Bargain Ricki and the Flash [2015] (DVD) Stockists

Bargain Ricki and the Flash [2015] (DVD) Stockists

Meryl Streep takes on a whole new gig “ a hard-rocking singer/guitarist “ for Oscar-winning director Jonathan Demme and Academy Award-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody in Ricki and the Flash. In an original and electrifying film loaded with live musical performances, Streep stars as Ricki Rendazzo, a guitar heroine who made a world of mistakes as she followed her dreams of rock-and-roll stardom. Returning home, Ricki gets a shot at redemption and a chance to make things right as she faces the music with her family. Streep stars opposite her real-life daughter Mamie Gummer; Rick Springfield, portraying a Flash member in love with Ricki; Kevin Kline as Ricki's ex-husband; and Audra McDonald as Kline's new wife. Running Time: 101 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: Hindi|Polish|Catalan|English|Spanish Release Date: 28 Dec. 2015

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Call The Midwife - The Collection (DVD) Stockists

The first two series and the 2012 Christmas special of the BBC drama adapted from Jennifer Worth's memoirs about a group of midwives working in East London in the 1950s. Jenny Lee (Jessica Raine) gets her first job at Nonnatus House which she soon realises is a nursing convent and not a hospital, as she had assumed. As she begins caring for patients, she gradually becomes accustomed to her new environment, making friends with fellow midwives Cynthia (Bryony Hannah), Trixie (Helen George) and the clumsy Chummy (Miranda Hart). In series two, it's 1958, and while Jenny has her hands full dealing with an abused patient, Trixie...

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Robin Hood - Complete Series 3 Box Set (DVD) Stockists

It's been three months since Marian's untimely death and Robin is a changed man. Tougher, he's sacked his gang since they all returned from the Holy Land. Not only that “ he's hell bent on avenging his wife's tragic end. Her slayer, Guy of Gisborne is a marked man. Fuelled by anger and grief, Robin seems stuck in a downward spiral, but a new beacon of hope arrives in the form of a travelling monk called Tuck (David Harewood), who soon gets our hooded hero back on track. Meanwhile, the wickedness of the Sheriff continues unabated. A spirited Locksley girl named Kate (Joanne Froggatt) objects to her brother's forced conscription....

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The Larkins - The Complete Series 6 (DVD) Stockists

Starring David Kossoff and Peggy Mount in their best-known TV roles, series six of this classic early ATV sitcom finds the Larkins - hen-pecked but crafty Alf and his formidable wife Ada - busy running their cafe and B&B in their own inimitable fashion, with former neighbour Hetty Prout helping out in the kitchen. Skilful attempts to dodge the rent by long-term lodger Osbert, and the tempting charms of a rival cafe's new waitress are only a few of the problems facing the couple this time around. This classic early ATV sitcom was created by Clapham-born Fred Robinson and based upon his youthful scripts for plays about a...

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Operation Barbarossa: The Russian German War (WWII) (DVD) Stockists

WWII as you've never seen it before… For decades the Cold War prevented the world from truly understanding the events that unfolded between the Russians and Germans on the Eastern Front during WWII. Far more than a struggle between nations, it pitted tyrant against tyrant and evil ideology against evil ideology as the lives of tens on millions were consumed by the conflict. One in 10 Russians died. One in four Poles died. And whole divisions of Italians, Romanians and Hungarians disappeared without a trace. On average, 17,800 people died every single day – and the war on the Russian/German front lasted for 1,400 days. “A...

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The Poseidon Adventure (DVD) Stockists

When a luxury liner is upturned by a tidal wave on New Year's Eve, ten survivors struggle to stay alive as they seek a means of escape. Resourceful man of the cloth Reverend Frank Scott (Gene Hackman) assumes responsibility for his fellow passengers, who include a pop singer, an elderly Jewish couple and a New York detective. Running Time: 112 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 28 Oct. 2013

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Police Dog (1955) (DVD) Stockists

Starring: Tim Turner, Joan Rice, Sandra Dorne, Charles Victor 1950s drama in which a police officer sets out in pursuit of the criminal who killed his partner with a police dog in tow. Frank Mason (Tim Turner) is devastated by the loss of his partner during a chase through Kentish Town. Unexpectedly, Frank is paired with a new police dog, Rex, an Alsation with plenty of character, to help him keep order. Though Rex is said to be untamable, Frank gets along with him to such an extent that his girlfriend, Pat (Joan Rice), begins to resent the dog a little. However, when Frank and Rex unexpectedly run into the criminal they've...

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Fire over England (Digitally Remastered) (DVD) Stockists

Queen Elizabeth I (Flora Robson) is dealing with her country's deteriorating relationship with Spain. Michael Ingolby (Laurence Olivier), a naval officer whose father was killed fighting the Spanish, volunteers to go undercover in the Spanish court and learns plans are afoot to send an armada to ambush the British navy. Meanwhile, the aging Elizabeth, who has fallen for the dashing Ingolby, struggles with the fact that he is fixated on one of her beautiful ladies-in-waiting (Vivien Leigh). Review Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh look gorgeous but it's Flora Robson as Queen Elizabeth who steals the show... --The Guardian Running...

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The Last Waltz [1978] (DVD) Stockists

Martin Scorsese's 1978 documentary chronicling the farewell concert by The Band, featuring guest appearances from, among others, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Neil Diamond and Joni Mitchell. The performance took place at San Francisco's Winterland Ballroom on Thanksgiving Day, 1976, and marked the end of the group's 16 years of touring. The film also includes interview footage with all five members in which they discuss their experiences on the road. Running Time: 117 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: Danish|Dutch|French|Italian|Norwegian|Spanish|Swedish|English|German Release Date: 14 Oct. 2002

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The Lost Worlds Of Gerry Anderson (DVD) Stockists

An alien being chooses two teenagers to assist him in his mission to make the world a better place...A spaceship on a scientific mission is flung into the far reaches of outer space...An ex-NYPD cop fights organised crime on a distant planet......these are The Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson.Creator of the legendary Thunderbirds, Gerry Anderson scored incredible successes throughout the 1960s and '70s with Captain Scarlet, UFO, Space: 1999 and other series which appealed to both children and adults alike. Not all his ideas, however, went to a full series and this set contains the 1970s pilots for both The Investigator and The...

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The Famous Five - The Complete Collectors Edition (DVD) Stockists

Meet the Famous Five: Julian (Marcus Harris), Dick (Gary Russell), Anne (Jennifer Thanisch), their cousin George (Michelle Gallagher) and her dog Timmy. Ruined castles and rolling moors; mysterious islands and hidden caves: the five can find adventure wherever they are. Join them at Kirrin Cottage, or away on their holidays as they encounter smugglers, scoundrels and spies. Thankfully, Uncle Quentin and Aunt Fanny are always around to offer lashings of ginger beer. Based on the best-selling Enid Blyton series of books, this classic 70 s TV series also features the talent of classic British actors, including; Patrick Troughton,...

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