Bargain Rome   The Complete Collection [2007] (DVD) Stockists

Bargain Rome - The Complete Collection [2007] (DVD) Stockists

All 22 episodes from Seasons 1 and 2 of the popular historical drama series set in Rome in 52 BC. The Republic was founded on principles of shared power and fierce personal competition, never allowing one man to seize absolute control. But now, those foundations are crumbling, eaten away by corruption and excess. After eight years of war, two soldiers, Lucius Vorenus (Kevin McKidd) and Titus Pullo (Ray Stevenson) unwittingly become entwined in the historical events of ancient Rome. Episodes are: 'the Stolen Eagle', 'How Titus Pullo Brought Down the Republic', 'An Owl in a Thornbush', 'Stealing From Saturn', 'the Ram Has Touched the Wall', 'Egeria', 'Pharsalus', 'Caesarion', 'Utica', 'triumph', 'the Spoils', 'Kalends of February', 'Passover', 'Son of Hades', 'these Being the Words of Marcus Tullius Cicero', 'the Tortoise and the Hare', 'Heroes of the Republic', 'Philippi', 'Death Mask', 'A Necessary Fiction', 'No God Can Stop a Hungry Man' and 'About Your Father'. Language and Subtitle InformationSeason 1Audio: EnglishDubbed languages: German, FrenchSubtitles: English, German, French, Dutch, English HoH, German HoHSeason 2Audio: EnglishSubtitles: English, English HoH, Dutch HoH Running Time: 1115 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English|Dutch Release Date: 19 Nov. 2007

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Three Films By Somerset Maugham (DVD) Stockists

A collection of films based on the short stories of W. Somerset Maugham. 'trio' (1950) is a collection of three vignettes adapted from short stories written by W. Somerset Maugham and introduced on screen by the writer himself. 'the Verger' follows the fortunes of Albert Foreman (James Hayter) a man of the cloth at St Neville's whose position is terminated when it emerges that he is illiterate. Forced to change his life, he rejects reading and writing lessons and instead opens a tobacconist shop. He then becomes something of an unlikely business tycoon. In 'Mister Know All' we are introduced to Max Kelada (Nigel Patrick) -...

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North West Frontier (DVD) Stockists

In 1905 India, British army officer Captain Scott (Kenneth More) is charged with protecting the six-year-old Hindu prince from would-be Muslim assassins. Along with the prince's governess (Lauren Bacall), a cynical reporter, an arms merchant and a pair of upper class Brits, Scott attempts to sneak his charge to safety through enemy territory, encountering many hazards en route. Synopsis In North West Frontier [1959], a British Army Officer struggles to protect a young Royal Prince in India at the turn of the century, and his efforts lead him on a 300 mile danger-filled journey. Stars Kenneth More, Lauren Bacall and Herbert...

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Sense and Sensibility (Repackaged) [1981] (DVD) Stockists

A BBC adaptation of Jane Austen's famous novel. Sisters Elinor (Irene Richard) and Marianne (Tracey Childs) Dashwood lose their family fortune to spiteful relatives, and are forced to seek out suitable husbands in order to survive. While Marianne falls for the heartless John Willoughby (Peter Woodward), Elinor finds herself attracted to Edward Ferrars (Bosco Hogan), who is himself betrothed to Lucy Steele (Julia Chambers). Will the sisters find the romance they are hoping for? Running Time: 183 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 23 Jan. 2012

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Aces High *Digitally Restored (DVD) Stockists

New airforce recruit Peter Firth takes an instant dislike to his embittered squadron leader, Malcolm McDowell. But as the young pilot experiences the tensions and stresses of warfare, his dislike turns to admiration. The film features excellently photographed aerial dogfight sequences. Also starring Christopher Plummer and John Gielgud. An airborn remake of the 1930 trench-bound 'Journey's End'. Running Time: 109 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 2 Feb. 2015

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My Mother And Other Strangers (DVD) Stockists

Historical television drama set in rural Northern Ireland during the Second World War. The Coyne family - English wife Rose (Hattie Morahan) to Irish husband Michael (Owen McDonnell) and their three children - live in the quiet town of Moybeg. Being from London and having not lost her accent, Rose is the only person who feels somewhat a stranger in the town. But this all changes when several thousand American military personnel arrive at the newly established airbase. Suddenly there are a great deal more strangers than anyone in Moybeg is used to, and one in particular catches the attention of Rose: Captain Ronald Dreyfuss...

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After Henry - The Complete Series [1988](DVD) Stockists

Every episode of the 1980s ITV sitcom starring Prunella Scales as Sarah France, a middle-aged, middle-class woman who finds herself sharing a house with her demanding mother Eleanor (Joan Sanderson) and prickly adolescent daughter Clare (Janine Wood) following the death of her husband Henry. An often volatile atmosphere prevails as the three generations of women try to find a way to cope with each other as best they can. Series 1 episodes are: 'the Older Man', 'Phone Calls', 'the Teapot', 'Security', 'Romantic Complications' and 'the Birthday'. Series 2 episodes are: 'A Quiet Christmas', 'Intellectual Aspirations', 'Open Secrets',...

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River Monsters: Series 5 (DVD) Stockists

For more than a quarter of a century, angling sleuth Jeremy Wade has investigated horrific deaths of people encountering fresh water monsters. All six episodes from the fifth series of the Animal Planet documentary show presented by Jeremy Wade. Each programme follows the extreme angler as he goes on the hunt for deadly fish in various locations including Bolivia, Ukraine, Colombia and Iceland. These epic journeys ends up challenging his core beliefs about one of his oldest adversaries and this time, he may have gotten himself in too deep. The episodes are: 'Face Ripper', 'Atomic Assassin', 'Killer Torpedo', 'Colombian Slasher',...

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Afterlife - Series 1 & 2 (DVD) Stockists

Robert Bridge is a psychology lecturer, grieving the loss of his young son Josh, who was killed in a car accident three years earlier. A specialist in the study of psychic mediums, Robert is invited to an 'evening of clairvoyance' where he meets Alison Mundy. Reluctant and cautious, she is a far cry from the fraudulent psychics that sceptic Robert is used to. Alison is different, ever since she was a child she has seen spirits and after a near-death experience they have taken over her life - when she passes people in the street she isn't sure if they are dead or alive, when she lies in bed at night she can't escape the voices...

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