Bargain Shocking Pen Extreme Stockists

Bargain Shocking Pen Extreme Stockists

Not for sale to persons under the age of 18. By placing an order for this product, you declare that you are 18 years of age or over. This item must be used responsibly and appropriately. This pen is so naughty it is shocking! Trick you friends and family into receiving a nasty shock with this super fun pen. The next time someone asks you for a pen, there's hilarious fun to be had with this great gag. Click the top of the pen and watch as the shock hits their fingers! Muhahahahaha!! Please note: This product emits an electric charge and as such is not suitable for people with pacemakers, who suffer from epilepsy, those who suffer with a heart disorder or who are currently pregnant.

Bargain Deal: £3.99

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FibreLite Flower Peony Stockists

Plants can bring life to any room but did you know they can bring light too? The FibreLites Flower Peony brings horticulture into the 21st century with the clever use of fibre optics. These already beautiful flowers will come to life with a mesmerising display of colour changing twinkles. We can’t emphasis enough just how hypnotic their light transitions really are. When switched off they are pleasingly realistic, and when switched on, they are transformed into the ultimate mood lighting. These psychedelic plants will gently phase from red to green to blue and dazzling white, producing the ultimate focal point for...

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Adult Size Space Hopper Stockists

Most of us have got a bit bigger since we last bounced around the garden clutching the horns of a grinning space hopper. Now you can bounce back to the 1970's with the Adult Sized Space Hopper. Bigger and tougher than the original and purpose designed for adults and teens alike, the Hopper can withstand the weight of a fully grown 'business executive' weighing up to 100kg or 15.7st ! Available in Orange (just like the original), the Space Hopper comes with a fast inflating foot pump and is ideal for bouncing around the garden in the summer - would make an unusual fun seat indoors during the winter too! Whether it be for racing...

'Adult Size Space Hopper Deal' priced at £9.99  =>  Click for Deal


Lamborghini Veneno Stockists

This officially licensed remote control 1:14 scale Lamborghini Veneno car is the ultimate addition to your RC collection! This perfectly scaled down version of this stunning supercar looks slick and powerful with the perfectly formed ABS TBR bodywork designed just like the real thing. And just like the full sized version, this RC Lamborghini is constructed with optimum aerodynamics, so this fantastic little racer is sure to impress on the track. Featuring front and rear lights alongside automatic remote control doors, (yes you heard us, remote control doors!) this sophisticated automobile doesn’t just look the part...

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Shiatsu Heated Back Massager Stockists

Treat yourself or someone you know to a relaxing massage with this full length Shiatsu Massager, which lets you sit back and relax in ultimate comfort. Feel all the tension and tight spots being eased away as this fabulous remote controlled "cushion" kneads whichever part of your back you instruct it to. With the use of the remote control you can just sit back at let the Shiatsu do all the work using it's innovative heat technology which not only relieves stress but soothes aching muscles.It's full length design is made to suit you and can be altered to the length of your back with its extra 25% back coverage! It comes with...

'Shiatsu Heated Back Massager Deal' priced at £99.99  =>  Click for Deal


1:32 Battle Tanks (pair) Stockists

Take down your enemies once and for all with these incredible interactive Battle Tanks! The beasts of modern warfare, tanks have to be one of the coolest weapons of all time, and now you can control these awesome vehicles in miniature from the comfort of your sofa! Pitching the Gulf War M1A2 US tank against the WW2 T:34 Allied Soviet model, these infrared tanks feature a battle system with IR emitter and receiver. This means that each tank has three lives each with an LED indicator to show how many lives are left, and every time you take a hit you lose a life until you finally get your victor! Featuring multidirectional control,...

'1:32 Battle Tanks (pair) Deal' priced at £49.99  =>  Click for Deal


Drinking Darts Stockists

Drinking and Darts - the classic duo. We all know that playing Darts is all part of pub culture with teams competing in pubs all over the country on any given night of the week.  However now you can combine fun darts with a drinking game that will have you downing shots as well as taking shots. The Drinking Darts drinking game set includes a magnetic dart board and 4 magnetic darts - after all we don't want any injuries if play becomes a bit rowdy due to drinking too many forfeits. This is the ideal party game for anyone responsible for organising a Stag night or boys night. Lovely, super smashing!  How to Play:Fill...

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Magic Notebook and Pencil Stockists

If you often find yourself entering the land of wizardry, leaving the muggle world behind you then you’ll understand how important your spells are. With so many spells, it’s difficult to remember your Expecto Patronum from your Expelliarmus. Trying to recall them all off the top of your head is sometimes trickier than finding a Horcrux in a haystack. (See what we did there!) The Magic Notebook wouldn’t look out of place in Hogwarts and is an ideal place for all your notes, calculations and potion recipes. With 90 sheets of spellbound A5 paper, there is plenty of room for every spell known to wizard kind....

'Magic Notebook and Pencil Deal' priced at £9.99  =>  Click for Deal


7-in-1 Solar Transforming Space Fleet Stockists

This 7 in 1 solar powered space fleet is a great way to teach children about renewable energy sources while enhancing creativity and development of space investigation. Children can build their very own moving astronaut space station robot and more

'7-in-1 Solar Transforming Space Fleet Deal' priced at £16.95  =>  Click for Deal


Laser Tag Stockists

Enjoy a game of Laser Tag in the comfort of your own home. This pair of mini combat laser tag pistols are great fun and will keep you busy for hours as you run, hide, aim and shoot at your opponent. Tag your targets and score points, you have 3 lives each and it the first contender to lose all their lives loses. When a gun registers a hit from the other pistol, this means you lose a life. Makes a great gift or an ideal game for a party. These Laser Tag guns can easily attach to your keychain meaning you can carry it whilst on the move. These guns require 3xAG13 batteries (included) in each to operate.    

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Salt Water Fuel Cell Engine Stockists

With all the commotion surrounding finding cleaner fuels to power our cars and homes, a lot of people are starting to switch to more eco friendly cars such as Hybrids. The Salt Water Fuel Cell Engine Car is the ideal way to learn about alternatives to petrol, diesel and gas. It allows Children or adults to have fun while learning about clean energy. It is powered by adding some salt water to the magnesium strips, allowing the engine to run for approximately 15 minutes. It is easily assembled using the snap together parts. Measures approx 9 x 9 x 12 cm.

'Salt Water Fuel Cell Engine Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal

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