Bargain Roblox Core Figures Stockists

Bargain Roblox Core Figures Stockists

Step away from the computer, as your favourite Roblox characters are now here in real life, 3D form! With the awesome Roblox Core Figure packs, you get to bring these legends into your own world, taking Mr Bling Bling out for a fancy dinner, showing off your tech skills to Matt Dusek or getting into mischief with Lord Umberhallow. Each Roblox figure comes with one figure and accessories, a collector’s checklist and an exclusive code that you can use on the online game to nab yourself a free goodie. Unfortunately, due to the Roblox having a party in the box, we can’t offer a choice of character. Therefore, we will randomly select a buddy for you.

Bargain Deal: £7.99

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Roblox Game Pack Stockists

Remove yourself from the desk and bring the top two Roblox games right into your home with these incredible Game Packs. Whether you’re a top pizza chef or just ready to learn something new at high school, these officially licensed Roblox packs have everything you need. Each pack comes with some cool accessories to get you started. The High School set features two figures, two skateboards, two lockers and interchangeable parts. The Work At A Pizza Place (our personal favourite as we love pizza) comes with the Builder Brothers, a delivery scooter and three pizza boxes for you to deliver far and wide. And on top of all...

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Roblox Mystery Figures Stockists

The exciting world of Roblox has jumped out of our computer screens and into 3D little figures for you to keep and collect. The Roblox Mystery Figures are a collection of blind boxes featuring 24 different characters to collect. And since they are completed sealed, who you find in the box will be a complete surprise! Some characters are rarer than others too, with Chicken Man, Stickmasterluke and Keith to name just a few - can you collect them all? Not only do you get a cool Roblox figure to play with, you also get an exclusive online code to redeem a virtual item in the Roblox online game as well as a guide to keep track...

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