Bargain SelfieShutter Stockists

Bargain SelfieShutter Stockists

Since mobile phones gained cameras, selfies are becoming more and more popular, yet it kind of ruins your picture when you can see an arm holding the camera (or when a mirror shot shows off your bathroom essentials). The other option of balancing your phone against a wall with the timer on, to have to run back, strike a pose, go back to your phone and realise you were out of the frame isn’t ideal either (and leaves you looking rather flustered). Luckily, if you have an iPhone or iPad or an android device with a camera you can now take pictures from up to 10 metres away. The SelfieShutter is the perfect accessory to use when taking selfies and group shots. Not only can you get more into your shot but it also reduces the camera wobble you get from pressing the shutter button. Simply place your phone in the desired position, arrange your shot, pose and click! It’s easy peasy to use and you don’t even have to download an app for it to work. The SelfieShutter works perfectly with our range of Selfie Sticks to help you get the best photos around.

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Zippo Black Matte Cigarette Lighter Stockists

Not for sale to persons under the age of 18. By placing an order for this product, you declare that you are 18 years of age or over. This item must be used responsibly and appropriately. This lighter with a cool black matte finish comes from the masters of mega cool lighters - the timeless Zippo! Like all Zippo windproof lighters, it features the characteristic flip-top on a rectangular case and oozes classic style every time you light up. Much more stylish than a boring old disposable lighter. Comes with the Zippo Cigarette Lighter Lifetime Guarantee. NB: Lighter is shipped without lighter fuel.

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Instant Snow Stockists

It's that most wonderful time of the year. With sleigh bells glistening and rooftops ringing, or something like that. If only we could have the idyllic Christmas we see on TV and on our cards, with a roaring log fire, rosy red cheeked children happily playing with their new wooden toys, and most importantly of all, snow falling outside the window. Sadly no one has yet figured out how to can rosy red cheeked children or roaring log fires, but some ingenious boffins have managed to contain the white stuff. Just add water to the powder and its snow time! One snow in a can will make we're not sure how you...

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Doom Space Marine Pop! Vinyl Stockists

The game that changed gaming forever has seen many evolutions over the years, but there’s always one guy who’s ready to face the Doom head on! Sometimes known as the Doomguy, the Doom Slayer or the Space Marine, all we know for sure is that because of him Hell on Mars will never be the same again! So if you’ve fought your way through the lost souls, the monsters, the Cacodemons and the undead and survived to tell the tale, there’s no better way of celebrating your success that with this awesome Doom: Space Marine miniature figurine! Pop! Vinyl figures are the latest collectible craze set to brighten...

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Newtons Cradle Stockists

A great quality Newton's Cradle which gives a timeless demonstration of Newton's third law and conservation of momentum and energy.This 5 balled chrome cradle is an adaptation of the original Locraine created Newton's Cradle with a solid plastic base..Size 18 c 15 x 20cm.Age 8+

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Avengers Hulk Pop! Vinyl Stockists

Some people let their anger build up inside, and some people simply cannot contain their rages and turn into a giant green monster with just one ‘your mama’ joke fired their way. The Hulk of course, is the latter and although his rages are terrifying, we do love a good Hulk Smash, especially when it involves Loki. Fresh from the Avengers Age Of Ultron set, The Hulk has been shrunk into an adorable little angry man ready to keep you company on your next stressful day at work. Pop! Vinyl figures are the latest collectible craze set to brighten up bedrooms, offices, and living room mantelpieces all across the country....

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Glowing Braided Cables Micro USB Stockists

The lights are out, everyone is sleeping, and just as you roll over to sleep the dreaded low battery noise bleeps in your direction. You’re left fumbling around in the dark struggling to find your charging cable. Thank goodness for these frightfully funky Glowing Braided Cables Micro USB, here to save all our night time phone and tablet worries! The secret to this fabulous charger is the light at each end. And we’re not talking a hard, nasty white light – these lovely cables run through a calming sequence of colours that won’t be disturbing anyone from their slumber! Perfect for android devices, this...

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Captain America Mug Stockists

America’s most patriotic Superhero has already had quite a few incarnations. A fragile and earnest Steve Rogers, a government made Super Soldier, the original Avenger and of course, ‘The Cap’, the iconic comic book character has a special place in any Marvel fan’s heart. Now Captain America has been immortalised in the form of this rather snazzy shaped ceramic mug. The stars and stripes superhero shows off his dashing all-American good looks, wearing his famous blue winged and distinctive ‘A’ design mask. Making you feel like a superhero all day long, this impressive mug features a 370ml...

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Rubik's Cube Stockists

The best selling puzzle in history. The Rubik's Cube has 43 quintillion combinations but it can be solved in under 10 seconds! Its unique turning and twisting action and simple colour concept made it the world's number 1 puzzle.

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Hexbug Scarab Stockists

The Scarab is a high-speed, mechanical, beetle-like robotic bug that skitters around on six angled legs. The high energy bug propels itself forwards and backwards, and is capable of popping from its back to its feet if placed upside down.  The combination of the Scarab's six specially designed angular legs, coupled with its lighting speed, make it easy for it to scurry away from obstacles in its path and flip over if caught on its back. This bug is filled with robotic intelligence, and protected by a hard, transparent exoskeleton casing. Contains Autonomous high-speed bug Advance designed legs Flips over by itself ...

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Flowing LED Cables iOS Stockists

Charging our phones, iPads and what not is so so boring. Necessary, but horrendously boring. We can’t make your phone do anything exciting while it gets a power top up, but we can make the charging cable more exciting. That boring old cable you got with your phone, throw that away and start charging your phone with the Flowing LED Cables! These colourful charge and sync cables light up as soon as they are connected to a power source in bright colours that run up and down the cable. Measuring approximately 100 metres long, this is sure to reach the plug socket with ease. Suitable for the following devices: iPad 4th...

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