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Bargain Scattering Stockists

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Daycare Mum to Wife / Accidental Father book Stockists

Cherish April 2011 Daycare Mum to Wife Businessman Dan’s got his hands full with five children. Constantly juggling nappies with deadlines is taking its toll. Nanny Jess couldn’t have stepped in at a better time! Even with a baby of her own, she works magic…on Dan’s heart, as well as the kids! Accidental Father All Julianne knew about Alex was that he’d rejected her sister and never claimed their son. She didn’t know that he was a royal who’d never known the child existed. And from the moment she sees Alex’s tenderness with baby Liam, Julianne’s heart begins to melt…

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Raven Black Stockists

Raven Black is the first book in Ann Cleeves' Shetland series -- which is now the major BBC1 drama starring Douglas Henshall SHETLAND. It is a cold January morning and Shetland lies buried beneath a deep layer of snow. Trudging home Fran Hunter's eye is drawn to a vivid splash of colour on the white ground ravens circling above. It is the strangled body of her teenage neighbour Catherine Ross. As Fran opens her mouth to scream the ravens continue their deadly dance ...The locals on the quiet island stubbornly focus their gaze on one man -- loner and simpleton Magnus Tait. But when police insist on opening out the investigation...

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Tall, Dark and Disreputable ebook Stockists

Historical January 2010 She must make a deal with the devil himself! Portia Tofton has always yearned for brooding Mateo Cardea. His dark good-looks filled her girlish dreams – dreams that were cruelly shattered when Mateo rejected her hand in marriage. Now Portia’s home has been gambled away, and Mateo is the only man she can turn to. This time, however, she has in her possession something he wants – and she finds herself striking a deal with the devil himself!

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Asterix Omnibus 5 Stockists

In Asterix and the Cauldron Asterix is tasked with guarding a cauldron full of money but when the cash disappears Asterix and Obelix must earn enough to repay it all. Fairground gladiatorial contests theatrical performances bank robbery - our heroes will try anything! In Asterix in Spain the Gauls rescue Chief Huevos y Bacon's son and return him to Spain where they tangle with the tourist industry flamenco and wild aurochs in the bullring! In Asterix and the Roman Agent Julius Caesar turns to psychological warfare and sends in the sneaky Roman agent Tortuous Convolvulus. Can he make the Gauls suspect each other of treachery?...

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Losing Control eBook Stockists

Desire December 2012 Workaholic media mogul Cole Hunter is intrigued by tantalising TV producer Taryn Quinn. Enough for Cole to join her on a location-scouting trip to an isolated Pacific island. Soon Taryn and Cole forget about everything…except making love to her in the moonlight. But once reality intrudes, will he risk losing all he’s worked for to keep this woman in his life?

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Carrie the Snow Cap Fairy Stockists

Jack Frost has stolen Carrie the Snow Cap Fairy's wand! Without it how can she help humans stop the snow caps from melting? Kirsty and Rachel must persuade icy Jack Frost to hand it over - after all a warmer world would be very bad for him indeed!

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The Wedding Must Go On book Stockists

Designs on the best man With his best friend’s wedding suddenly cancelled, and an important business deal riding on it, Nate Sparks needs to get them back up the aisle ASAP! The best person to help is feisty maid-of-honour Roxy Trammel – otherwise known as Trouble… Luckily Roxy also needs this marriage to go ahead – her reputation as a wedding dress designer depends on it! Nate proposes a plan to get the jilted lovers back together – and if it doesn’t work…? He’ll walk Roxy down the aisle in her design himself! All Roxy can wonder is: is that a threat…or a promise…? ‘You will not be able to resist...

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The M.D. Next Door ebook Stockists

Cherish February 2012 Just What The Doctor OrderedIt started with a yellow puppy scampering into Dr Meagan Baker’s backyard…followed by her adorable new neighbour, a thirteen-year-old full of information about her attractive divorced dad, Seth Llewellyn. Oh, no. On medical leave and questioning everything, Meagan can’t fall for a busy lawyer juggling work, single parenthood and a naughty dog.After his divorce, Seth promised himself he’d put his daughter first. Adding a relationship to his over-scheduled life would be crazy. So he agrees with Meagan – between hour-long kisses – that this chemistry, this closeness,...

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Tortured Rake book Stockists

Special Releases May 2011 Bad Blood is a fantastic BRAND NEW collection from bestselling Modern authors. by Sarah Morgan Nathaniel…Icon. Celebrity. Heartthrob. But beneath the movie star’s good looks is a man battling with his past. One night he is forced to rely on Katie Field, an ordinary woman who isn’t blinded by his fame. Can Nathaniel trust her enough to reveal the man behind the mask?

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Kiss or Kill ebook Stockists

Intrigue December 2008 Wake up to danger Special Agent Renee LeBlanc was deep undercover, close to exposing the leader of a terrorist cell. Then he showed up in the midst of her op. Mark Alexander, the only man who ever upset Renee’s uncanny instincts – a man who could blow her cover with a word. The desire between them was as strong as ever, but who was Mark really? Friend or foe? Hero or villain? Lover…or assassin? These were decisions she had to make. Heaven help her if she was wrong. Mission: Impassioned Find the traitor…lose your heart.

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