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Eight women from different walks of life come together in the English Lake District for a tough, week-long survival course. Amongst them is thirtysomething Fran (Julie Walters), whose wisecracks mask an often lonely existence. Living together in the single dormitory, the women form some unlikely friendships as they learn to cope with life's tribulations. Running Time: 86 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 17 Sept. 2007

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The Leopard [1963] (DVD) Stockists

THE LEOPARDA film by Luchino Visconti Against a dramatic nineteenth-century backdrop of radical Italian Nationalism Luchino Visconti masterful epic, The Leopard, follows the Sicilian Prince of Salina and his family as they adjust to the social turbulence of revolutionary times. Adapted from Tomasi di Lampedusa s esteemed novel of the same name, this is a tragicomic depiction of a class eclipsed by history. Luchiono Visconti's masterpiece The Leopard, is now available on DVD for the first time. Featuring the complete uncut version of the film, with fully restored picture and sound, this stunning high definition digital transfer...

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Inspector Nardone (DVD) Stockists

Post-war Milan is the ideal breeding ground for a new wave of criminal activity. A crime-scene that is very different from what we are used to today: an old-fashioned system of organized crime, made up of thieves and outlaws who share a specific moral code, which absolutely condemns homicide. A new chief officer is assigned to the Milan Police Department, as if to settle a score for having exposed his corrupt colleagues. This is just one of the various difficulties that Mario Nardone, an authentic Neapolitan, must face in the sophisticated and urbane Milan. A city which, nevertheless, Nardone loves unconditionally, and where...

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Shooting Dogs [2006] (DVD) Stockists

Joe Connor (Hugh Dancy) is teaching in Rwanda during his gap year. When the school he teaches at becomes a haven for thousands of Rwandans fleeing the genocide, Joe promises his brightest pupil, Marie (Clare-Hope Ashitey), that the UN soldiers will protect her from the hordes of extremist militia baying for blood outside the school. But when the UN abandon the refugees, Joe and the school's headmaster, Father Christopher (John Hurt), face an agonising dilemma: should they leave or should they stand firm with the Rwandans. As the UN trucks force their way through the terrified refugees, Joe stares at the tear-stained face of...

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Reach For The Sky (DVD) Stockists

The story of Douglas Bader (Kenneth More), the RAF pilot who despite losing both his legs in 1931 went on to fly for his country in the Second World War and become a hero of the Battle of Britain. He was finally shot down over France and remained a POW for the rest of the war but returned to England to lead a victory flight of 3,000 planes over London. Running Time: 130 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 19 Jun. 2007

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Metropolis [Reconstructed & Restored] (Masters of Cinema) [1927] (DVD) Stockists

With its dizzying depiction of a futuristic cityscape and alluring female robot, Metropolis is among the most famous of all German films and the mother of sci-fi cinema (an influence on Blade Runner and Star Wars, among countless other films). Directed by the legendary Fritz Lang (M, Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse,The Big Heat, etc.), its jaw-dropping production values, iconic imagery, and modernist grandeur it was described by Luis Buá±uel as 'a captivating symphony of movement' remain as powerful as ever. Drawing on and defining classic sci-fi themes, Metropolis depicts a dystopian future in which society is thoroughly divided...

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Dambusters - Mission Impossible (DVD) Stockists

The heroic exploits of the RAF s famous Dam Busters squadron in May 1943 made it one of the most famous in the world. By destroying the great dams of western Germany, the men who made up the specially-formed 617 Squadron achieved what had once seemed impossible. To complete the job, they were given a very special weapon designed by a scientific genius. The weapon was the Bouncing Bomb; the genius was Barnes Wallis. DAM BUSTERS MISSIONS IMPOSSIBLE tells the tale of an unlikely but deadly partnership, because after the Dams Raid, the work of 617 Squadron and Barnes Wallis was far from over. They later sank the notorious German...

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Alain Delon Boxset (Screen Icons) (DVD) Stockists

One of the most magnetic and prominent French actors of the post-war era, Alain Delon's first outstanding success was in Rene Clement's stylish 1960 thriller Plein Soleil. An international hit that made the most of Delon's unique blend of menace and charisma, the film cast him as a murderous American traveling abroad. Based on a novel by Patricia Highsmith, Plein Soleil was remade in 1999 as the star-studded The Talented Mr Ripley.Delon was utilised quite brilliantly by Antonioni as a brash young stockbroker in the enigmatic L'Eclisse, a cornerstone of 1960s European cinema. (L'Eclisse is also being released individually for...

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A Star Is Born - 2 Disc Special Edition [1954] (DVD) Stockists

A remake of the 1937 classic, this time as a musical about a Hollywood couple going through bad times. Would-be singer Esther Blodgett (Judy Garland) finds herself taken under the wing of fading star Norman Maine (James Mason) when she saves him from making a drunken fool of himself on stage. Changing her name to Vicki Lester, Esther becomes a star, and is soon married to Norman. However, as Vicki's star rises, so Norman's falls. Harold Arlen/Ira Gershwin songs include 'The Man That Got Away'. Running Time: 168 minutes Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.) Subtitles:...

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Bombers Post Wwii [2009] (DVD) Stockists

Running Time: 75 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 16 Feb. 2009

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