Bargain Rag, Tag and Bobtail and Other Magical Stories Stockists

Bargain Rag, Tag and Bobtail and Other Magical Stories Stockists

Three pixies. Two bunnies. One little brown pony. Twenty-three magical Blyton tales! #march-star-buys

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PM Sapphire: Mapping The World (PM Guided Reading Non-fiction) Level 29 (6 books)

Maps convey information about the world. Modern technologies have changed how people create maps and the ways they access them. Looking at old maps can show how differently the world was understood in the past.Mapping the sea floor is very difficult, because humans can only stay underwater for short periods of time. While all of the land on Earth has been mapped, parts of the sea floor are still to be explored. Sapphire level titles provide a selection of stories and non-fiction titles chosen for their range of content, narrative and points of view. This level encourages readers to form opinions and discuss their own reading...

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Wild Child ebook

Blaze August 2008 Riding the waves has never been so tempting! A week in Malibu with no mobile phone, no laptop and half-naked male bodies for miles? Dedicated businesswoman and former party girl Sara Montgomery is determined to relish every hedonistic moment. And she’s found the perfect man to join her – Drew Jamison. Sara throws herself into a full-throttle, whirlwind fling. However, something about Drew makes her think this is more than a holiday affair. There’s no room for him in her frantic everyday life. But can she really leave him behind?

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Lulu Loves Nursery

Today is Lulu's first day at nursery and she is worried. She doesn't want to leave her mummy and what if she doesn't make any friends? But soon Lulu is having lots of fun playing in the sand box and dressing up - she even gets a special certificate from her teacher at the end of the day. Well done Lulu! This sweetly reassuring story is perfect for little ones embarking on big adventures.

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Falling for Christmas ebook

Including: A Ceder Cove Christmas Mother-to-be Mary Jo Wyse arrives in Cedar Cove on Christmas Eve, pregnant and alone. However, the people of Cedar Cove are happy to lend a hand. There’s more than enough hope and love to go round this Christmas!

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Bernard Samson returns to Berlin in the first novel in the classic spy trilogy FAITH HOPE and CHARITY Bernard has known that he is not getting the full picture from London Central ever since discovering that his wife Fiona was a double agent. Werner Volkmann has been cast out by London Central as untrustworthy. Yet Werner still seems able to pick up information that Bernard should have been told...This new reissue includes a foreword from the cover designer Oscar-winning filmmaker Arnold Schwartzman and a brand new introduction by Len Deighton which offers a fascinating insight into the writing of the story.

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Secondary ELT Readers Level 3 - Level 4: Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Book and CD)

A mysterious event from Earth’s past nearly starts a war so big that the Transformers alone will not be able to save the planet. Sam Witwicky and the Autobots must fight against the darkness to defend the world from the Decepticons’ evil power. This title is not available in Japan Level 3 (Intermediate): For students with 3+ years of English – CEF Stage B1. 1500 headwords (story: up to 10,000 words) Scholastic ELT Secondary Readers are a series of contemporary film and TV adaptations, original teenage fiction, classic literature and biographies. Specifically targeted at teenagers learning English, they are published...

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Rediscover Grammar

* Clear demonstration of how language structures link together description of features and usage and cautions against easy mistakes. * Includes new sections on ethnic variation and electronic communications and analyses of grammar in whole texts to reflect the modern world realistically * Updated to reflect developments in terminology following the National Curriculum and Key Stage 3 framework. * Lively writing style grammatical examples from a rich range of sources and humorous illustrations.

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Pale Horse

A priest's death leads to sinister goings-on in an old country pub...To understand the strange goings on at The Pale Horse Inn Mark Easterbrook knew he had to begin at the beginning. But where exactly was the beginning? Was it the savage blow to the back of Father Gorman's head? Or was it when the priest's assailant searched him so roughly he tore the clergyman's cassock? Or could it have been the priest's visit just minutes before to a woman on her death bed? Or was there a deeper significance to the violent squabble which Mark Easterbrook had himself witnessed earlier? Wherever the beginning lies Mark and his sidekick...

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2013 Collins Road Atlas France

Fully revised large format A3 road atlas of France containing detailed road mapping town plans and a comprehensive place name index. Scale 1:300 000 (1 cm to 3 km). MAIN FEATURES Clear easy to follow road maps of France produced from the up-to-date digital database at a scale of 1:300 000 (1 cm to 3 km). Euroroutes and motorways easily distinguished. International road classification road distances in kilometres and relief shown by attractive hill shading. INCLUDES * Details on driving regulations for all European countries * Route planning maps * Distance map and chart * 8 through route maps of the following cities: Bordeaux...

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Nursery Writing Book 1

Nursery Writing is a series of graded activity books using the appealing character of Eddy the teddy to help young children learn letters sounds and simple words. Book 1 includes: left-to-right tracking handwriting patterns pencil control one-to-one matching.

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