Bargain Sky Drone Plus V2   Black Stockists

Bargain Sky Drone Plus V2 - Black Stockists

With drone and quadcopters becoming more advanced, fans of RC technology are being treated to the very best in design without the huge price tag. So if you’re looking to enter the exciting world of quadcopters, or you’re hoping for an upgrade, this fabulous Sky Drone Plus V2 is brimming with cool new features. The Sky Drone Plus V2 features a 2MP 720P HD Camera with a 75° adjustable angle to get the very best positioning for all your aerial photography and video, making it easier than ever before to get fantastic images. But if you love your flicks and tricks more than taking photos, the camera is removable, giving you the option to fly with or without photography. The 4 channel omni-directional drone provides a fantastic flight experience using the all new LED display controller, with easy to use and ergonomically designed button and stick combination controls. But it’s when your drone becomes airborne that you’ll really notice the difference. Easier than ever to fly, the high precision gyro combined with the headless flying mode allows you to pilot the direction of your drone in accordance with your position - you move the stick left, the quad will turn left, you move the stick right, and the quad will turn right and so on. The headless flying also works in accordance with the outdoor wind resistance, obstacle avoidance feature as well as the removable blade protection keeping your quad safer than ever! The Sky Drone Plus V2 even has a one key return function, so your drone can return to the home position at the touch of a button too! With a range of 80 metres and with a cool 8 minutes flying time, the Sky Drone Plus V2 is fantastic drone for every flyer. Features: 75° Angle 2MP 720P adjustable HD Camera Can be flown with or without the camera High precision gyro 2.4Ghz over-locking communications Headless flying mode One key Return Home button 360° 3D Eversion 6-axis stabilisation system Blade protection Colourful flashing LEDs Outdoor anti-wind, obstacle avoidance Quick battery replacement Easy to use controller with LED display Range of 80 metres 8 minutes flying time Requires 2 x AA batteries Charging time approx. 60 minutes Flying drones is subject to CAA guidelines; see here.

Bargain Deal: £52.97

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MenkindSky Drone Plus V2 - Black£52.97Click for Deal Drone Plus V2 - Black£52.97Click for Deal

Nano Drone Blades Pack Stockists

If you’ve experienced one too many crash landings, then this Nano Drone in Handset Blades Pack will get you up and flying again in no time at all! With a complete set of blades, simply replace your old blades and become airborne again!

'Nano Drone Blades Pack Deal' priced at £2.99  =>  Click for Deal


Micro Drone Stockists

Buy any 2 Micro Drones for £30! Simply add two to your basket to receive the discount! There is no doubt that drones are the new favourite toy for remote control enthusiasts and this brand new Micro Drone from M:Tech is sure to excite anyone, whether they are new to the world of drones or hardened veterans. The M:Tech Micro Drone is a truly fantastic product with a host of features included in the sturdy little copter. Despite the Micro Drone’s tiny size it is incredibly durable and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flight.  The drone comes with the ergonomically designed remote control as well as a...

'Micro Drone Deal' priced at £24.95  =>  Click for Deal


Crossbow Target Stockists

If you have your own crossbow then what do you need to accompany this? A crossbow target! The perfect accessory to practice your aim and fire technique, simply place this target up using the hook shoot!  This target features traditional scoring rings, ranging from 10 points to 75 with a blank bullseye in the middle for you to create your own bullseye bonus! The target measures 41cm in diameter, allowing you to have plenty of scope to score high! Makes a great outdoor activity for kids or adults alike! Note: Crossbow not included  

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FX-16 Sky Quad Spares Pack Stockists

An essential extra to your new drone, the FX-16 Sky Quad Spares Pack will make sure you are up in the air for longer. In this handy little pack you will receive two spare landing gears, four spare blades and four spare blade protectors. All the must haves to make sure your flying adventures last for as long as possible. Contents: 4 x Blades 4 x Blade protectors 2 x Landing gears

'FX-16 Sky Quad Spares Pack Deal' priced at £4.99  =>  Click for Deal


Sky Drone Pro V2 Base Protectors Stockists

Keep your fantastic Sky Drone Pro V2 quadcopter in the air for longer with this handy Base Protectors Set! Coming complete with four Base Protectors, this quad accessories pack is the ideal accompaniment to your awesome drone. After all, every flight has its ups and downs, and this spares pack can keep your drone protected while you fly! So fly with ease and keep your Sky Drone protected with every flight!

'Sky Drone Pro V2 Base Protectors Deal' priced at £2.99  =>  Click for Deal


T-Series T70 FPV Drone White Stockists

The incredible T-Series T70 FPV drone crams years of advances in drone technology into one sleek, stylish case to give you what we think is one of the best flying experiences around today. It boasts one of the clearest FPV screens we’ve seen yet, with a high quality 720p camera and cutting edge 5.8 GHz transmitter giving you a fantastic view as you soar majestically through the skies. Everything you need is in the box, with no need to clip your phone into a holder or download any clunky apps. You can even record HD footage or stills at the touch of a button. The technology packed into both the drone itself and the ergonomic...

'T-Series T70 FPV Drone White Deal' priced at £149.99  =>  Click for Deal


FX-123 Spares Packs Stockists

Can we be honest? Some of us here at the office do tend to, shall we say, not be the best drone flyers. And drones, when you’re not the best flyers, although they are full of handy dandy safety features and extra navigational aids… well, they crash, and stuff can get broken. If your FX-123 Quadcopter happens to have need of spare blade protectors or, indeed, rotor blades themselves, these handy Spares Packs in a choice of white or black, depending on your preference and copter contain four spare flex blades and four spare blade guards, easy to install to replace any damaged or worn out parts on your FX-123. So...

'FX-123 Spares Packs Deal' priced at £6.99  =>  Click for Deal


Sky Drone Plus V2 - White Stockists

Since drones and quadcopters are becoming more and more popular and advanced, fans of the RC world are being spoilt to an array of different copters to choose from, and we think the Sky Drone Plus V2 White is one of the best choices. This incredible drone in a cool ice white features a 2MP 720p 75° adjustable HD camera to make sure you can get the best angle for your aerial shot. Making it easier than ever to capture beautiful images and videos across your landscape. The 4 channel omni-directional control combined with the cool LED controller with easy to use controls make flying easier than ever. The high precision gyro...

'Sky Drone Plus V2 - White Deal' priced at £49.97  =>  Click for Deal


Nano Quadcopter Stockists

If you love remote control toys, then this small and compact 2.4GHz 5 channel Nano Quadcopter will not fail to impress! Packed full of fun, this 6-axis gyro quadcopter is a mini speed machine packed full of impressive features! This tiny quad comes housed within the remote control, with a built in rechargeable battery which provides around 4 minutes of flying time. Using the headless flying function and multi-directional control, this mini flier flies in relation to your position – so you never need to worry about which way the quad is facing. Perfect for indoor flight, send your drone in a spin using the high speed...

'Nano Quadcopter Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal


Sky Drone Plus V2 Battery Stockists

If you love the experience of flying your quadcopter, and want to stay in the air for even longer, then don’t wait around for your battery to charge, grab a spare battery instead! Keeping you air bound for longer, this Sky Drone Plus V2 Battery is really quick and easy to change and is perfect for trips out with your drone. Instantly double your flight time with this spare battery!

'Sky Drone Plus V2 Battery Deal' priced at £4.97  =>  Click for Deal

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