Bargain Slim Dual Power Bank 8000mAh Stockists

Bargain Slim Dual Power Bank 8000mAh Stockists

With smartphones, tablets and USB powered devices getting ever more powerful, you may find that your battery life just isn’t lasting as long as it used to. Luckily power banks are a great option to keep your devices going when you’re on the move or away from home. This Slim Dual Power Bank comes with a fantastic 8000 mAh capacity, slim line design and lightweight portability – providing you with everything you need in one product! This power bank comes included with a 3 in 1 USB multi cable which is fully compatible with iPhone 30 pin, Lightning and Micro USB connectors, so whatever your device, this bank will have it covered! Simply attach the Slim Dual Power Bank to up to two of your devices at one time and use the LED screen to give you an indication of how much power you have left to charge. There’s even a built-in LED torch so you’ll never get lost in the dark! Perfect for travel, festivals, camping and holidays, this slim and lightweight power bank is the perfect companion for your gadgets!

Bargain Deal: £4.47

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MenkindSlim Dual Power Bank 8000mAh£4.47Click for Deal Dual Power Bank 8000mAh£4.47Click for Deal

Camera Shutter For iPhone 5 Stockists

Use this attachment to take images the old fashioned way on your iPhone. Simply press down on the button to activate your phone's shutter.  This easy-grip camera shutter attaches to your iPhone's jack port so you can take faster snaps, more comfortably.  Compatible with iPhone 5/5S.

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Aqua Mood Light Stockists

Nothing influences an atmosphere better than mood lighting. Combine this with water, and it becomes a talking piece feature. Create ambience with this colour-changing waterproof LED light: let it shine out from flower vases, water features or even your bathtub! Set the stage for an ambient evening at your next soiree - place the remote controlled aqua mood light into a vase, pond or water feature to enhance your space with soft decorative hues. The light can be submerged up to one metre and set to a gentle colour fade rotation, a jump between the tones or selected to one solid colour. Why not put it into your bathtub...

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Bubble Wrap Costume Stockists

It always goes the exact same way, a big package comes in the post but it’s not the contents that are more exciting… it’s the bubble wrap! Popping those little pockets of air is completely irresistible and provides hours of fun! So who could resist this awesome bubble wrap costume? Inspired by classic cult comedy ‘Dude, Where’s My Car?’ this debonair apparel includes a pair of bubble wrap trousers and a matching hooded jacket. Make a splash at a fancy dress party or just relax and unwind at home, endlessly popping those bubbles and letting the stress melt away. Dimensions: 64 x 51 x 58 cmSize: One size fits mostPlease...

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Funky Herbert Planter Pot Stockists

Do you know someone who is unforgivably stuck in the 70s? Maybe you enjoy a groovy item or two for your home. The Funky Herbert Planter looks just like an overgrown camper once fully established with herbs and makes the perfect home accessory to impress friends and family. And, if you find you don't want it to grow your own plants, then why not use it as a biscuit jar?  This hippy inspired planter box is the ideal size for your kitchen window sill. Measuring 30cm(L) x 13cm(H) x 13.5cm(W) and made from quality ceramic, the planter allows plenty of room for all your favourite herbs and has 3 holes at the base for optimum...

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Dual SIM Card Case for iPhone 6 and 6S Stockists

No more changing SIM cards for business or travel: now you can use 2 SIMs in the same phone - simply flick the switch at the back of the case to change from SIM 1 to SIM 2. The case is an ideal way to save money and time while travelling for business or pleasure. Use a local SIM for calls, data and SMS to save money on extortionate roaming charges, while still being able to easily access your messages and contacts on your regular number. This simple travel solution eliminates the need to dismantle phone to change SIM cards. The case accepts regular or nano SIM cards and there is no need for any software installation. Just...

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Virtual Reality Headset Stockists

Do you often find yourself looking out of your window on the commute to work thinking about how cool it would be if a T-Rex just walked past? Perhaps you wonder of the reality of working as an astronaut and spending the majority of your time floating about freely in space? Well, wonder no more! With this virtual reality headset you can watch 3D movies, play simulated games and experience virtual simulations, simply by downloading them on to your smartphone. Compatible with most, the screen adapts to your movement, allowing you to live in the world you've always dreamed of. With 360 degree head tracking, the wireless...

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Spy Mini Camera Stockists

The Spy Mini Camera is an incredibly small camera for when you need to make a discreet recording. Measuring an amazing 55 mm x 20 mm x 20 mm and coming supplied with a wide range of mounts it’s the perfect solution for stealthy installation virtually anywhere. There’s a pocket clip for filming on the go, a stand mount, a well mount and even a protective silicone cover. It will record 720 x 480 video in AVI format on to a Micro SD card (not supplied) for up to 2 hours and recharges via USB to keep you spying as much as you like. The sensor is calibrated for great performance in low light which means it’s great...

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Animal Speakers Unicorn Stockists

Pocket sized and ultra-portable, these cute little guys are fabulous quality Bluetooth speakers. 2W. 5cm.Age 6+.

'Animal Speakers Unicorn Deal' priced at £19.99  =>  Click for Deal


Volcano & Crystal Mining Stockists

Build a solid volcano and perform a stunning volcanic eruption on your table top. Includes crystal excavation.Age 8+.

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