Bargain Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964) Dual Format (Blu ray & DVD) (DVD) & BLU  Stockists

Bargain Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964) Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) (DVD) & BLU- Stockists

A futuristic retelling of Daniel Defoe's classic story, Robinson Crusoe on Mars has gained a beloved cult reputation ever since its debut in the years leading up to the space race. As a mingling of speculative science-fiction with an extraordinary visual design, it proved to have a significant influence on fantasy filmmaking on both the big and small screen. Paul Mantee plays American astronaut Kit Draper, stranded (with his pet monkey in tow) on the Red Planet after an emergency crash landing. Now he must find ways to adapt and survive, physically and emotionally, in the alien landscape - but he may not be as alone as he thought... Shot in magnificent Techniscope, Robinson Crusoe on Mars is a landmark for fans of genre cinema, and remains a uniquely charming and thrilling adventure, filled with contemplative humanity and wild imagination. Eureka Entertainment are proud to present Byron Haskin's Robinson Crusoe on Mars in a Dual Format edition for the first time in the UK. SPECIAL FEATURES: Stunning 1080p high-definition transfer in the film's original aspect ratio Exclusive new audio commentary with special effects designer and Robinson Crusoe on Mars historian Robert Skotak Original theatrical trailer Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing 28-PAGE BOOKLET featuring a new essay on the film by author Paul McAuley, and rare archival imagery Review ''intelligently imaginative sci-fi'' --Time Out''the film's charm lies in its colourful imagery, clever effects work, and bright-eyed optimism about space travel'' --Twitchfilm Running Time: 110 minutes Region: Region B/2 (Read more about DVD/Blu-ray formats.) Release Date: 23 Nov. 2015

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Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964) Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) (DVD) & BLU- Deals on eBay Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964) Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) (DVD) & BLU- Deals on Amazon
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The Delavine Affair / The End Of The Line (DVD) Stockists

Starring: Peter Reynolds, Honor Blackman, Gordon Jackson, Valerie Vernon Double bill of British thrillers from the 1950s. ‘The Delavine Affair' (1955), directed by Douglas Pierce, stars Peter Reynolds and Honor Blackman. Rex Banner (Reynolds) is a journalist who is determined to expose the activities of a gang of thugs, however when one of his key informants is discovered dead suspicion falls on Rex. Can he prove his innocence? ‘The End of the Line' (1957), directed by Charles Saunders, follows an American writer who travels to Britain to work on a play only to get caught up in a crime masterminded by his ex-wife. Mike...

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Penguins - Spy in the Huddle (DVD) Stockists

From the makers of Earthflight and Polar Bear Spy on the Ice, the spycameras are back with this latest BBC series. This time they travel to Antarctica and the southern oceans, where they focus on the most charismatic and popular bird on Earth the penguin. Spycameras cleverly disguised as life size penguins infiltrate the colonies to capture their emotional and often amusing lives. The emperor penguin has the most incredible life story of any bird. Just as Polar Bear Spy on the Ice changed the way we look at an iconic subject, the spycameras give the emperor penguin s amazing story a fresh perspective. The Humboldt penguin lives...

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The Best Of The Ruth Rendell Mysteries (DVD) Stockists

17 of the best from the Ruth Rendell crime story adaptations in which George Baker plays Chief Inspector Reg Wexford of Kingsmarkham (a fictional town in the real English county of Hampshire), with Christopher Ravenscroft as his partner in detection, Inspector Mike Burden while Wexford's wife Dora is played by Louie Ramsay (who became his wife in real life). Titles included: 'Master of the Moor'(3-parts 1994), 'You Can't Be Too Careful' (1998), 'Vanity Dies Hard'(3 parts 1995), 'the Orchard Walls' (1998), 'Simisola' (3 parts 1996), 'the Fallen Curtain' (1999), 'the Secret House of Death' (2 part 1996), 'A Case of Coincidence'...

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All Night Long (DVD) Stockists

Patrick McGoohan and Richard Attenborough star in this powerful psychological drama which deftly re-interprets Shakespeare's Othello via the beating, syncopated heart of East London's early-sixties jazz scene. Directed by Basil Dearden, All Night Long features outstanding performances from jazz legends Charlie Mingus, Dave Brubeck, Johnny Dankworth and Tubby Hayes. It is presented here in a brand-new transfer from original film elements in its original, as-exhibited aspect ratio.Wealthy music promoter Rod Hamilton throws an anniversary party for a famous jazzman, Aurelius Rex, and his wife and musical partner, Delia. Music...

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Blithe Spirit (DVD) Stockists

In this Noel Coward comedy, cynical writer Rex Harrison asks a medium (Margaret Rutherford) to hold a seance in his house so he can collect material for his latest book. No one is more surprised than the medium when she inadvertently conjures up the ghost of Harrison's first wife (Kay Hammond). The ghost refuses to go away, preferring to taunt her less sophisticated replacement (Constance Cummings). Running Time: 91 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 15 Sept. 2008

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Earth Final Conflict : Complete Season 1 (DVD) Stockists

The complete first season of the American sci-fi drama, created by Gene Roddenberry. In the early 21st century, a peace-loving alien race known as the Taelons arrive on Earth to share their knowledge and technology with mankind. But some people remain suspicious of the Taelons' true intentions and form an underground resistance movement. Before long their worst suspicions are confirmed - the Taelons are not on Earth to spread peace, but to conquer. Includes all 22 episodes: 'Decision'; 'truth'; 'Miracle'; 'Avatar'; 'Old Flame'; 'Float Like a Butterfly'; 'Resurrection'; 'Horizon Zero'; 'Scorpion's Dream'; 'Live Free or Die';...

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Downton Abbey - Series 6 [2015] (DVD) Stockists

Return to the sumptuous setting of Downton Abbey for the sixth and final season of this internationally acclaimed hit drama series. As our time with the Crawleys draws to a close and we see what will finally become of them all; the family, and the servants who work for them, remain inseparably interlinked as they face new challenges and begin forging different paths in a rapidly changing world. Secrets and rifts threaten the unity of the family, while those below stairs continue to navigate social changes which put their futures in jeopardy. The final season of the multi-award winning series follows all our favourite characters...

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Frasier Complete Collection (DVD) Stockists

Frasier Season 8-; Frasier Season 9.-; Frasier - Season 10-; Frasier Season 11-; Frasier - Season 1 Repack-; Frasier - Season 2 Repack-; Frasier - Season 3 Repack-; Frasier - Season 4 Repack-; Frasier - Season 5 Repack-; Frasier - Season 6 Repack-; Frasier - Season 7 Repack- Running Time: 5808 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 1 Sept. 2014

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Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Series 5 (DVD) Stockists

Good Evening....' Reunite with the 'Master of Suspense', Alfred Hitchcock, for more of the mind-boggling twists and devious thrills synonymous with one of TV's greatest shows, Alfred Hitchcock Presents. In the fifth season, delve into 38 stories of greed, larceny, revenge and murder where every character holds a guilty secret and a misleading 'MacGuffin' lurks in every corner. Featuring some of Hollywood's brightest guest stars, including Walter Matthau, Steve McQueen, Peter Lorre, Dick Van Dyke, William Shatner and Burt Reynolds, these are five discs of delicious mysteries from the icon whose highest hope for his audience...

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