Bargain Roy Chubby Brown Hangs Up the Helmet [2015] (DVD) Stockists

Bargain Roy Chubby Brown Hangs Up the Helmet [2015] (DVD) Stockists

After more than 40 years of belly-bursting gags and outrageously offensive laughs, the world's bluest stand-up is finally hanging up his helmet. Join Chubbs for his last ever live DVD, filmed in front of a live audience in August 2015 and featuring brand new material that's fatter, funnier and filthier than ever. One thing's for sure, age hasn't mellowed him. Don't miss your chance to witness the end of an era, as the original bad boy of British comedy goes out with a bang. Running Time: 64 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 16 Nov. 2015

Bargain Deal: £18.99

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The Last Templar - Complete Mini-Series (DVD) Stockists

The Last Templar is based on the International New York Times best selling book by Raymond Khoury.It's 1291 AD, following the fall of Acre, a small party of Knights Templar leave the city with a small chest and a terrible secret. Their ship, the Falcon Temple, is damaged in a ferocious storm at sea and sinks. One of the Knights is mortally wounded and dies after hiding a small leather pouch under a gravestone. He charges the remainder of the ship's company to deliver an encoded letter to the Head of the Templars.The last surviving Knight reaches Paris in 1314, just in time to see the Grand Master being burned at the stake after...

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National Treasure (Channel 4) (DVD) Stockists

Paul Finchley (Coltrane) is a cherished household name, one half of a much-loved comedy double act with a career that spans several decades. He s a bona fide national treasure until the day he receives a knock at the door. Faced with an accusation of long-past sexual offences, the life of this adored entertainer begins to unravel. Paul, and all those closest to him, are put under the intense pressure of the investigation and the merciless media circus that accompanies it,from his wife of 40 years Marie (Walters) and his troubled daughter Dee (Riseborough), to his manager and his loyal comedy partner, Karl (McInnerny). Throughout...

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Inside The Commons (DVD) Stockists

Reporter Michael Cockerell presents a major new four-part documentary series produced by Atlantic Productions. Inside the Commons was filmed with unprecedented access and for the first time, going where cameras are normally forbidden. Travelling deep inside the corridors of the Palace of Westminster this series reveals what really went on behind the scenes during a remarkable year in politics, in the run up to one of the most unpredictable general elections ever. Inside the Commons follows Ministers and MPs high and low as they seek to navigate the machinery of the House, to make laws and fight their constituents battles. Inside...

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My Irish Molly (DVD) Stockists

Binkie Stuart, a child star whose career briefly flourished before the outbreak of war in 1939, takes the titular role in this heart-warming musical charting the adventures of a little orphan girl in the difficult days of pre-war Ireland. Starring alongside Hollywood siren Maureen O Hara in an early role, Britain s answer to Shirley Temple plays a spirited young girl left in the clutches of a cruel guardian aunt.The only known existing British version of this film is the re-release, edited down to favour O Hara (then a major star) rather than Binkie. Luckily, the edited material was preserved and this is included as a special...

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The Good Karma Hospital (DVD) Stockists

Junior Doctor Ruby Walker (Amrita Acharia) has fled a cold, grey England after a broken relationship and decided to fly off in search of adventure with a glamorous hospital job in tropical South India. Anticipating sunshine, palm trees and picture-perfect beaches; prepared for sacred cows, tuk-tuks and Delhi-belly; what she doesn't expect is everything she finds at the under-resourced and over-worked Good Karma Hospital. Run by the no-nonsense Doctor Lydia Fonseca (Amanda Redman) - the Good Karma Hospital turns no-one away - locals, ex-pats or tourists. In the company of Lydia s beach-bar boyfriend Greg (Neil Morrissey), to...

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The Card [1952] (DVD) Stockists

A young man who hasn't a bean in the world, turns fate around to find fame, fortune, love and success in this light dramatisation of the Arnold Bennett novel starring Alec Guiness. Running Time: 87 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 12 Mar. 2007

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Endeavour Series 4 (DVD) Stockists

Oxford's brilliant young detective opens the casebook on a brand new set of perilous murder mysteries as Endeavour returns. Barely a fortnight has passed since the dramatic finale of series three, and we find Oxford's finest picking up the pieces of their lives. Endeavour waits to hear the results of his Sergeant's exam, self-medicating to numb his heartache “ but whisky will only get a man so far. With the summer of 1967 fading into autumn, and the Cold War on the rise, Endeavour and senior officer DI Thursday soon find themselves plunged into their most baffling and darkly terrifying investigations to date. Running Time:...

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You Sexy Thing: The Best Of Hot Chocolate Double CD (CD) Stockists

Led by charismatic singer/songwriter, Errol Brown, Hot Chocolate are without doubt one of the UK s most successful and popular singles bands. The hits started in 1970 and continued right up until 1984 in a remarkable fourteen-year run that witnessed the chart-topping So You Win Again, and such memorable songs as You Sexy Thing (which was a Top 10 smash in three separate decades), Disco Queen, Emma, No Doubt About It and Every 1 s A Winner. This stunning 38-track retrospective features 29 chart hits, including 12 Top 10s! About the Artist Disc 1:1. You Sexy Thing 2. So You Win Again3. Emma4. No Doubt About It5. Brother Louie6....

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Shockwave - History Caught on Tape [DVD] Stockists

From a catastrophic bridge collapse in Minneapolis to a tourist in Oahu being dragged out to sea, headline-making events around the world are increasingly caught on tape, by cell phone, on surveillance systems, or by the occasional lucky news cameraman. SHOCKWAVE, a groundbreaking new series, reveals the best of this raw footage. Using the latest digital technology, HISTORYTM analyses these shocking videos and creates astonishing threedimensional models that help us understand how and why some of the world s most awe-inspiring catastrophes happened. From airplane collisions to erupting volcanoes, SHOCKWAVE: THE COMPLETE SEASON...

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The Nazi War Machine (DVD) Stockists

As D-Day approached, specially made films were shown to Allied troops to familiarise them with the enemy. Never before released on DVD, these original films - some in colour - provide a fascinating and invaluable guide to German uniforms, insignia, weapons and field tactics. Running Time: 252 minutes Region: All Regions Release Date: 24/07/2006

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