Bargain Science in Archaeology Stockists

Bargain Science in Archaeology Stockists

The papers in this volume were presented at a conference held in London in February 1997; their theme is the contribution of the sciences to archaeology. Each paper includes an element of reporting and review but more importantly helps set an agenda for the future by identifying archaeological questions that existing scientific techniques or refinements of them have the potential to answer in the short to medium term. The papers are grouped into four broad chronological periods from the Palaeolithic through later prehistory to Roman and medieval and later times. However the authors were encouraged to draw examples from other periods where this led to better overall coverage and as the concluding remarks show there were many recurring themes that cut across the conventional period divisions. Paperback 246pp PUB DATE January 1998

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York Minster Stockists

York Minster is one of England's greatest Gothic Buildings and the repository for the largest single collection of medieval stained glass in Britain most of which remains in situ. This cathedral of the northern province which every year attracts thousands of pilgrims and visitors was built over a period of more than 300 years.This book charts the construction of the Minster as we see it today and traces its development which was by no means smooth and uninterrupted. Progress was checked by financial constraint Scottish wars the effects of plague political upheaval structural crisis local rebellion and sometimes the indifference...

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Guidebook: Ashby de la Zouch & Kirby Muxloe Castles Stockists

The castles of Ashby de la Zouch and Kirby Muxloe were built by William Lord Hastings who acquired immense power and wealth in the service of King Edward IV. Muxloe was never finished after Lord Hastings’s murder in 1483. Ashby remained in use as a family seat and the remains of its magnificent great tower still stand to a height of 24m. Ashby was a royalist stronghold in the Civil War but after a long siege it fell to parliamentarians and was partially demolished. The castle started to attract visitors in the 19th century after Sir Walter Scott set a scene in his novel Ivanhoe there.Key Features:40 pagesPaperbackPublished...

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Guidebook: Bolsover Castle Stockists

Perched on a ridge high above the vale Bolsover Castle is an extraordinary 17th century aristocratic retreat containing exceptional wall-paintings and interiors. The riding house is the earliest in England to survive complete.Bolsover Castle was founded in the late 11th century and seized by the Crowin in 1155 but neglected from the middle of the 14th century. Its ruins provided the setting for the Little Castle an exquisite miniature house begun in 1612 by Charles Cavendish as a retreat from his principal seat at nearby Welbeck.His son William inherited in 1617 and over the next half-century added the Terrace and Riding House...

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Silbury Hill Stockists

Silbury Hill the largest prehistoric mound in Europe has long been an enigma. Set within the chalk downlands of the Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site it is traditionally thought to have been the burial place of King Sil. First investigated in 1776 then again in 1849 successive archaeological interventions culminated in Professor Richard Atkinson’s televised campaign in the late 1960s.Following the dramatic collapse of the 1776 excavation shaft at the summit of the Hill in 2000 detailed surveys revealed that voids associated with the earlier excavations existed deep within the mound. Mindful of potential damage...

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The Repair of Historic Buildings: Stockists

A revised work offering comprehensive advice on how damage from inadequate maintenance can be avoided. It remains aware that a programme of repair must take into account a building's unique character condition and historical development and covers principles and methods of repair.Paperback 76ppPub Date: February 1995

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Guidebook: Down House Stockists

Charles Darwin lived for 40 years at Down House in rural Kent until his death in 1882. Here in the home that he lovingly created with his wife and family he developed a scientific theory that would rock the world. This beautifully illustrated new guide takes the visitor on a tour of the house and the gardens that Darwin used as his open-air laboratory. The fascinating history of the Darwins at Down includes sumptuous photographs historic images and eyewitness accounts.Key Features:52 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2009

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Bridport and West Bay Stockists

Bridport is an industrial market town on the west Dorset coast which has played a pivotal role in the region's hemp and flax industry for over 700 years. The industrial heritage of this town is not widely known outside the area and very little has been published on the regional and national significance of Bridport. Hemp and flax was traditionally grown locally and used for the production of cordage netting and sailcloth: this industry expanded from the 18th century onwards with the construction of new mills and warehouses along with the continued use of traditional rope and twine walks creating a highly distinctive range...

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Birdoswald Stockists

Birdoswald built on a high spur between the River Irthing and Midgeholme Moss was the eleventh fort from the east end of Hadrian's Wall. The antiquarian Reginald Bainbrigg described its 'great ruynes' in 1599 but archaeological excavations only began in 1850. Later excavations include work by Francis Haverfield F G Simpson and Ian Richmond.The 1987-92 excavations directed by Tony Wilmott and reported here explored a long and complex stratified sequence dating from the second to the twentieth centuries. Work concentrated on buildings either side of the via principalis but also included investigation of the northern...

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Guidebook: Wall Roman Site Stockists

The Roman town at Wall was an important staging-post on Watling Street one of the main roads in Roman Britain. The guest house and bath house the remains of which are still visible today were used by travelling officials and imperial messengers. Gradually a small civilian settlement grew up at Wall and local people provided goods and services for the customers of the guest house and bath house.Key Features:28 pagesPaperbackFirst Published in 1958

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Guidebook: Brodsworth Hall and Gardens Stockists

Brodsworth Hall is an outstanding example of a Victorian country house. Built and furnished between 1861 and 1863 by Charles Sabine Augustus Thellusson the house has survived with most of its original contents and was given to English Heritage in 1990.Since then it has undergone a comprehensive conservation programme before opening to the public for the first time in 1995. This souvenir guide contains a full tour of the house from the opulent interiors of the family rooms to the solidly practical servants' wing together with the delightful gardens. It includes a history of the Thellusson and Grant-Dalton families illustrated...

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