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50 insightful entries examining the self-proclaimed urban elite. Skinny jeans? Check. Charity-shop clothing? Check. Non-essential prescription glasses? Check. Beanie balanced artfully on the back of your skull? Check. These items have become the uniform for a new breed of young people - hipsters - determined to take over cities with their alternative" ways whilst overloading on irony and striving to be original and creative. So You Think You're a Hipster? examines what it takes to become one of this ever-growing tribe of middle-class urbanites just as desperate to be accepted by their peers as they are to receive the next rent cheque from mum and dad. Over the following pages a series of hilarious case studies will identify typical examples of the subculture helping you to avoid any future encounters with them. Take thrift-store guy who at 35 still works selling worn sneakers and threadbare t-shirts for extortionate amounts and still dreams of one day getting his latest album reviewed on Pitchfork. Or the aspiring author who lugs around an oldfashioned typewriter to write down her inspirational musings at a moments notice. Then there's ironic moustache man whose facial hair makes him feel like a highly individual fashion maverick despite the fact all his graphic designer friends have one too."

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Abiding Stockists

Abiding is not a word we have much use for in everyday conversation. Yet Ben Quash shows that this one concept is central to the Christian life. Abiding as Quash demonstrates has the sense of full personal commitment a quality of solidarity that 'waiting' just cannot convey. It speaks of the centrality of order consistency and continuity in the Christian tradition of God's commitment to us and ours to our communities. On the other hand the kind of 'abiding' that Jesus calls his followers to is one of relinquishment openness and change living a life out of one's own control so as to 'abide' in Him. Drawing on the wisdom...

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Marvel's Spider-Man Learning Workbooks Pack x 6 Stockists

Learn with Spidey as your private tutor!

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China travel guide - Chongqing (2.05Mb), 15th Edition Jun 2017 by Lonely Planet Stockists

Lonely Planet China is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Try dumplings in Beijing, visit the Great Wall or cruise down the Yangzi River; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of China and begin your journey now! Inside Lonely Planet China : Colour maps and images throughout Highlights and itineraries help you tailor your trip to your personal needs and interests Insider tips to save time and money and get around like a local, avoiding crowds and trouble spots Essential info at your fingertips - hours of operation, phone numbers,...

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Zoe's Lesson both Stockists

Everyone's talking about Zoe - the illegitimate heiress! So her billionaire father Oscar sends her to New York to discover her biological roots. Zoe's still raw from the knowlegde that she's not a Balfour. She intends to block out her pain by partying, but Zoe shocks even herself when she spends one no-strings-attached night with a gorgeous stranger.

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PM Green: Red Squirrel's Adventures (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 14 x 6 Stockists

This narrative (without dialogue) is a factual story based upon a true incident between three characters: a red squirrel, a goshawk and an eagle. Every page has clues that lead dramatically to the events on the next page. Green level titles introduce more compound words, some longer sentences often with two clauses and different forms of text such as non-fiction, rhymes, diagrams, fables and verse. PM Plus Storybooks feature a classic story structure with tension, climax and resolution to engage young readers. The books have been written using carefully selected vocabulary to ensure children experience reading success.

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Secondary ELT Readers Starter Level - Level 1: Goosebumps (Book only) Stockists

Prepare to get… Goosebumps! When Zach moves from New York to a creepy small town he think it’s going to be boring. That’s until he meets his new neighbour Hannah and her dad the famous horror writer – R.L. Stine! Based on the 2016 blockbuster film starring Jack Black. #elt17 #secondaryelt #eltreaders

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Sulky Vulture Stockists

Boris is a very sulky vulture - nothing ever goes quite right for him! When his friends try to take his mind off things and cheer him up everything goes wrong: the swing he is swinging on breaks he can't find the zebra in hide and seek he ends up with a rhino chasing him when he plays catch. Even when mum offers him a hug he's still not happy. Some vultures are never pleased! A riotous vulture story from the acclaimed master of animal characterisation and illustration Michael Terry.

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Defying her Desert Duty both Stockists

Chained by silk and jewels Across the bustling nightclub, bodyguard Zahir El Hashem watches his latest charge swaying temptingly on the dance floor, his pulse quickening. Returning the Princess to her bridegroom might not be such a simple operation after all… Soraya Karim has always known one day she must resume her royal obligations – just not so soon! Clinging to the last shreds of her freedom, Soraya insists they take the long way back to Bakhara – and their attraction reaches a dangerous fever pitch… Once they reach the gates of the palace such a liaison will be utterly forbidden. From then duty must reign…...

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Japanese Patisserie Stockists

Try your hand at Japanese inspired patisserie with this book from James Campbell. Explore the beautiful and delicious fusion of East meets West in this cookbook. Over 50 elegant recipes for pâtisserie, desserts and confectionery, each with a contemporary Japanese twist. From cookies, macarons and tarts to stunning gâteau and savouries. These recipes are sure to impress as well as be a feast for the eyes. Hardback with 176 pages. ISBN: 9781849758109

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Farmer Duck Stockists

While the poor duck works, the lazy farmer lies in bed… until one day the farm animals decide to strike back! Full of animal noises, this is a classic read-aloud treat.

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