Best RSPCA #2: Puppy Gets Stuck Stockists

Best RSPCA #2: Puppy Gets Stuck Stockists

They call him Pickle – and that’s just what this nosy pup gets into when he falls paws-first down a mineshaft. Can the RSPCA help to get him out?

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Only The Good Spy Young

I thought I was prepared for most scary situations. I've been almost kidnapped twice fake kidnapped once targeted by one terrorist organization and two very cute boys. But this moment was truly terrifying...Cammie 'The Chameleon' knows by now that even she can't hide from danger. But when she discovers that one of her most-trusted allies is a rogue double-agent Cammie questions her trust in her classmates her teachers - and her own heart...

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Greenock Largs and Millport

OS Explorer Map is the Ordnance Survey's most detailed map and is recommended for anyone enjoying outdoor activities such as walking horse riding and off-road cycling. The series provides complete GB coverage and can now be used in all weathers thanks to OS Explorer Map - Active a tough versatile version of the OS Explorer Map.

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Oxford Reading Tree: Stage 5: More Stories B: A New Classroom

The Stage 5 Biff Chip and Kipper Stories written by Roderick Hunt and illustrated by Alex Brychta provide a rich story context to help develop language comprehension and decoding skills. Stories More Stories A More Stories B and More Stories C take the children from familiar predictable events at home and school into the less certain realms of fantasy through the magic key adventures. The new-style inside cover notes provide advice and support to help adults read and explore the story with the child supporting their decoding and language comprehension development. Each pack of 6 includes a Group/Guided Reading Notes...

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Rules of Honour

When Rink's father is brutally murdered Joe has to stop his friend rushing headlong for vengeance. Because Rink's mother witnessed the crime and Yukiko isn't telling everything she knows. Her silence is governed by the Japanese tradition of giri or moral obligation. But when there are more vicious deaths - all of them elderly men known to Yukiko - it becomes a matter of honour to uncover the shameful secret that lies behind the murders. The killer isn't playing by the rules. But some rules are made to be broken and Joe doesn't care what he breaks to ensure Rink gets his revenge.

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East Coast Australia travel guide - Noosa & the Sunshine Coast (4.929Mb), 5th Edition Aug 2014 by Lonely Planet

Picture-perfect beaches, rainforests, hip cities and the Great Barrier Reef: just a few of our favourite things along Australia's East Coast. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of East Coast Australia, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice: inspirational images, 3D illustrations, best planning advice and recommendations from our expert authors planning features and top itineraries to help you plan the perfect trip local secrets and hidden travel gems that will make your trip unique plus Sydney Harbour in 3D; Your Reef Trip; food and drink information; outdoor activities Coverage includes: Plan Your...

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Dead Famous

One house. Ten contestants. Thirty cameras. Forty microphones. Yet again the public gorges its voyeuristic appetite as another group of unknown and unremarkable people submit themselves to the brutal exposure of the televised real-life soap opera House Arrest. Everybody knows the rules: total strangers are forced to live together while the rest of the country watches them do it. Who will crack first? Who will have sex with whom? Who will the public love and who will they hate? All the usual questions. And then suddenly there are some new ones. Who is the murderer? How did he or she manage to kill under the constant gaze...

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Holiday Hideout eBook

Love Inspired Suspense December 2011 The Thanksgiving Fix by Vicki Lewis Thompson Finding Mr. Right is not the plan when Beth Davis takes Thanksgiving break at a colleague's cabin. Until Coinneach McFarland arrives to fix a suspicious leak. As things heat up, Beth discovers her soul mate, just as she'd given up looking. The Christmas Set-Up by Jill Shalvis Competing architects Zoe and Jason have two weeks to come up with the design to win a coveted new project. But when a snowstorm strands them together at a secluded cabin, Zoe sees her chance to show Jason how she really feels. But can she get the gorgeous Scrooge into...

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OCR Health and Social Care for GCSE

Endorsed by OCR for use with the OCR GCSE Health and Social Care specification this book is a clear and comprehensive introduction to all aspects of health and social care. OCR Health and Social Care for GCSE is a brand new full-colour resource that provides an accessible guide to the OCR qualification as well as other Level 2 health and social care related qualifications. Contents include: 1. Health Social Care and Early Years Provision 2. Understanding Personal Development and Relationships 3. Promoting Health and Well-being 4. Safeguarding and Protecting Individuals. The book is supported by a separately available Teacher...

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Dolphin Bay

Ellie Summer and Jasmine are off for a summertime adventure on King Merry's royal yacht in Dolphin Bay. They have a great time swimming with the dolphins there until Queen Malice shows up to ruin their fun. Can the girls break Queen Malice's horrible spells and save the dolphin celebrations?

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War Poems of Wilfred Owen

This selection of Wilfred Owen's war poems is being published partly to provide an ideal edition of the poems for schools who essentially read the war poems and need a short thorough edition. It contains a new introduction by Jon Stallworthy which is aimed at a general audience but will be thorough and academic enough to work for schools as well. Constable have a similar edition planned but Chatto's will be out first and contains copyright material unavailable to other editions.

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