Bargain Snap Time Stockists

Bargain Snap Time Stockists

Are you on the lookout for a cool new accessory? Then look no further than the Snap Time! With a bright LED display you will always be able to see the time even when you are in the dark. The watch reacts to movement so a simple tap, snap or clap will instantly light up the display! Not only do these watches look cool and are super easy to use but they are practical as well. Fantastic for clubbing, outdoor activities and the accident prone, never again will you have to worry about your watch getting damaged. With no watch face to scratch and made out of lightweight durable silicone these watches are hard wearing and safe to use by anyone. Available in three colours the Snap Time watches are a great addition to anybody’s wardrobe.

Bargain Deal: £6.99

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Shot Tender Stockists

99 bottles of spirits on the wall might seem like a bit much but don’t let the man get you down, grab your Shot Tender and pour another round. The Shot Tender allows you to bring the bar back home, great for parties, social gatherings or living out those Ibiza night club owner fantasies (that may just be us). Easy to mount on walls and existing shelves the Shot Tender comes with its own attachment pieces and is able to hold up to 1 litre bottles so you can party on into the night! (Just try not to wake the neighbours). Each shot will dispense 1.5oz of your favourite drink into your glass in an instant, giving you...

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Amazeballs Catapult Stockists

Some of the items we have on our desks lack inspiration and fun. Most of these things are essentials to our work such as pen pots, stationery and paperwork. Now we've found a rather distracting and hypnotic desk toy to give your workplace that added oomph! The Amazeballs Catapult is a DIY mechanical marble run. The set comes partly unassembled so you will have to follow a few easy step by step instructions to create your tower of fun. Once completed you can show off your building skills to passers-by as they watch the seamless flow of balls flying into the dish and falling down one of the four different slides.

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3D Art Marvel Comics Stockists

If you are wanting something to have in your home that you can marvel at then surely this is it. The 3D Art Marvel Comics is an exciting array of vintage comics set in a solid black frame. Featuring characters like Captain America, Thor, Spiderman and Iron Man, this is something any fan of Marvel Comics will enjoy. Not only is this a brilliant picture but it’s a 3D lenticular picture too! As you move around the picture, the comics will come to life and move as well as if they are popping out of the frame. A once flat picture has now become 3D thanks to the clever lenticular design. This officially licensed picture has...

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Marvel Spiderman 8GB Flash Stockists

Tired of your usual memory stick? Bland design, nothing to shout about and often getting lost? Ditch your old stick and pick up one of these heroes! With all their experience of saving the day, this guy is now taking things down a notch and saving your data instead. The Tribe Marvel USB sticks are all you need to carry your music, important files, videos and favourite pictures around. The officially licensed heroes are made from soft rubber with incredible detailing. Each little guy can hold up to 8GB of data and are so easy to use, even the Hulk could manage it.

'Marvel Spiderman 8GB Flash Deal' priced at £3.47  =>  Click for Deal


Luminara Flicker Candles 5 Inch Stockists

Nothing sets the mood quite like candles, the flickering flames, the smell and the warmth create a picture perfect scene in any situation. Unfortunately, candles are also known for their danger - just take a look at the great fire of London. This 5 inch candle however, is perfect for creating a romantic and soothing atmosphere in your home without any risk. The genuine movement of the candle will fool all your friends and family and the real wax feel just adds to the realism. Plus, you don’t have to worry about dribbling wax and with just two AA batteries, you get an impressive 100 hours of flame free, ultra-safe candle...

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Syma X5SC Quadcopter Spare Battery Stockists

Quadcopters are amazing, there’s no denying that. Once you’ve mastered it, as far as we are concerned, nothing comes close! The problem is that learning to fly a 4 channel does take time and you don't want to be wasting your time waiting for the battery to recharge. That's why we have this spare battery, to keep you up in the air for as long as possible!

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Build Your Own Tie Fighter Stockists

Ever wanted a Tie Fighter but just haven’t had the time to travel to a galaxy far far away? Now you don’t need to travel into deep space to find one of these amazing spaceships thanks to the BYO Tie Fighter kit. This kit gives you the chance to build your very own Tie Fighter in your own home with ease. No glue, paint or tools are needed as all the pieces simply click together like a 3D jigsaw puzzle. In no time at all you will be left with a movie quality model with LED lights, realistic sound effects and an opening cockpit. 

'Build Your Own Tie Fighter Deal' priced at £3.47  =>  Click for Deal


Chip Stockists

Prepare to be overcome by a cuteness overload… An interactive pet that’s so much more than a cool gadget, CHiP is man’s brand new best friend! This incredibly cute and incredibly irresistible robot pup has got everyone here at Menkind swooning with excitement, and with very good reason! Using the next level of artificial intelligence, this super clever robot puppy really is a technical breakthrough in robotics. Equipped with an adaptive personality, using intelligent algorithms and high tech sensors, this perfect pup has a character that grows and develops over time - with real time processing helping CHiP...

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Metal Earth X-Wing Stockists

Famous for being the Starfighter that destroyed the Death Star, the X-Wing is the versatile Rebel Alliance fighter that kept the Empire at bay. Now you can construct your very own Metal Earth X-Wing. This fantastic construction kit lets you create an intricate model with absolutely no gluing or soldering required. The two steel sheets included in the pack give you everything you need to build the ultimate nimble fighter. Easy and hassle free to complete and measuring around two to three inches, your finished X-Wing will make an incredible looking model ready to brighten up your desk or mantelpiece with effortless intergalactic...

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Induction Duo Speaker Stockists

In the past few years we have been introduced to Smartphones, Tablets and Smart TV’s, so now it’s about time speaker evolved their technology too. Luckily, the Induction Duo Speakers do just that. No fiddly wires or cables and no hopeless attempts to pair your phone via Bluetooth, simply place your phone on to the speaker and voila – instantly amplified sounds. And because this is the Induction Duo Speaker, you get double the amplification thanks to the two 5 Watt speakers. These portable and wireless speakers will work with any device that has an external speaker, even if you still have your protective case...

'Induction Duo Speaker Deal' priced at £24.95  =>  Click for Deal

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