Bargain Sherlock Holmes Pop! Vinyl Stockists

Bargain Sherlock Holmes Pop! Vinyl Stockists

The world’s one any only consulting detective has been immortalised in tiny miniature desktop form into this perfectly proportioned Pop Vinyl figurine. The perfect accompaniment for any fan of the popular TV series, this pint-sized Vinyl Figure is styled in Sherlock’s classic outfit including mid-length coat, mauve jacket and famous folded scarf. So if you’re thoroughly Sherlocked and can’t resist the quick-witted genius, then place this in your home or office and enjoy the dashing Mr Holmes all day long!

Bargain Deal: £7.47

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DC Black Batman Pop! Vinyl Stockists

It would be pretty scary, even for the most enthusiastic Batman fan, to have the full sized Caped Crusader land on your desk. So if you love the Dark Knight, but you don’t have enough space for a life sized replica, this perfectly proportioned officially licensed figurine is the perfect choice! Styled in his classic attire of black mask and swooshing cape, this adorable figurine is the collectable figure no DC Comic fan wants to be without. Ideal for your bedroom, mantelpiece, living room or workspace, this iconic character will look ready for crime fighting wherever he goes! So at last you can put away your Bat Signal...

'DC Black Batman Pop! Vinyl Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal


Mystery Mini Guardians of the Galaxy Stockists

Guardians of the Galaxy was the highest-grossing superhero film of 2014. Now you can create a miniature version for yourself with the Mystery Minis. Inside each sealed box is a mystery character from the franchise. You have an equal chance of getting each of the figurines, two of which glow in the dark and one is metallic (ooooohh fancy). Will it be Rocket Raccoon or the Star Lord inside your box… you’ll have to open it to find out!

'Mystery Mini Guardians of the Galaxy Deal' priced at £2.47  =>  Click for Deal


One:12 Collective DC Comics The Flash Action Figure Stockists

When police scientist Barry Allen is doused with chemicals during a freak accident, he finds himself transformed into Central City's greatest crime fighter, The Flash. Having gained the ability to manipulate the Speed Force not only can he run, think and react at light speed but vibrate so fast that he is able to pass through solid objects as well. Meticulously developed to capture The Flash's heroic look, this figure is outfitted on our hyper-articulated One:12 Collective body. Featuring over 32 points of articulation, intricate sculptural work, incredible costume detailing, and tons of accessories, the final result...

'One:12 Collective DC Comics The Flash Action Figure Deal' priced at £79.99  =>  Click for Deal


Guardians Of The Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Pop! Vinyl Stockists

“Ain't no thing like me, except me!” Guardians of the Galaxy came out in 2014 and revived the old comic book stories to become the latest in Marvel’s line of hugely popular superhero films. Two of the Guardians aren’t humanoid and this particular POP celebrates the furrier of these two. Rocket Raccoon was the intelligent and cynical member of the group who most certainly wasn’t an adorable sidekick. Despite all the odds set against them the makes of POP Vinyl’s at Funko have managed to make an adorable chibi version of the space bounty hunter. This particular POP is number 48 in its collection...

'Guardians Of The Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Pop! Vinyl Deal' priced at £7.47  =>  Click for Deal


Harry Potter Mad Eye Moody Pop! Vinyl Stockists

When your office space or living room shelf is threatened by an invasion of dark wizards, you need to know that you can rely on your Pop! Vinyl figurines to defend you. Fortunately, there’s one such figurine ready to step up and help you out, in the form of this Mad-Eye Moody Pop! Vinyl. With details including the magical prosthetic eye, wand, walking stick, and costume, this is as faithful a recreation of Brendan Gleeson’s character as you can get from a 10cm figure. Perfect for any Harry Potter fan, this Pop! Vinyl is one to keep an eye on. 

'Harry Potter Mad Eye Moody Pop! Vinyl Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal


Five Nights At Freddy's Nightmare Chica Pop! Vinyl Stockists

When a child has nightmares of an animatronic chicken, it probably looks something like this. With accurate details – from red and blue eye to broken, torn up feathers with the tattered and torn bib and the razor sharp teeth (thankfully not actually razor sharp) – this Nightmare Chica Pop! Vinyl is terrifying enough to give you actual nightmares, so don’t display her in a place where you’ll wake up to her… The latest craze sweeping the nation, Pop! Vinyl figures can be displayed in offices and at home, and with a Pop! Vinyl of just about everyone from just about everything, from comics to TV...

'Five Nights At Freddy's Nightmare Chica Pop! Vinyl Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal


Guardians Of The Galaxy Dancing Groot Pop! Vinyl Stockists

“I AM GROOT.” If you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet then we won’t spoil it for you, but for those that have here is a POP Vinyl bobble head from that scene. Possibly one of cutest moments in the film sees Groot in his pot waving his arms to the sounds of the Jackson 5 and now the Funko POP Vinyl makers have gotten their hands on Groot and made this adorable bobble head. To make Groot dance simply place your favourite song on your stereo and gently tap the head to set it in motion and see it wobbling. This POP is possibly one of the cutest that’s ever been produced and is number...

'Guardians Of The Galaxy Dancing Groot Pop! Vinyl Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal


Metal Art Batman vs Superman Stockists

Whether you love both Superman and Batman, or thought the fight scenes in the movie just weren’t long enough, this incredible officially licensed Batman and Superman Metal Art pack lets you fulfil all your superhero desires! So enjoy all the action at home with Gotham City’s home grown Caped Crusader and Clark Kent’s alter ego from Krypton with these miniature action figures. After all, what’s better than one awesome superhero? Two of course! Brighten up your bedroom, office, living room or workspace with these awesome Metal Art figurines. The latest collectable craze features all your favourite characters...

'Metal Art Batman vs Superman Deal' priced at £9.97  =>  Click for Deal


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Wacky Wobbler Stockists

The most recent incarnation of Spider-Man in film rekindled fans’ love for this young superhero and brought Spider-Man back to the forefront of the superhero genre. Now you can get this fun Spider-Man Wacky Wobbler as a great addition to your home. This Wacky Wobbler features Spider-Man (a.k.a Peter Parker) crouching on a plinth with one hand steadying himself whilst the other points forward as he readies a spider web. The plinth this figurine stands on is black with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 logo printed onto it in white. This bobble head is fun as well. Simply flick or tap the figurine’s head to get it bobbling...

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Wacky Wobbler Deal' priced at £3.47  =>  Click for Deal


Five Nights at Freddy's Shadow Freddy Pop! Vinyl Stockists

Is it really there, or is it merely a hallucination? Everyone who’s a fan of the hit Five Nights At Freddy’s series knows that Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is a strange, disturbing place, and nothing illustrates that quite like Shadow Freddy, a creepy figure in the game, it lies slumped away in Parts/Service, mocking you with the strangeness of its appearance. Now, however, you can own a very solid, very real Pop! Vinyl figure of this hallucinatory horror. Standing at 10cm tall, Shadow Freddy, complete with the purple colour scheme and shadowy-black details that characterise his chance appearances in the game,...

'Five Nights at Freddy's Shadow Freddy Pop! Vinyl Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal

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