Bargain Royal Air Forice In The Early 1970s   The Definitive Short Films Collection (DVD) Stockists

Bargain Royal Air Forice In The Early 1970s - The Definitive Short Films Collection (DVD) Stockists

This is the definitive collection of 20 official Royal Air Force archive films, most of them previously unreleased. Presented in chronological order these training, information, recruitment and instructional films give an unprecedented and in-depth insight into the breadth of RAF operations and squadrons during the early 1970s. They feature a bonanza of contemporaneous RAF aircraft such as the Vulcan, Jet Provost, Canberra, Harrier, Phantom, Lightning, VC-10, Hercules, Belfast, Comet and Nimrod. FILMS INCLUDED ARE:- Oxygen Fire In The Air** (1969/1970, 18 mins) / RAF College - Cranwell** (1970, 19 mins) / The Sharp End (1970, 14 mins) / State Of Readiness (1970, 2 mins) / Sea Survival With The RAF (1970, 2 mins) / Aircraft Mechanic - Weapons** (1970, 6 mins) / Low Flying** (1971, 18 mins) / RAF Catering Trades** (1971, 7 mins) / Vision And Nuclear Flash** (1971, 17 mins) / Low Flying Training - Part One** (1971, 22 mins) / Low Flying Training - Part Two** (1971, 27 mins) / Seven Days To White Tent (1972, 52 mins) / Exercise Senator II** (1972, 21 mins) / RAF Scramble - Quick Reaction Alert (1972, 2 mins) / Nothing To Do With Me** (1972, 21 mins) / The Royal Air Force Afloat** (1972, 28 mins) / Exercise Black Spear** (1972, 28 mins) / The Engineer In The RAF** (1972, 22 mins) / Flight 618 (1973, 18 mins) / Personal Service - The RAF Secretarial Officer** (1973, 15 mins) / An Introduction To The Nimrod** (1973, 17 mins) ** Previously Unreleased Material - over ¾ the overall running time!! Running Time: 376 minutes Region: All Regions Release Date: 29 Oct. 2012

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Royal Air Forice In The Early 1970s - The Definitive Short Films Collection (DVD) Deals on eBay Royal Air Forice In The Early 1970s - The Definitive Short Films Collection (DVD) Deals on Amazon
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Blitz Street (DVD) Stockists

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Blitz, this remarkable four-part series reveals what it was like to live through the devastation and psychological torment of wartime Britain. A specially built row of terraced houses on a remote military airbase is subjected to a dramatic range of large-scale explosions, similar to those dropped by the Luftwaffe in the summer of 1940. We witness the destructive power of these bombs and rockets on peoples' homes and lives both close-up and in super-slow motion. Presented by Tony Robinson, this series also details scientific investigation of the effects of each bomb, expert analysis...

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Conversation Piece (1974) (Masters of Cinema) Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) edition (DVD)&BLU-RA Stockists

Burt Lancaster stars in Luchino Visconti's heartfelt tale of loneliness and intimacy Eleven years after The Leopard, the revered Italian maestro Luchino Visconti reteamed with the iconic Burt Lancaster on the lavish Conversation Piece [Gruppo di famiglia in un interno]. A retired American professor (Lancaster) lives a solitary and luxurious life in a house in Rome. His world takes an unexpected turn when he is forced to rent part of his house to a countess and her companions: a lover, a daughter and the daughter's boyfriend. Forced into interaction with the unruly younger group, the professor's growing fascination begins to...

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The Chief - The Complete Fourth Series (DVD) Stockists

This outstanding police procedural drama stars noted actor Martin Shaw as Alan Cade, the compassionate and resolutely reformist chief constable of Eastland, a fictional East Anglian force; a distinguished guest cast includes Philip Glenister, Andy Serkis, John Shrapnel, Peter Egan and Nickolas Grace. While this fourth series continues to show the many challenges facing Cade and his frontline team, from drug crime to terrorist bombings, witness intimidation and the exploitation of migrant workers, the focus remains on the politics of modern policing. The former Met commissioner s radical approach still antagonises his superiors...

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Homicide: Life On The Street - Complete Series (DVD) Stockists

Homicide: Life on the Street is one of the most acclaimed shows in US TV history. Based on a book by David Simon (creator of The Wire) it captures the gritty reality of life for a team of Baltimore homicide detectives. Contains all 122 episodes over 33 discs. Based on 'Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets' by David Simon. Review One of the most hard-hitting, darkly comic and critically acclaimed American drama series of recent years --The IndependentWhere Hill Street Blues meets The Wire... The coolest, most compulsive, cult cop show on TV --Jim Shelley, The GuardianWhere Hill Street Blues meets The Wire... The coolest,...

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David Attenborough's Conquest of the Skies (DVD) Stockists

David Attenborough embarks on an extraordinary journey to unravel one of nature s most gripping stories the evolution of flying animals. The power of flight is one of the greatest miracles of nature. Over one hundred billion creatures soar through the air today - from nectar-drinking hummingbirds, to armoured airborne beetles; from bats hunting in the black of night, to bizarre winged lizards. In Conquest of the Skies, David Attenborough travels back in time to unravel the astonishing 300-million-year story of how these animals first appeared, and then evolved into the huge variety of aeronauts that fill our skies today. Only...

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Coronation Street - Golden Anniversary Collection (DVD) Stockists

The complete Coronation Street anthology, featuring all the pinnacle moments of life on the cobbles. The ultimate collector's box set, celebrating the past 50 years on Coronation Street, this very special box set includes the following programmes: The Stars of the Street--50 Classic Characters, the very first episode, 30 other key and ground-breaking episodes featuring familiar faces young and old, including the most memorable episode when Prince Charles was on set, six Coronation Street family albums, Corrie Controversies, eight special programmes focusing on different families and events central to the past 50 years and The...

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Testament Of Youth (DVD) Stockists

Testament of Youth is a searing story of love, war and remembrance, based on the First World War memoir by Vera Brittain which became the classic testimony of that war from a woman's point of view. A powerful and passionate journey from youthful hopes and dreams to the edge of despair and back again; a film about young love, the futility of war and how to make sense of the darkest times. Vera Brittain, irrepressible, intelligent and free-minded, overcomes the prejudices of her family and hometown to win a scholarship to Oxford. With everything to live for, she falls in love with her brother's close friend Roland Leighton as...

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La Regle du jeu [1939] (DVD) Stockists

La Rá¨gle du jeuA film by Jean Renoir Denigrated by the public, vilified by the critics, re-cut at the insistence of its producers, and finally banned by the French government as demoralising and unpatriotic, La Rá¨gle du jeu was a commercial disaster at the time of its original release. On the surface, a series of interlinked romantic intrigues taking place at a weekend shooting party in a country chateau, the film is in fact a study of corruption and decay within French society on the eve of the outbreak of World War II. Its reputation firmly restored, Renoir's brilliant comedy is now widely recognized as one of the greatest...

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Lion (DVD) 2017 Stockists

In LION, five-year-old Saroo gets lost on a train travelling away from his home and family. Frightened and bewildered, he ends up thousands of miles away, in chaotic Kolkata. Somehow he survives living on the streets, escaping all sorts of terrors and close calls in the process, before ending up in an orphanage that is itself not exactly a safe haven. Eventually Saroo is adopted by an Australian couple, and finds love and security as he grows up in Hobart. Not wanting to hurt his adoptive parents feelings, he suppresses his past, his emotional need for reunification, and his hope of ever finding his lost mother and brother....

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