Bargain Sky Drone Plus V2   White Stockists

Bargain Sky Drone Plus V2 - White Stockists

Since drones and quadcopters are becoming more and more popular and advanced, fans of the RC world are being spoilt to an array of different copters to choose from, and we think the Sky Drone Plus V2 White is one of the best choices. This incredible drone in a cool ice white features a 2MP 720p 75° adjustable HD camera to make sure you can get the best angle for your aerial shot. Making it easier than ever to capture beautiful images and videos across your landscape. The 4 channel omni-directional control combined with the cool LED controller with easy to use controls make flying easier than ever. The high precision gyro combined with the impressive headless flying mode make the Sky Drone Plus V2 great for beginners and experienced flyers alike. Headless flying allows the user to control the drone, no matter which way it is already facing. So if you push left, the drone turns left, you push right and the drone turns right and so on. The headless flying mode also works in combination with the outdoor wind resistance and obstacle avoidance features too, keeping your quadcopter safer than ever. Then to top it all off, there’s even a one button return home key, making that returning flight as seamless as possible. Boasting a huge 120 metre range and a flight time of around 8 minutes, the Sky Drone Plus V2 in White is a fantastic choice for any fan of the RC world. Features: 75° Angle 2MP 720P adjustable HD Camera Can be flown with or without the camera High precision gyro 2.4Ghz over-locking communications 360° 3D Eversion 6-axis stabilisation system Headless flying mode One key return Blade protection Colourful flashing LEDs Outdoor anti-wind, obstacle avoidance Quick battery replacement Easy to use controller with LED display Range of 120 metres 8 minutes flying time Requires 2 x AA batteries Charging time approx. 60 minutes

Bargain Deal: £49.97

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MenkindSky Drone Plus V2 - White£49.97Click for Deal Drone Plus V2 -White£49.97Click for Deal

FX-16 Sky Quad Battery Stockists

Run out of power? No worries. This cheeky little battery is going to double your flight time! Suitable only for use with the FX-16 Sky Quad, the little battery is perfect for when you don’t want the fun to stop.

'FX-16 Sky Quad Battery Deal' priced at £6.99  =>  Click for Deal


Sky Drone Pro V2 Battery Stockists

For anyone thinking of buying, or anyone that already owns a Sky Drone Pro V2 this spare battery is a fantastic addition alongside the drone. This battery couldn’t be easier to use; simply plug it into the drone and set the V2 to charge. This spare is great for replacing old, broken or worn batteries to ensure the life of your drone is prolonged. You can also buy this battery to use alongside others. Each battery takes 120 minutes to charge and gives your drone 5-8 minutes flying time. By taking more than one charged battery out with your when flying you can more than double your flying time! This would be a great gift...

'Sky Drone Pro V2 Battery Deal' priced at £11.99  =>  Click for Deal


X-Knight Stockists

Fantastic fun for any RC lover, the X-Knight remote control car is the perfect balance between speed, control and all-terrain capabilities! Fitted with a robust casing and oversized tyres, this cool remote control vehicle is styled with adventure in mind! Take on mud, branches, grass, pebbles or concrete to experience awesome four-wheel drive action on every surface, all while the pistol grip remote control provides you with that satisfying gaming style experience! This all terrain extreme buggy isn’t just about challenging environments though, as the X-Knight is is a speed machine too! This awesome driver can reach...

'X-Knight Deal' priced at £29.99  =>  Click for Deal


Micro Drone Stockists

Buy any 2 Micro Drones for £30! Simply add two to your basket to receive the discount! There is no doubt that drones are the new favourite toy for remote control enthusiasts and this brand new Micro Drone from M:Tech is sure to excite anyone, whether they are new to the world of drones or hardened veterans. The M:Tech Micro Drone is a truly fantastic product with a host of features included in the sturdy little copter. Despite the Micro Drone’s tiny size it is incredibly durable and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flight.  The drone comes with the ergonomically designed remote control as well as a...

'Micro Drone Deal' priced at £24.95  =>  Click for Deal


Nano Quadcopter Stockists

If you love remote control toys, then this small and compact 2.4GHz 5 channel Nano Quadcopter will not fail to impress! Packed full of fun, this 6-axis gyro quadcopter is a mini speed machine packed full of impressive features! This tiny quad comes housed within the remote control, with a built in rechargeable battery which provides around 4 minutes of flying time. Using the headless flying function and multi-directional control, this mini flier flies in relation to your position – so you never need to worry about which way the quad is facing. Perfect for indoor flight, send your drone in a spin using the high speed...

'Nano Quadcopter Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal


Tumbling Stunt Car Stockists

There’s no denying just how fun RC toys can be, and with a tonne of sweet moves at your disposal, this Tumbling Stunt Car will take you from 0 - crazy in record breaking time! Fitted with a tri-wheel design, the space-age style stunt car really delivers unlimited driving fun in your living room, out in the garden or on the tarmac. Equipped with rubber tracked tyres and an easy to use remote control, you can easily send this stunt car racing at high speeds, flipping left to right or performing 360-degree rotations. And this tumbling trickster is easy to steer too, with full function multi-directional control, take this...

'Tumbling Stunt Car Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal


Sky Drone Plus V2 -White Stockists

If you’re already a little bit drone obsessed, then you won’t mind adding another one to your collection. The amazing Sky Drone Plus V2 in a pure and slightly angelic white, is a perfect example of the crazy amount of fun you can have with a quad. This high precision omni-directional 4 channel drone provides an amazing flight experience, with the new LED display controller combined with outdoor wind resistance and obstacle avoidance, making each flight as smooth as possible. Then there’s the headless mode, a new feature to the world of drones that allows you to control the drone in respect to your position,...

'Sky Drone Plus V2 -White Deal' priced at £49.97  =>  Click for Deal


FX-16 Sky Quad Stockists

Take your remote control flying skills to the next level with this brilliant FX-16 Sky Quad. Just like our other drones, this one is packed with loads of amazing features that you are sure to love. The 2.4GHz quadcopter comes with a 6-axis gyro built in providing you, the pilot, with a smooth, four channel flight and 360° flips and tricks. Not only do you get the chance to soar across your town, but you can film and video it all the way too. The built in 0.3MP camera captures beautiful shots of your local area, all by simply pressing the photo and video buttons on the remote. Now that you can film your flights, it’s...

'FX-16 Sky Quad Deal' priced at £59.99  =>  Click for Deal


Nano Quadcopter Blades Pack Stockists

This fantastic micro quadcopter is incredible fun when you’re flying freely, but sometimes the fun comes to an abrupt end when you have a crash or collision. So to keep you air bound for even longer, this Nano Drone in Handset Blades Pack provides you with a full set of blades to replace any older blades that have seen better days, getting you up and flying again in no time!

'Nano Quadcopter Blades Pack Deal' priced at £2.99  =>  Click for Deal


Sky Drone Plus V2 Battery Stockists

If you love the experience of flying your quadcopter, and want to stay in the air for even longer, then don’t wait around for your battery to charge, grab a spare battery instead! Keeping you air bound for longer, this Sky Drone Plus V2 Battery is really quick and easy to change and is perfect for trips out with your drone. Instantly double your flight time with this spare battery!

'Sky Drone Plus V2 Battery Deal' priced at £4.97  =>  Click for Deal

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