Best SILVER 5 Tier EXTRA Heavy Duty Steel Shelving Unit Stockists

Best SILVER 5 Tier EXTRA Heavy-Duty Steel Shelving Unit Stockists

<p> This high-quality storage rack is ideal for the home, office, or warehouse by providing plenty of room to keep all items neatly organized. It can stand vertically or horizontally, whichever the better for your requirements. </p> <p> This storage rack is made of high-quality MDF and supported by heavy-duty steel frame. The loading capacity of each shelving is 265 kg (evenly distributed), giving the storage rack a total loading capacity of 1325 kg.</p> <p>Usually sold for £99.99, get your shelving unit now for just £20.99!</p>

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Musical Lotus Birthday Candle

<p> Make someone special smile with this musical lotus candle. It'll sing and dance, all you have to do is watch and enjoy - and not forget to blow the flames out. </p> <strong><p>Steps to Use: <br> <li> Put the Lotus Candle on a flat object and ignite the red stick with a lighter </li> <li>Along with the sparkling, the petals unfold, the tune starts and 8 candles burn </li> <li>After the sparkling, please do blow out the little candles before they burn up the leaves</li> </p>

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Blue Waterproof Portable Picnic Blanket

<p> This waterproof picnic blanket is light and easy to carry, and perfect to bring along to the park, the beach or on a camping trip, available in Red and Blue, buy yours now for only £7.99. </p>

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24 Piece LED Flameless Candles

<p> Decorate your home with this delightful, 24 piece LED flame-less candle set. Operated by batteries, they are a safe, smokeless alternative to real candles. </p> <p>Perfect for relaxing at home, or dot them around the place for a party. They are the ideal decoration for any special occasion.</p>

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Digital Food Thermometer

<p> Certain foods need to be served at a certain temperature, or they can be unsafe to eat, or simply unpleasant. Make sure you're food's hot enough with this essential kitchen gadget!</p>

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Solar-Powered Sonic Sound Wave Animal Repeller

<p>If you are in need of a way to stop unwanted animals from terrorising your garden then look no further.</p> <p>This solar powered animal repeller will banish those annoying pests.</p>

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Red Knife Sharpener

<p> Keep your knives sharp all the time. With this 2 stage appliance, you can either repair a damaged knife, or eliminate burrs on the knife-edge. Choose your colour, and pay just £8.99 for your knife-saver!</p> <p> <strong>Coarse grinding</strong>: used to repair badly damaged blade, suitable for a blunt tool. Knife into diamond grinding mouth, proper and uniform intensity of back and forth, pulling the blade observed blade circumstances, repeat this step 3-5 times. Tool grinding sharp six months before general use the kibble once, also according to the specific circumstances.</p>...

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