Bargain Sirens (DVD) Stockists

Bargain Sirens (DVD) Stockists

Reverend Anthony Campion (Hugh Grant) is sent with his wife Estella (Tara Fitzgerald) to take over at a church in Australia. The Bishop asks them to visit eccentric artist Norman Lindsay (Sam Neill), whose work is prone to sexual depictions and blasphemous erotica, to ask him to withdraw the controversial work Crucified Venus from his show. The minister, who considers himself a progressive, is shocked at the amoral atmosphere surrounding the painter, his wife, and the three models living at his estate. The minister's wife is troubled also, and has to deal with latent sexual urges while trying to remain loyal to her husband.Awards:Won: CFCA Award for Most Promising Actor (Hugh Grant) Review "Good-hearted erotic fun""Offers some solid humour and elusive charm" --Cine-Moi"A class act. Great performances" --Moviehole Running Time: 108 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 7 Nov. 2016

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Holiday Affair (DVD) Stockists

Just before Christmas, department store clerk Steve Mason (Robert Mitchum) meets big-spending customer Connie Ennis (Janet Leigh) who is really a commercial spy. Steve unmasks her duplicity but when he discovers that Connie is a war widow he feels sorry for her and with the spirit of Christmas in the air and goodwill to all people, Steve decides to let Connie go. But his kind-hearted decision rebounds when the company fires him before the Christmas holiday. When Steve and Connie end up on a chance date, Connie's steady (Wendell Corey) is not impressed but her son Timmy (Gordon Gebert) is delighted. With her wedding booked for...

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Pendragon - Sword Of His Father (DVD) Stockists

In 411 AD, the Roman Legions have departed Britain and the Saxons begin their invasion. Pendragon tells the story of young Artos, who is taken into slavery by the Saxons after his family is slaughtered. Once Artos escapes he meets Merlin who believes that Artos is destined to drive the Saxons out of Britain. Advancing through the military ranks, Artos begins to believe that Merlin's visions may be true, and he must choose between saving his own life or facing certain death as he fights to save the country he loves. Running Time: 82 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 24 Oct. 2016

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Fred Dibnah - Victorian Heroes (DVD) Stockists

Three documentaries presented by Fred Dibnah, looking at people whose work and ingenuity helped found the prosperity and fame of the Victorian age: railway builder Robert Stephenson, ship and bridge designer Isambard Brunel and armaments industry founder William Armstrong. Running Time: 180 minutes Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.) Release Date: 24 Sept. 2007

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Waiting for God - Series 2 (DVD) Stockists

All nine episodes from the second series of the BBC sitcom, starring Stephanie Cole as Diana Trent and Graham Crowden as Tom Ballard, two prickly residents of the Bayview Retirement Village who aren't quite ready to give up on life yet. In this series, Tom decides to start a counselling service for the residents, a new resident begins to get on Diana's nerves, and when Diana breaks her hip, it seems that she might not be able to attend her niece's wedding. Episodes are: 'Counselling For the Dying'; 'the Partition'; 'Daisy Takes Charge'; 'the Thief'; 'tell the Truth'; 'the Hip Operation'; 'Glamorous Grannies'; 'Foreign Workers';...

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Benny Hill Annuals - 1980-1989 (DVD) Stockists

It's The Lad, himself Benny Hill!' Join comedy superstar Benny Hill in all of the classic shows he made throughout the 1980s! Known throughout the world for his combination of high-speed farce, risque jokes and gorgeous ladies, it is these shows - made for Thames Television - that turned him into a global household name. This set features some of Benny s most famous characters, including the unforgettable Fred Scuttle - who gets his very own TV channel, 'Scuttlevision' - and Mr. Chow Mein, whose varied roles include butler and choreographer of the Chinese Opera Company. You can also experience investigative journalism at its...

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Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister: The Complete Box Set (DVD) Stockists

This complete collection includes every episode of the hugely popular political satire Yes Minister series 1 €“ 3 (which first aired in 1980 on BBC 2) along with each episode in the subsequent two series of Yes Prime Minister (which aired from 1986). Meet the bewildered Rt Hon James Hacker, his scheming and equivocating Permanent Secretary, Sir Humphrey Appleby and of course, Bernard, the piggy-in-the middle, on their fraught journey through the corridors of power. Easily the sharpest political comedy every written, with clandestine help from real civil servants, and satire that bites so close to home it sometimes seems...

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Ottolenghi's Mediterranean Island Feasts (DVD) Stockists

Chef Yotam Ottolenghi continues his culinary journey to four of the Mediterranean s most beautiful islands (Corsica , Mallorca, Crete and Sardinia) to explore the flavours and secrets of these culinary jewels. Yotam travels to the stunning French island of Corsica. where he discovers how the lush green landscape, called the maquis, flavours and infuses the food, from charcuterie and olive oil to cheese and honey. Here he meets some of the island s most celebrated chefs and food producers and discovers what akes the food uniquely Corsican. In Mallorca, Yotam searches for authentic local cuisine, discovering wonderful ingredients...

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Ally Mcbeal - The Complete Collection (DVD) Stockists

This must-have boxset contains all the funny and memorable moments from this hilarious show including Ally's eccentric colleagues, a now-married-to-someone-else childhood sweetheart and her incredible overactive imagination that's working overtime. All 5 seasons with A-list guest appearances including Jon Bon Jovi, Robert Downey Jnr, Lucy Liu and Portia de Rossi. Running Time: 4974 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English|French|Dutch Release Date: 19 Nov. 2007

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Foyle's War 1942-1945 Boxset (DVD) Stockists

This powerful 10 story collection features the dramatic tales of Foyle's War, recounting Foyle's encounters with crime at home from 1942 to 1945.Michael Kitchen stars as the thoughtful and enigmatic Detective Chief Superintendent Foyle. With the Second World War at its height, the social fabric of this once quiet coastal community finds itself equally under attack. Foyle becomes immersed in investigations which explore the violence and opportunism that the conflict has fostered on the home front.Foyle's War 1942-1945 features:Series 4 Invasion Bad Blood Bleak Midwinter Casualties of WarSeries 5 Plan of Attack Broken Souls All...

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Love Songs (CD) Stockists

Love Songs (CD)

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