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<p><span>Beastie Series products expand the RumbleRoller experience to provide more intense, versatile, portable, and affordable massage options. The Beastie Bar is a hand-held massage tool that is part of this series.</span></p> <p><span>Stick-type massagers have always been popular because they're easy to use and don't take up much space in a travel bag. Unfortunately, though, they aren't practical to use on hard-to-reach areas like your back, shoulders, and arms. And sometimes you have to put a LOT of pressure on the massager to get the effect you're looking for.</span><br /><br /><span>The Beastie Bar was created to overcome these limitations. Instead of the smooth plastic rollers of a conventional stick massager, it uses a pair of Beasties</span><span>&nbsp;with firm, high-profile bumps. It's the first and only stick-type massager to enable true deep-tissue massage.</span></p> <p><span>It's also the only stick-type massager than can be used totally hands-free! It comes with a pair of detachable stands that securely hold the Beastie Bar so that you don't have to. As you can imagine, this allows you to use this massage tool in many new ways and on virtually every part of your body.</span></p> <p><span>Every detail of the Beastie Bar was thoughtfully engineered, from its high-strength fiberglass shaft to its smooth-turning nylon bearings to its non-slip phthalate-free handgrips. If you've been searching for the ultimate stick-type massager, you just found it.</span></p> <p><strong>Original or X-Firm?</strong></p> <p><span>The Beastie is available in two versions &ndash;&nbsp;</span><strong>Original</strong><span>&nbsp;(clear), which has firm but flexible bumps, and&nbsp;</span><strong>X-Firm</strong><span>&nbsp;(green), which is&nbsp;</span><em>extremely</em><span>&nbsp;firm.</span></p> <p><strong>The Beastie Bar's detachable stands provide the following benefits:</strong></p> <ul> <li><strong>Elevation and Hands-Free Support</strong>&nbsp;<br />The stands secure and elevate the Beastie Bar 1/2" above the surface for hands-free use.</li> <li><strong>Retention</strong><br />The stands retains the Beastie Bar so that it can more easily be used in off-the-floor applications.</li> <li><strong>Attachment</strong><br />The stands serve as an adapter to&nbsp;attach the Beastie Bar to either a wall or the Beastie Wall System</li> </ul>

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