Bargain Remote Control Candle Set (3 Pack) Stockists

Bargain Remote Control Candle Set (3 Pack) Stockists

Candles can always create a soothing atmosphere and whether you want to relax in a bubble bath with some ambient light (don’t worry we won’t tell your mates), or set the mood without worrying about anything catching on fire, these Set of 3 Candles will be perfect for you. These candles give you all the relaxing charm of candlelight without any of the hassle and are incredibly easy to use. With an LED wick in each candle, you are sure to appreciate this mess free alternative to traditional candles whilst being able to enjoy them just as much. The LED light have a built in flicker effect to make sure these candles really look realistic. The candles themselves have also been made to look like wax so they can fool viewers. To power these candles simply use the wireless remote to flick them on and off. These candles require 3 x AAA batteries that are not included. These candles would make a great gift for anyone that loves to relax by candlelight.

Bargain Deal: £9.99

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Laser Pen Stockists

Whether you’re sat on the sofa or in a boardroom, it can be a pain to gesture to something in the distance and explain to someone exactly what you’re pointing at. With this Laser pen that issue will be a thing of the past! This pen isn’t just a novelty but looks good too with silver metal plating. The tip of the pen features 2 LED bulbs with one shooting a red laser and the other featuring a bright white torch. This pen only measures 4.6x4.2x2.2cm and is the perfect size to keep tucked away in a shirt pocket. This would be a pen for any man that wants to have a torch and laser within easy reach at all times.

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Slot Machine Stockists

Bring a touch of Nevada into your living room with this fully functioning Slot Machine, which gives you the fully experience of Las Vegas without the heavy debt.  Simply put some spare change in the coin slot and pull the lever at the front of the machine to try your luck. You can press any of the three buttons to play or stick depending on how well you think you might do. Will you get three cherries? Or will you walk away empty handed? Fortunately no matter what happens you can always keep your money thanks to the coin drop opening at the back.  You can also use this fantastic slot machine as a coin bank to safehold...

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Air Hockey Table 16" Stockists

Get the arcade experience in your own home with this 16" table air hockey set which you can put on your dining room table or in your bedroom for hours of frantic ice hockey action. This Air Hockey table uses 3xAA batteries to run the blower - floating the puck from side to side for smooth fast gameplay. It comes with 2 portable paddles and pucks for you to play with a mate and individual scoreboards to keep track of who the real ice hockey master is. Underneath the scoreboard is a puck returns section, which ensures your pucks don't go flying off when you score that winning goal. It features a wood grain finish...

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Inflatable Dueling Dicks Stockists

Establishing the alpha male in your group once and for all, have a battle to the balls with this ridiculously fun and incredibly silly Inflatable Dueling Dicks! Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘pork sword’, these blow up beauties are loud, proud and coming right at you! The perfect accompaniment to any stag night, hen do, naughty night in or student party, all you need to do is put your mouth round the inflation valve, blow with all your might, and before you know it you have a rock hard inflatable that’s ready to do battle! The ultimate expression of dick to dick combat, strap on these giant...

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Newton's Cradle Science Model (Supersize) Stockists

Sir Isaac Newton has been hailed as one of the most influential scientists that ever lived and is credited for inventions, including the world’s first reflecting telescope. Newton’s Cradle, demonstrates the scientific discovery that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Pull up 1 pendulum of the Cradle, release it and on impact, only 1 ball moves from that reaction. Pull up two pendula, release, and 2 balls will react. The impact of the outer ball with the inner balls of Newton's Cradle displays the effect of energy being transferred through the stationary balls, because only the outer balls move in...

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Glass Chess Set Stockists

Chess. It’s pretty famous. Not to mention pretty darn fun. So pay attention all you wannabe Grandmasters, champions and strategic wizards, the time has come for you to let your talents shine in glorious glassy wondrousness. Mixing a combination of frosted and clear glass pieces (you’ve probably just decided which one you want to be) this set puts an ice cool twist on a traditional wooden chess set. Possibly the most well known two-player strategic board game ever, this set features the traditional 64 square layout with a new contemporary edge. So when you’re not trying to prove how ridiculously brilliant you...

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Drinking Roulette Stockists

Get all the thrill of the casino in the comfort of your living room with this awesome Drinking Roulette Game! So get your betting head on and prepare for a boys’ night in full of mayhem and madness! Complete with a roulette wheel, sixteen shot glasses and two roulette balls, this classic set is just like a normal casino wheel – just with an added cheeky twist! The rules of the game are simple; fill the sixteen shot glasses with a drink of your choice. This can be something super boozy for a crazy night in, or something a little tamer if it’s a school night. With a maximum of six players, each player chooses...

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Drinks Helmet Stockists

If you’re in need of a little ‘thirst aid’ then it must be time for the drinks helmet! Providing hands free refreshment in *possibly* the coolest way imaginable, this awesome construction style helmet is styled with two can holsters on each side with easy drinking tube straws channelled right to where you need it most! After all who wants frosty hands holding ice cold beers or losing your drink amongst a sea of beverages when you can have your very own on-tap supply? The perfect novelty accessory for parties, festivals, students, stag dos or sports events, this fancy dress Drinks Helmet comes in both red...

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Glass Chess Set - Medium Stockists

Chess as we know it has been around since the 1470’s and if anything it has gained in popularity over the years. Now you can own a set of this classic game in a classy looking glass. This Glass Chess Set is a traditional layout with 64 squares in an 8x8 pattern. The board is made from glass with alternate frosted and clear glass making the distinctive checked pattern. Soft foam circles are added to the board to avoid it being scratched on surface. The chess piece themselves are split into 2 sets of 16, with one set made up of clear glass pieces whilst the other is made from frosted glass. This Glass Chess Set isn’t...

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Remote Control Caddy Stockists

Ever since the beginning of time (well at least since the remote control became a thing) we have all suffered the ultimate first world problem - losing the remote. There’s something uniquely special about the way money, pens, toys and remotes get lost in the never ending ether of your sofa. It’s always at that critical point when you need to pause, stop or rewind. You reach for the remote control, and it’s vanished before your eyes. Thankfully though, there’ a solution to our multi-remote disappearing problems in the shape of this extremely handy Remote Control Caddy! Complete with 360° spherical...

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