Bargain Silbury Hill Stockists

Bargain Silbury Hill Stockists

Silbury Hill the largest prehistoric mound in Europe has long been an enigma. Set within the chalk downlands of the Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site it is traditionally thought to have been the burial place of King Sil. First investigated in 1776 then again in 1849 successive archaeological interventions culminated in Professor Richard Atkinson’s televised campaign in the late 1960s.Following the dramatic collapse of the 1776 excavation shaft at the summit of the Hill in 2000 detailed surveys revealed that voids associated with the earlier excavations existed deep within the mound. Mindful of potential damage to undisturbed archaeological features within Silbury Hill in 2007 the decision was taken to re-enter the Hill using Professor Atkinson’s tunnel and directly backfill all known and predicated voids. These remedial works were accompanied by full archaeological recording.This report discusses the resulting stratigraphical and palaeoenvironmental evidence as well as new radiocarbon dates and offers a re-interpretation of the construction of the Hill setting it in its late Neolithic context. It also details the later history of the site and conservation measures undertaken.Key Features:382 pagesHardbackPublished in 2014

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Ancoats Stockists

First hailed as a wonder of the new industrial world to later 19th-century commentators the name Ancoats became synonymous with dark satanic mills and urban poverty. This book intends to raise awareness of the wide range and varied character of the historic mills buildings and canals which constitute the Ancoats townscape and the forces and trends which have contributed to its appearance. It outlines through its buildings how the area and its community have evolved over the last two and a half centuries.As well as the local person interested in his or her city and its history this book will appeal to all those with an interest...

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Danson House: The Anatomy of a Georgian Villa Stockists

Danson House (1762 - 66) in Bexley Heath is one of the finest surviving villas by the architect Robert Taylor (1714 - 88). Restrained compact and ingeniously planned it was built for the City merchant John Boyd (1718 - 1800) who had made his fortune in the West Indies sugar trade. Boyd had a keen eye for the arts. He engaged William Chambers to design chimney pieces picture frames and garden buildings the French Provençal artist Charles Pavillon to paint a vibrant suite of allegorical panels for the dining room and the landscape architect Nathaniel Richmond to remodel the grounds in the manner of Capability Brown.This...

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Radiocarbon Dates: 1988 - 1993 Stockists

This volume holds a datelist of 882 radiocarbon determinations carried out between 1988 and 1993 on behalf of the Ancient Monuments Laboratory of English Heritage. It contains supporting information about the samples and the sites producing them a comprehensive bibliography and two indexes for reference and analysis. An introduction provides discussion of the character and taphonomy of the dated samples and information about the methods used for the analyses reported and their calibration.The datelist has been collated from information provided by the submitters of the samples and the dating laboratories. Many of the sites...

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Guidebook: Thornton Abbey Stockists

Founded by the powerful magnate William le Gros in 1139 Thornton Abbey became one of the richest Augustinian monasteries in England. Its splendid 14th century gatehouse reflects its enormous wealth and stands as one of the largest monastic gatehouses in the country. Beyond it lie the remains of the abbey church and cloister buildings including the elegant octagonal chapter house begun in the late 13th century.Key Features:28 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2010 (revised reprint)

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McMorran & Whitby Stockists

McMorran & Whitby are arguably one of the most unsung practices of post-war British architecture. Led from the late 1950s by Donald McMorran and George Whitby two indisputable architectural heavyweights of the post-war era the practice willingly rejected the experimentalism and fleeting faddishness that characterised the dominant paradigm of the age and from which so many of Britain's towns and cities are still blighted. The practice can be seen as part of an evolution in British classical tradition with direct linkages through other eminent figures such as Sir Edwin Lutyens and E. Vincent Harris.Their work found notable...

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Uppies and Downies - The Extraordinary Football Games of Britain Stockists

"Hornby a former curator of the National Football Museum in Preston has done a fantastic job to immerse himself in so many communities to untangle the threads that come together in festival football games." Daily Telegraph January 2008."the most purely enjoyable new book . . . A beautifully detailed superbly illustrated account of some of British football's most unusual games. Part of the excellent Played in Britain series it's an engaging enthusiastic account of the nation's most eccentric football variants: from public schools to small-village pub-based free-for-alls. It's a book full of tradition...

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Stonehenge: World Heritage Site Stockists

Stonehenge is one of Europe's most eminent prehistoric monuments a fact recognized in 1986 when the site and its surrounding landscape was inscribed on the World Heritage List. Since that time much effort has been given to improving the conservation management and presentation of Stonehenge and its environs. Research has also played an important role with several extensive surveys and selective excavations helping to improve understandings of the site and its setting.But how does all the archaeological work carried out over the last century or so fit together? And what should we do next?This volume sets out to provide an...

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Great Lengths - The Historic Indoor Swimming Pools of Britain Stockists

Swimming is Britain's most popular participation sport. Nearly one in four people swim at least once a month with around 80 million visits to swimming pools recorded every year. Surprisingly although public baths have formed a vital part of community life since an 1846 Act of Parliament their story has never been told in book form until now.Great Lengths the eighth book in the acclaimed Played in Britain series traces the development of indoor public baths and pools from the earliest subscription baths of the Georgian period and the first municipal baths in Liverpool in 1829 to the current generation of leisure pools with...

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Railways and Rural Life Stockists

This beautiful photography book records the work of Sydney Walter Alfred Newton a commercial photographer who was based in Leicester in the late 19th and early 20th century. The young Newton recorded the London Extension of the Great Central Railway - the last main line - between Nottingham and London travelling the route with his camera. Significantly in addition to photographing the railway and its associated features Newton also recorded the navvy community and the rural life in the villages along the course of the line. Railway interest local history and social history intertwine to provide a unique picture of life...

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Guidebook: Stonehenge. German Stockists

Today visitors experience Stonehenge as a wonder of ancient achievement and an enduring symbol of mystery. But Stonehenge was built as a temple - a place of ceremony of burial and of celebration. The first Stonehenge was simple - just a circular ditch and bank perhaps with a few small upright timber posts or stones - and was constructed about 5000 years ago in the period of prehistory known as the Neolithic or New Stone Age.By about 2500 BC more and much larger stones had been brought to the site huge sarsen stones from north Wiltshire and smaller bluestones from west Wales. This marked the beginning of over 800 years of construction...

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