED display you will always be able to see the time even when you are in the dark. The watch reacts to movement so a simple tap, snap or clap will instantly light up the display! Not only do these watches look cool and are super easy to use but they are practical as well. Fantastic for clubbing, outdoor activities and the accident prone, never again will you have to worry about your watch getting damaged. With no watch face to scratch and made out of lightweight durable silicone these watches are hard wearing and safe to...

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Interactive Glow T-Shirt Black Stockists

Featured on BBC 2's Dragon Den and invested in by the one and only Deborah Meaden, if that isn't a reason to snatch this up quick then what is? Everyone loves going out for a night about town, and most people will admit to the fact that some of the best memories (or lack of them) happen when you’re out on an evening with your mates. Why not make these occasions even more fun with this fantastic Interactive Glow T-Shirt Black. This t-shirt will ensure you’ll stand out from the crowd! At first glance this t-shirt doesn’t look particularly special; it’s a nicely fitted black t-shirt with a white polygon...

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Chill Factor Tutti Frutti Stockists

There is nothing worse than feeling too hot on a summers day, cool down this summer with a ice cold fruit drink made from the Chill Factor Tutti Frutti maker. Choose from fruit juices, squash, smoothies, milkshake or your favourit alcoholic drink like a Mojito. Simply place the cup in the freezer for 4-6 hours until the gel is frozen then remove the cup from the freezer and pour in your favourite fruit drink or smoothie, screw on the lid then start squeezing to create a slushie drink. The cup comes complete with a spoon to get all that icy goodness out.

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Tagz Battery (CR2032) Stockists

Just because it’s little doesn’t mean it won’t be powerful! The CR2032 batteries are used in many small items such as our some of our fantastic watches, and other small gadgets and gizmos. Be prepared to keep your gadgets going on as there’s nothing worse than your favourite gadget running out of power!

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Light Stax Set Stockists

Winner of the 2015 Tillywig Best Creative Fun Award No matter where you are, how old you are or what you do, we believe that no one can resist playing with building blocks if left alone in a room with them. And who can blame you! Now we have building blocks with a difference. The Light Stax Classic and Mega Packs are just what you need to build an even bigger glowing creation! A whole truck load of extraordinary blocks are included in each expansion pack. These are much better than standard building blocks as these ones light up in vibrant colours! Whenever a block is touching the black base (aka the power unit)...

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Levitate Speaker Stockists

There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers out in the market today but few of them defy the laws of physics! The Levitate speaker appears to do just that. This amazing speaker not only sounds great but will also add an unbelievable focal point to any room. So how does this speaker appear to magically float in mid-air? Well it’s all thanks to some clever technology hidden in the base of the speaker. As we all learnt in school, magnets with the same polarity push apart and it’s this that creates an invisible force field and levitates the speaker. This unique speaker is incredibly versatile too, not only can you use it...

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Build and Play Tie Fighter Stockists

Known as the signature Special Forces fighters used by the Galactic Empire and later the First Order, this TIE fighter model is one of the most recognisable ships from The Order’s arsenal. If you’ve ever edged towards the dark side and dreamt of defeating rebel forces then this is the ship for you. This fantastic kit will give you all the tools needed to build your own TIE fighter. Forget the difficult messy kits where you end up with more glue than model – this is the next generation of kits where simplicity is key and the end result is extremely impressive. With the Build and Play TIE Fighter, it won’t...

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Mini Quad - White Stockists

This fantastic 2.4GHz Mini Drone is the ideal quadcopter for any flyer who loves to have fun. Whether you’re a pilot pro or aviation novice, this nifty 5 channel miniature quadcopter has everything you need to keep you thoroughly entertained. The 6-axis gyro system in combination with the 3 stage sensitivity flight modes allows you to have incredible control as you fly. The effortlessly stable flight makes it easier than ever to master the basics, before trying out some gravity defying flips and spins! You can use the 2.4GHz ergonomic controller to switch your quad into tumble mode, allowing you to turn your copter...

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