Bargain Silbury Hill Stockists

Bargain Silbury Hill Stockists

Silbury Hill the largest prehistoric mound in Europe has long been an enigma. Set within the chalk downlands of the Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site it is traditionally thought to have been the burial place of King Sil. First investigated in 1776 then again in 1849 successive archaeological interventions culminated in Professor Richard Atkinson’s televised campaign in the late 1960s.Following the dramatic collapse of the 1776 excavation shaft at the summit of the Hill in 2000 detailed surveys revealed that voids associated with the earlier excavations existed deep within the mound. Mindful of potential damage to undisturbed archaeological features within Silbury Hill in 2007 the decision was taken to re-enter the Hill using Professor Atkinson’s tunnel and directly backfill all known and predicated voids. These remedial works were accompanied by full archaeological recording.This report discusses the resulting stratigraphical and palaeoenvironmental evidence as well as new radiocarbon dates and offers a re-interpretation of the construction of the Hill setting it in its late Neolithic context. It also details the later history of the site and conservation measures undertaken.Key Features:382 pagesHardbackPublished in 2014

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Guidebook: Castle Acre Priory and Castle

The village of Castle Acre is an extraordinary rare survival of a Norman planned settlement full of impressive sights. It has a castle with some of the most spectacular earthworks in England and one of the most picturesque and best-preserved monastic sites in the country. This new guidebook to Castle Acre Priory and Castle contains a richly illustrated tour and history of priory castle and settlement complete with colour photographs plans reconstruction drawings and eyewitness accounts.Key Features:48 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2013

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An Archaeology of Town Commons in England

Historically towns in England were provided with common lands for grazing the draft animals of townspeople engaged in trade and for the pasturing of farm animals in an economy where the rural and the urban were inextricably mixed. The commons yielded wood minerals fruits and wild animals to the town's inhabitants and also developed as places of recreation and entertainment as extensions of domestic and industrial space and as an arena for military religious and political activities.However town commons have been largely disregarded by historians and archaeologists; the few remaining urban commons are under threat and are...

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Guidebook: Longthorpe Tower

Longthorpe Tower was built in about 1290-1300 by Robert Thorpe a lawyer landholder and an official of Peterborough Abbey. The first floor of the tower is decorated with one of the most complete and interesting examples of medieval domestic wall painting in northern Europe. Dating from about 1330 the scenes depict religious secular and mythical subjects along with heraldry and images of birds and animals abundantly displaying the erudition devotion and importance of the owner. The room was probably used as a study and private place to receive special guests and clients.Added to an earlier house the tower belongs to a type known...

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Guidebook: Temple Manor

Temple Manor's fine stone hall was built in about 1230 by the Knights Templar providing lodgings and an administrative centre. After the Templars were suppressed in the early 14th century the manor passed through many hands. Brick extensions were added to the hall in the 17th century. Following a period of neglect during the Second World War it was restored in the 1950 all between 1976 and 2000.Key Features:16 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2010 (revised reprint)

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Guidebook: Roche Abbey

Roche Abbey was founded in 1147 as a monastery of the Cistercian order. The remains of the abbey lie in a valley in the hills east of Rotherham hemmed in on three sides by formidable magnesian limestone outcrops. Such a location appealed to the monks who sought seclusion for their commitment to the work of God. There was plentiful water from the Maltby Dike and other springs and enough space in which to build a church and the 30 or so other buildings necessary to support the community.The layout of the monastery exemplifies Cistercian design during its most successful period and is unimpeded by the later changes that mark most...

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Guidebook: Stonehenge. Russian

Today visitors experience Stonehenge as a wonder of ancient achievement and an enduring symbol of mystery. But Stonehenge was built as a temple - a place of ceremony of burial and of celebration. The first Stonehenge was simple - just a circular ditch and bank perhaps with a few small upright timber posts or stones - and was constructed about 5000 years ago in the period of prehistory known as the Neolithic or New Stone Age.By about 2500 BC more and much larger stones had been brought to the site huge sarsen stones from north Wiltshire and smaller bluestones from west Wales. This marked the beginning of over 800 years of construction...

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Guidebook: Audley End

‘The rooms are high and hung with beautiful tapestries: the beds amply decorated with golden velvet and silk bed hangings and covers.’From the account of the visit of Johann Ernst Duke of Saxe-Weimar to Audley End September 1613Built between about 1605 and 1614 by Thomas Howard 1st Earl of Suffolk Audley End was one of the greatest houses of Jacobean England. This immense ‘palace’ prompted James I to quip that though it was ‘too big for a king … it might suit a Lord Treasurer’. The house gradually declined in scale over subsequent centuries and was altered many times. Today visitors...

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Guidebook: Stokesay Castle

Stokesay Castle is one of the finest fortified manor houses in England.Built in the 1280s by the fabulously rich wool merchant Laurence of Ludlow it stands in a peaceful Shropshire valley an exceptionally picturesque ensemble of 13th century towers magnificent great hall and a delightful gatehouse built in 1640. Among its many treasures are its medieval staircase and tiled floor and its richly carved 17th century chamber.This new guide beautifully illustrated with plans maps and historical images includes a tour of the site and a history of the castle and the characters who lived there.Key Features:40 pagesPaperbackPublished...

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Guidebook: Hurst Castle

Hurst Castle was built between 1541 and 1544 by Henry VIII as one of a chain of artillery defences protecting key ports and landing places round southern England from Continental attack. It was sited to guard the Needles Passage the narrow western entrance to the Solent and gateway to the trading port of Southampton and the new naval base at Portsmouth.The strategic location of Hurst saw it develop into a powerful fortress. On occasion it was also used as a prison most famously when Charles I was briefly held captive here during the Civil War. During the Napoleonic Wars at the start of the 19th century Hurst's keep was...

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Haughmond Abbey

Haughmond Abbey was a prosperous house of Augustinian Canons north-east of Shrewsbury.  Today it is an extensive ruin in the guardianship of English Heritage.The work reported on had its origins in excavations carried out in and near the cloister in 1975-79 but the scope has been broadened to place the site in its historical theological architectural and landscape context.  The finds from the excavations and previous clearance work including significant groups of Romanesque sculpture funerary monuments pottery and floor tiles are the subject of a full range of specialist reports.  There is a comprehensive analysis...

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