Bargain Running From the Storm book Stockists

Bargain Running From the Storm book Stockists

Modern February 2012 Playing with fire…Zander Devereux wants Caris from the moment the prim junior lawyer crosses swords with him in her office! Arrogant, powerful, and not used to hearing the word ‘no’, Zander is amused by her sparky defiance. He relishes a challenge and knows it will make the rewards all the sweeter…  But in the midst of their tempestuous affair she flees! Zander’s sinful seduction is a bittersweet temptation, yet Caris knows his red-hot passion will turn to ice-cold hate when he discovers her deepest secret…

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Versed in Desire eBook Stockists

Tell me what you want and it's yours." When Corryn meets Luke at her new boss's party, their attraction is instant and electric. He's ready to give her any pleasure she desires, but Luke is a company vice president, her boss's best friend and completely off-limits. Refusing his offer is the most difficult choice she's ever had to make, made even harder by his continued seduction at the office and the fact that she hasn't been able to write poetry, her favorite pastime, since denying herself. Corryn is desperate to have Luke but she's all too aware of the risks of giving in to temptation. But after months of denial, she knows...

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A Man for Glory ebook Stockists

TRUE LOVE... UNDER FALSE PRETENCES? With her husband hanged for his secret criminal past, bewildered widow Glory Clark is left all alone to run the farm and care for her stepchildren. Then handsome stranger Cade McAllister shows up on her doorstep, bringing hope and tender feelings Glory has never experienced before in her young life. As a detective in search of the missing fortune Glory's husband stole, Cade has a hidden agenda. An arranged marriage is merely a stepping stone to getting what he wants... But when it soon becomes ‘Glory', plain and simple, will their new-found bond withstand his deception?

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The Bay at Midnight both Stockists

Mira January 2010 Her family’s cottage was a place of innocence for Julie Bauer – until her sister was murdered. It’s been many years since that August night, but Julie’s memories of Izzy’s death still haunt her. Now someone from her past is asking questions about what really happened. About Julie’s own complicity. About a devastating secret her mother kept from them all. Julie must gather the courage to revisit her past and untangle the complex emotions that led to one unspeakable act of violence on the bay at midnight. For fans of JODI PICOULT, this is a must read. “Diane Chamberlain is a marvellously...

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A Knight for Nurse Hart / A Nurse to Tame the Pla... ebook Stockists

Medical September 2010 A KNIGHT FOR NURSE HART Laura Iding Nurse Raine Hart has a painful secret, and the only person she can tell is her ex, Dr Caleb Stewart. Now Caleb wants another chance, but first he must convince Raine that he’s a man a girl can rely on – because if anyone can give her the happiness she truly deserves, it’s Caleb… A NURSE TO TAME THE PLAYBOY Maggie Kingsley Playboy paramedic Elijah Munroe can’t stop himself from flirting outrageously with prim Brontë O’Brian, and he’s amazed to discover the talented, vulnerable and sexy ex-nurse behind this buttoned-up brunette! Meanwhile, Brontë has...

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The Kincaids: Southern Seduction both Stockists

Special Releases March 2013 A Secret Pregnancy Family scandal has flipped heiress Lily Kincaid's world upside down. Also, she'd like to avoid telling sexy, larger- than-life CEO Daniel Addison that she is pregnant. Daniel knows all about boardrooms and bedrooms, but will he be ready to claim what's his - including Lily? Saving a Child's Life... Millionaire Matthew Kincaid's son needs something only Flynn's true biological mother can provide. Susannah immediately agrees to help, but the minute she is in Charleston under Matthew's roof, passion consumes them. Is this relationship doomed?

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Dark Victory eBook Stockists

- Romantic Times

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Brides of Penhally Bay - Vol 2 eBook Stockists

eBook Bundles October 2009 BUNDLE 2 - Stories 5-8 Welcome to Penhally Bay – a Cornish coastal town with a big heart that centres around the local surgery. Here, in stories 5-8, you’ll find Royal scandal, romance amidst a medical emergency, a match between the police inspector and a visiting Australian doctor and the local Midwife finally finds her man . . . Plus continue to follow the highs and lows in the life of Dr Nick Tremayne. Bundle features: The Doctor’s Royal Love-Child by Kate Hardy, Nurse Bride, Bayside Wedding by Gill Sanderson, Single Dad Seeks A Wife by Melanie Milburne and Virgin Midwife, Playboy...

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A Bodyguard for Christmas / The Man from Nowhere both Stockists

Intrigue December 2010 A Bodyguard for Christmas A quiet Christmas was not on the cards for Regina. After being whisked away from her burning bookstore by a mysterious stranger, she became a wanted woman. And her guardian angel turned bodyguard Jordan now needs her more than ever… The Man from Nowhere Grant Wolfe can’t explain why he feels compelled to defend sceptical beauty Trish, but he knows danger is coming and he can’t let her take the hit. Can he convince Trish he’s her sworn protector or will a killer catch her before their love has a chance?

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Hot Nights With an Australian both Stockists

Special Releases July 2012 by Emma Darcy, Nicola Marsh & Lindsay Armstrong When scandal threatens his biggest star, media baron Max whisks Chloe away from the prying paparazzi. Where better to hide her than his secluded Outback estate? But the seductive tycoon's plan isn’t just to protect his investment - he wants Chloe in his bed! Includes: The Master Player; Overtime in the Boss’s Bed; The Billionaire Boss’s Innocent Bride

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Unnoticed and Untouched ebook Stockists

Putting the personal in PA! The unwanted advances of gold-digging socialites are an occupational hazard for racing legend turned tycoon Lorenzo D’Angeli. So he extends his PA’s job description to cover evening events. Faith Black has risen to her boss’s every challenge… But being seen on his arm means spotlights, scrutiny, figure-flaunting cocktail dresses – and leaving the safety of her staid grey suits! Famous for his cool, Renzo’s anything but when he sees his formerly frumpy PA dressed to kill! Faith knows this playboy well – she’ll arm her heart with the same steel used on the D’Angeli motorbike!

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