Bargain Soft Toy: Falcon Stockists

Bargain Soft Toy: Falcon Stockists

Powerful and fast-flying the Peregrine Falcon hunts medium-sized birds dropping down on them from high above in a spectacular stoop. The strongholds of the breeding birds in the UK are the uplands of the north and west and rocky seacoasts. Having been almost eradicated by poisoning better legal protection and control of pesticides have helped the population to recover considerably from a low in the 1960s.Our plush version will never bite or claw and your pet animals will be safe from harm!

Bargain Deal: £12.00

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Otter Plush Stockists

The otter is a large member of the weasel family with an amphibious lifestyle. In the wild they are elusive secretive animals and live in undisturbed rivers streams and estuaries.Our sleek and cuddly version makes the ideal pet for children and adults alike. Other soft toys available.

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Telescope/Microscope Stockists

A pen-style telescope and microscope all in one. Can be used as an 8 power magnification telescope or 30 power magnification microscope.

'Telescope/Microscope Deal' priced at £5.00  =>  Click for Deal

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